Matthew and Alberto talk to Teen on Facebook. They talk fandom slang, accents and more. 


A punny comic mainly starring @fivenightsatfreddysfanfiction‘s Phillip and my Matthew dealing with the puns of and joking of the various versions of the Schmidt Clan. 

Also Bonus “Guys who design robots chatting together” and Minnie teaching Digi and Emelia ghost poker:



Matthew and Alberto talk about S2, relationships, bromance, character journeys, Maia and more . It’s over all a great interview in my opinion. 

braxton was on his way out the commons area for the slaves, a different picture book in hand like he usually did when leaving. he got a new one each time, they let him take them to his cells since he never ruined the books. it was a generous thing to do, really– he was in a pretty good mood too. his day had been good aside from what he didn’t know what was about to happen. the slave was looking down at the book in his hands and rammed right into someone, a tall someone. the boy took a moment to recover and picked up the book that had went flying out of his hands, and he checked it for any marks. silently hoping he didn’t get any scuffs on it. “i’m sorry.” came a moment or two later. 

finally, he looked up at the person he collided into and his mouth dropped open and his heart sank. “master matt…are you okay?” he swallowed thickly, the last time he saw him had been a couple of years ago, right before the man left him, left their claim. 



Matthew and Alberto talk with NY Daily News about the preparations for the role and the role itself and about themselves.