Number 81

“Come Daniel you’ve got to eat all of your meal, it’s your first game tonight,” my husband told our seven year old son.  Daniel was on the school football team and it was his first match tonight and Matt was so excited for him.

“I’m too excited, I just want to go now!” he cheered, attempting to eat some more pasta but giving up because he was genuinely too excited.  

“Well seeing as my baby boy is done, let’s go put that outfit,” I told him and I took the plates to the sink.  When I returned both of my boys jaws were dropped as if I’d told them Santa wasn’t coming this year, “what did I do?”

“First of all girl… it’s not a outfit it’s a jersey,” Matt snapped and I held my hands up in defence.  

“And I’m a big boy not a baby boy,” Danny told us, leaving the room.

“That’s a lie you’re still a baby boy!” Matt called after him.  I sighed and took the last of the plates to the sink while Matt snaked his arms around my waist making me jump.  "I’m so excited,“ he whispered making me chuckle.  

"I know you two have been talking about it all week,” I smiled and spun around facing my handsome husband, pecking his lips as our seven year old entered the room.  

“How do I look?” he beamed and Matt eyes lit up at the sight of his spitting image.  

“Very handsome,” he complimented, making our boy grumble.  


“Hang on there a second Danny I’ll be back,” I smiled and made my way upstairs into mine and Matt’s room, rumaging through ny make up bag grabbing my black eye shadow before jogging back downstairs.  "Stay still,“ I ordered Daniel and dabbed a bit of the shadow on my finger before putting two black lines on each cheek, making him look like a perfessional football player.  

"Y/N he looks amazing,” Matt grinned, kissing my cheek as I pulled out my phone to take a picture of Danny.  After the photo, we walked to hallway pulling on our shoes and I took my handbag which contained all my essentials and seeing as it was a nice enough day we decided to walk down to the school, me and Matt holding hands while Daniel walked infront of us excited for the game he was about to play.   When we reached the school gates, Danny turned to us, his brown eyes big and his bottom lip quivering, “what’s up little man?” Matt asked him.

“I don’t want to do this now, can’t we just go home?” he asked, grabbing at my hand tugging me away from the school, I looked across at my husband.  Matt crouched down at Daniels height, holding onto his shoulder rubbing it slowly.

“Right, you boy are going to go out on the pitch and kick every single ass on that other team-”

“Matt!” I hissed, but he carried on.

“And then you’re going to make me and your mom proud, got that?” he asked and Danny nodded his head, walking to the football pitch by Matt’s side.  I hugged Daniel and kissed his cheek.

“Good luck baby boy,” I told him and he wriggled out my grip.

“Mom stop,” he laughed, jogging over to his team where he was welcomed by his team mates.  

“I’m so hyped up right now,” Matt told me as we took a seat in crowd where all the other parents were.

“I’ll tell you when you’re being embarrassing,” I winked while he chuckled.  The game was good but they were just needing one more point to successfully beat the other team, Daniel had the ball and needed to throw really quickly before the time was up.  

“Throw it now Danny!” Matt bellowed his hands cupping his mouth while I laughed at him, so number 81 threw it all the way other to the other player ran over the score line.  While everyone cheered for the last winning, the referee blew the whistle signalling the game was over.  Matt grabbed my hand tightly and practically dragged my down where our son was pulling his helmet over his head, high fiving all his friends, Matt let go of my hand and lifted our boy up, sitting him on his shoulders.  

“You have know idea how proud I am that your wearing number 81, with the name Espinosa on the back boy,” he laughed.  And I smiled at my family, trying to picture my life without them… But I can warm you it was totally impossible.  


He is the definition of adorable

Credit: King Espinosa


His eyes though 😫👀

“I once gave a girl a bloody fake ear in a Tiffany jewelry box with a letter that said, “will you Gogh to prom with me?” - Matthew Gray Gubler


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