Ladybug Work Log 1 - The Wig

1. For the base of the wig I used an Umi Sonoda wig from Lucaille. I had originally purchased this wig with the intent of using it for Umi, but when it arrived I realized the color wasn’t the best for her and would work much better for Marinette.

2. Around Easter I found some cardboard paper mâché eggs at A.C. Moore that I thought were the perfect shape for Marinette’s pigtails.

3. I painted the eggs navy blue to match the wig and cut holes in the bottom.

4. I cut the wig to a more manageable length, saving all cut fibers to be used later on the pigtails. I then sectioned the wig into two pigtails before gluing the eggs in place over the pigtails.

5. I made little wefts out of the cut fibers by taking little bunches of fiber and hot-gluing the ends.

6. I glued the wefts onto the eggs

7. Using Got2B and tacky glue I styled the puffs into shape.

8. The finished wig!

9. My Marinette costest with the finished wig!

Giving Elizabeth 3rd a Bath [RFA+V and Saeran]

Yoosung Kim
▪Ever since Jumin found out that Yoosung was going to college to study veterinarian medicine, he’s been leaving Elizabeth 3rd with the poor boy
▪you help him with her from time to time but the dreadful moment has come
▪halfway through a movie & cuddle session, Yoosung’s phone rings
▪he pauses the movie and answers it and you watch as the blood quickly leaves his face
▪Jumin has asked the two of you to bathe Elizabeth
▪you pick up the items and go to put her in the bathtub but she’s nowhere to be found
▪turns out Elizabeth is terrified of water, unless Jumin is near
▪Yoosung holds her while you try to soap her up but there’s so much fur
▪ends up escaping Yoosung’s grip by clawing him and hiding under his bed
▪gets even filthier than she was before and when he gets her out, she smells weird and has food crumbs matted into her wet fur
▪which means you have to give her a second bath
▪the two of you desperately hope Jumin never finds out
▪Yoosung’s arms are bright red and covered in angry, bloody scratches
▪he never wants to give her a bath ever again

Jaehee Kang
▪she nearly cried
▪as soon as Jumin asks her, she has flashbacks to the two years of cat-sitting while she worked under him
▪c-hair in her sink?
▪Jaehee doesn’t think so
▪she makes herself accept though because Jumin sounds like he really needs it
▪actually considers calling up Seven but decides that’d be too cruel
▪she does a good job but gets a scratch down her wrist
▪she’d be bummed if you hadn’t cleaned it for her and kissed it better
▪Jumin is appalled when he finds out what shampoo you used because it definitely wasn’t premium
▪she probably bought some cheaper kind just to get back at him tbh

Saeyoung Choi/707
▪Jumin was desperate
▪since Jaehee was visiting an old college friend and Yoosung was busy, Jumin had no one to watch Elizabeth 3rd while he left on a business trip
▪Zen wouldn’t pick up the phone, which left you and Seven
▪maybe if you were around, Jumin could trust Seven, right??
*Donald Trump voice* wrooooong
▪he immediately picked Elizabeth up and started hugging her while he danced around his house
▪You remember that Jumin asked you to give her a bath so you try mentioning it to Seven in hopes he’ll leave the poor thing alone
Saeyoung please no
▪just leave her alone for five minutes

▪same with Yoosung’s, you find that she’s terrified of water
▪Seven runs to his computer and brings it back to the kitchen, typing furiously on the keyboard
▪Jumin’s voice begins to filter through the laptop’s speakers, calming Elizabeth immediately
▪once she’s bathed, Seven disappears again only to come out in a suit and a wig that matches Jumin’s hair
▪Elizabeth runs to him and finally shows him the affection he’s been longing for since she fell into Jumin’s care
▪they cuddle on the couch but Jumin wonders days later why she’s been avoiding HIM of all people?
▪Seven still considers it a success
▪"Hey, Seven, why did you have an audio clip of Jumin’s voice on your computer?”
▪He crunches loudly on his chips to pretend he didn’t hear your question

Zen/Hyun Ryu
▪as soon as he sees the chat log and gets the phone call from Jumin, he drags you out of the house and on a date so Jumin can’t bug him about it
▪not that you’re complaining
▪Jumin is peeved because he knows Zen did it on purpose

▪Elizabeth loves him almost as much as Jumin so he’d gladly take care of her while Jumin’s busy
anything for his bro
▪this man is serioisly a wizard when it comes to bathing cats
▪he massages the shampoo into her fur and gets the water just right
▪purrs and falls asleep on his lap while he dries her afterwards
▪doesn’t have a single scratch once he’s done and still has time to cook dinner for you afterwards

Saeran Choi/Unknown
▪lots of flailing from Elizabeth 3rd
▪she desperately wants out of the sink
▪at this point 99% of the words coming out of his mouth are swears
▪some happen to be more…colorful than the others
▪it’s a disaster and your entire kitchen is covered in water and bits of cat shampoo
▪at least he got the job done?

