Percy and Annabeth watching “Moana” for the first time.

Moana: (singing) “See the line where the sky meets the sea, it calls me”

Percy: I relate

Moana: “The ocean chose me”

Percy: I relate

Annabeth: You know, she probably would be related to you. We know that there are demigods, which means there’s gods. Some of our greatest leaders were demigods. The ocean chose her to return the heart. She is a natural in the ocean. She probably has some posideon blood in her.

Percy: Stop trying to bring logic into a Disney movie. You’re gonna ruin the magic.

Annabeth: oh my gods…

now we know how far Moana goes

she literally goes to a different fucking movie

What happened to each Island, Updated.

I know I’m posting a lot of this. But it’s a big thing.

1. Apparently a lot of Samsung phones didn’t get the Emergency alert as well as a lot of people got the message delayed or not even delivered.

2. The button that sent out the alert was accidentally hit through Civil Defense. There’s a three person shift change that happens and In between the shift change someone hit it, but they won’t tell us who.

3. It took 38 minutes to tell us that it was fake and an error.

4. The air raid sirens on Maui didn’t go off even though they are controlled by Civil Defense. So we’re not sure how we got the alert but not the sirens.

5. Many people because of #4 believe that someone (possibly NK) hacked into our military Defense because Hawaii has taken down a missile launched from NK before.

6. The military which would usually approve that the message alert was true didn’t know about it and got the alert in the middle of a meeting.

7. President trump has been notified that it was a mistake in the states alarm system and not and actual alarm.

8. Hotels on Maui, as well as other islands I’m guessing, worked on clearing everyone from beaches and offered areas in the hotels for those who couldn’t get home fast enough.

9a. On Maui there was high school sporting events. The MIL championships for swimming and diving was going on and all swimmers and watchers were sent inside they pool basement for the hour, yet after confirmed, they went back to the meet.

9b. On all the islands paddling regadas were going on. Some already started in the water, others preparing for going in the water and other waiting their turns. A lot of paddlers and family’s ran for cars and nearby hotels. But most regadas restated after it was confirmed a false alarm.


10. Families were actually putting children into manholes in hopes they would be safe.

11. Videos have shown students that study at the University of Hawaii at Manoa sprinting onto campus to get inside and get to shelter.

12. Roughly 320 buses and Handivan in Oahu was told to escort passengers off of the public transportation and get to shelter.

13. Grocery stores became shelters islandwide, not just Oahu and Maui. Foodland offered shelter in the basement to anybody and everybody around when the alert went off. Safeway also allowed people in, the Maui Costco for one of the first times opened its doors early for anybody who had landed at the Kahului airport or were stuck at the Kahului airport.

14. 911 received almost 5,000 calls in the first five minutes after the alert was sent, and only was able to receive 3,000 of them but already knew that it was a false alarm. Fire stations allowed as many people as they could fit inside.

15.  Flights at the Honolulu airport were only suspended for 18 minutes after the alert was sent out.

16. Highways became an absolute mess, with some people going up to 100 mph trying to get to their family and homes. Luckily no one was killed or gravely injured in the accidents that were reported from this islandwide panic.

17. Within seconds of the alert going out, the Hawaii Emergency Management’s website appeared to crash. It was back up by about 9:30 a.m.

18. Natalie Haena, 38, of Honolulu, said when the alert came. “There’s nothing to prep for a missile coming in,” she said. “We have no bomb shelters or anything like that. There’s nowhere to go.”


19. The person who sent the false alarm will not be fired, they will be reprimanded and retrained, then put back onto the team in Civil Defence.

20. Kamehameha Schools began securing their respective campuses students and staff, including boarders, athletes, admissions personnel, performers, coaches and others. Leaders and security staff across the islands worked quickly to keep students and adults safe by informing them about the threat and sheltering them safely at dorms and other campus facilities.

21. In an interview, Richard Repoza, spokesman for the emergency management agency, said going forward two employees will be required to send out alerts: one to request the alert and another to verify and send it. He said they had required only one individual to make the process quicke he also said it took 38 minutes to cancel the alert because a process had not yet been created to cancel false alarms.

22. Even though the state says nearly 93 percent of the state’s 386 sirens worked properly, 12 mistakenly played an ambulance siren. At Waikiki, the sirens were barely audible, prompting officials to add more sirens there and to reposition ones already in place.

Go ahead and add to this list and share it around because some people still don’t know this was a thing


Behind the scenes of the video shoot for “You’re Welcome - Shiro and Voltron Cast”. Check it out on YouTube!
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My tribute to the Disney movie🌺

I portrayed Moana, Maui in his hawk form and some of the many animals of the hawaiian sea.I have chosen to depict the animals as baby-creatures (in order to do so, I have done some researches on their actual appareances…)All painted in Photoshop cs5 with wacom bamboo from scratch, 2017 year.

In my previous post you can see a close-up. :)

A whale of a success: a humpback whale breaches after being freed from entangling fishing gear!

Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary leads a multi-agency, community-based effort to disentangle humpback whales from derelict fishing gear. On Friday, January 12, an entangled adult humpback whale was freed by a team of trained responders off Makena Beach, Maui. The animal was trailing more than 285 feet of braided fishing line from its mouth, and all gear was successfully removed and recovered.

Many thanks to the disentanglement team for their dedication and hard work!

If you see an entangled whale, please do NOT try to disentangle it yourself – that can be dangerous for both you and the whale. Instead, call the marine mammal stranding coordinator hotline: 1-888 256-9840.

(Video: J. Pantukhoff/NOAA, under NOAA MMHSRP permit #18787-02)