Today I found a beautiful meeting of reality and art. I mean oh my gosh, this little boy. How touching and poetic is this series entitled, “The Little Prince”?  The boy, Luka suffers from Muscular Dystrophy (which has confined him to a wheelchair) and photographer Matej Peljhan (whom himself suffered injuries at age 10 from some explosive devices, scattered around during the World War II that left him without an arm or eye) set out to create an imaginary world for Luka where he could skateboard, play basketball, even scuba dive.  Things he can’t do in real life, things most of us take for granted.  The images speak for themselves.

My First kiss.

My first kiss happened when i was in year eight. 
It was a rainy cold day. Happened in the month of either july or august, one of those.
It wasn’t with some random or just like at a party it was with my my boyfriend (now ex-  
we were together for more than five months. 
Anyway it happened during lunch time behind the science labs.
He was already there, There wasn’t much talking cause we both knew what was gonna happen then he slowly came closer then BAM! we hugged then we went on with our lunch time. 

WEEOOOWW ! lol okay.