YOOOO I have a list of cosplays I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, but screw them all because THE DREAM BOAT. Still gotta do the accessories, but it’s coming along!


Did an initial photoshoot for the Delia/Queena hybrid! Unfortunately she’s looking very washed out, in part because much of her nice pink bodyblushing rubbed off during the arduous  restringing process. As such I’m going to do some touchups and a photoshoot with actual effort behind it in the coming week or so.

Despite the loss of pink I’m very happy with her. This commission was a lot of firsts for me (first time using the airbrush, color matching a wig, painting a centaur/ anything from doll chateau, etc) and I’m overall so so happy with how she pulled together. Now just to do some touchups and learn how to photograph this gal. ( @psiiconicbjd​ made the wig)


Ladybug Work Log 1 - The Wig

1. For the base of the wig I used an Umi Sonoda wig from Lucaille. I had originally purchased this wig with the intent of using it for Umi, but when it arrived I realized the color wasn’t the best for her and would work much better for Marinette.

2. Around Easter I found some cardboard paper mâché eggs at A.C. Moore that I thought were the perfect shape for Marinette’s pigtails.

3. I painted the eggs navy blue to match the wig and cut holes in the bottom.

4. I cut the wig to a more manageable length, saving all cut fibers to be used later on the pigtails. I then sectioned the wig into two pigtails before gluing the eggs in place over the pigtails.

5. I made little wefts out of the cut fibers by taking little bunches of fiber and hot-gluing the ends.

6. I glued the wefts onto the eggs

7. Using Got2B and tacky glue I styled the puffs into shape.

8. The finished wig!

9. My Marinette costest with the finished wig!

anonymous asked:

Matchup Request: I am a 5ft brunette ("I'm not THAT short. And I'm not cute. Hmph!") who's hair is a mane when I wake up, which matches my catlike personality of napping, loving food and secretly wanting backrubs and affection. Can be SAVAGE at times, yet is a timid self-conscious introvert till I'm comfortable enough to reveal my teasing, talkative, overdramatic side. HISTORY IS LOVE, CREATIVE WRITING IS LIFE. Is sensitive and cries easily but I try to put up a calm front until the dam breaks.

I think UT!Papyrus would be a good match for you.  

Paps is a sweetheart who’s not going to make you cry, and if he ever accidentally does say something insensitive, he’s going to be sincerely sorry.  While he’s not a huge fan of naps, he’s used to dealing with his brother’s naps, and he’s so much taller than you that he could easily just scoop you up and carry you around while you napped.  He’s intrigued by your hair (man, he wishes he could have some have, but the last time he tried on some wigs, Sans actually couldn’t stop laughing.  “hey, sorry, didn’t mean to wig out on you, bro! heh.”)  He’s also all for giving backrubs,he’ll shower you with affection, and if you can teach him the proper way to cook, Papyrus would be able to make you anything you’d like.

When it comes to history, Papyrus is fascinated by the human side of things.  He’s not a big fan of all the wars, but just learning what humans were doing on the Surface boggles his mind.  You can also read him anything you write, and chances are that he’s going to want you to read it again.  And again.  Every day.  It’s his favorite thing ever, actually.

Ok, show me a vampire

That lives in that 21st century. And spends their days and nights playing games (they actually own ALL gaming systems, know everyone on CoD servers, go to conventions and are a well of trivia) and trash-talking to people. They play Mortal Kombat with one hand busy with their DS and tear through Bayonetta like a hurricane. 

They’re not handsome/beautiful, because they skip on so many meals (dragons in Skyrim won’t kill themselves) that they basically welded themselves in a hoodie to hide how malnourished they look - and seducing someone for blood always seems such a struggle. 

So they kill, like, once a month. And they kill well and never get caught, because they’ve watched every episode of every crime-related drama in history and know how to hide their tracks. 

They go to Starbucks and spend hours there in front of a cooling tea just so they can mooch some wi-fi when they’re out of town. And to get some feel on the music popular at any given month.

They’ve found ways to take photos of themselves via skilful application of perfectly matched concealer, wigs and contact lenses. 

They’ve watched every episode of every anime and learned 25 different languages so they can read fanfic. 

Basically, a vampire that’s a nerdy trash that LOVES being in the century they’re in and has zero angst about the lost past. Tey LOVE the way every kind of information is so readily available, love the way they can contact people without revealing their nature, love everything about being able to do stuff at night! 

Oh, and if you play CoD, they’ve also slept with your mom;) 


My brother told me they didn’t match once. Once. And I kinda blew it off when it was said. But it has eaten and eaten me.

And now I try to make their things match.

Nerri got cute checkered boots, so we needed an outfit to match them, and Valnar got a new wig to match that.

Fortunately, Valnar’s default modern look of black pants and black shirt is pretty versatile.

Suzalulu Week 2015 - Day 6 ‘Service and Sacrifice’

“They sent me back to the academy you know. I couldn’t do much to get out of that. But no-one mentions anything when I leave in the middle of class, and when they see Zero, they never say my name. It’s existing without existing. 
I know you said that my sacrifice would be that I could never die, that living would be penance. But this can’t really be called living, can it?

Are you listening, Lelouch?”

The mask lay silent on the bed. It never did have answers for him. With a sigh, he picked it up. 

“Never mind. Let’s go. We still have time to serve.”