Trans karolina headcanons

Cause of pride month and @tegans-bf I’ll post some headcanons of her i feel she’d have~~

1) she gets custom outfits made from neha, they’re all unique one of a kind gaiz
2) she hates her height but tries to wear heels to feel more feminine-esque however it just makes her taller so she gets even sadder
3) she practices her makeup skills 24/7, makeup artist? Bitch Shes her own
4) she wears different wigs to match her style of the day
5) she loves manicures, something about nail art makes her so happy

marvelousmawn  asked:

alright so post-reunion Thomas's hair starts to get pretty shaggy and he's tired of it getting in his eyes so he asks James to cut it. James is not super confident since he's always had a barber pirate to help but he's formerly Captain goddamn Flint he's not gonna let a haircut scare him. it comes out a little uneven but Thomas loves him anyway and he doesn't really have a leg to stand on in terms of hair since he once had a giant poodle wig which matched his father's.

MONICA I AM DISTRAUGHT  WHAT THE H EC K i have several points: 

  • the very concept of a barber pirate. who. who di d this. maybe it was joji because everybody else had short hair right
  • THE POODLE WIG IS. YI KE S. the *one* good thing it had going for it was that initial over the shoulder turn where he looked straight out of a shampoo commercial. so. y eah. anything is a step up from that. 
  • BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY. !!!!!!!!!!!!! james!! cutting his hair!!! 
  • thomas sitting in the chair, smiling as he watches james Concentrate
  • james telling him ‘close your eyes, love’ when he does the front and just. so gently brushing the hair off of his face.
  • then when it’s done thomas saying ‘thank you, darling - i can actually see you, now, i’ve missed that’ and pulling james down for a kiss while james is still alsdjfalsd’ing
  • later that day thomas is kinda running his hands through his hair that way you do when you get it cut and he thanks james again, and james just kinda shrugs like, ‘you’d do the same for me if i asked you to’ and thomas is just like *gasp* ‘noooo i love your hair long don’t put me in that position’ and james just laughing and kissing his cheek and promising he won’t and the two of them just! being happy!!

anonymous asked:

the band with an s/o who wears wigs all the time?

2D: Doesn’t really understand the whole wig craze but he doesn’t mind as long as it makes you feel good. His favourite wigs of yours are the ones that are dyed weird colours

Murdoc: He couldn’t care less and even if he did he has a bowl cut so he can’t say anything.

Noodle: She likes that you’re adventurous with fashion and thinks its pretty cool. She likes helping match your wigs to whatever outfit you’re wearing that day

Russel: Human hair wigs freak him out a bit but he gets over it pretty fast. Whenever you only have your wig cap on he jokes that you guys are matching, sometimes you both try wigs on together


Did an initial photoshoot for the Delia/Queena hybrid! Unfortunately she’s looking very washed out, in part because much of her nice pink bodyblushing rubbed off during the arduous  restringing process. As such I’m going to do some touchups and a photoshoot with actual effort behind it in the coming week or so.

Despite the loss of pink I’m very happy with her. This commission was a lot of firsts for me (first time using the airbrush, color matching a wig, painting a centaur/ anything from doll chateau, etc) and I’m overall so so happy with how she pulled together. Now just to do some touchups and learn how to photograph this gal. ( @psiiconicbjd​ made the wig)


Some pics of the MASSIVE BALSA COSCRUNCH I did this weekend, including greatest hits like “fuck I forgot about paint drying time,” “fuck I ordered the wrong a wig color and now I have to airbrush everything with sharpie solution like it’s 2009,” and “I sure hope this wig matches my hair color because my neck hair is out of control”

Wanted to do this from weeks ago, I was finally able to make a preview of this OC, since I thought that this long red wig would match so well with the pirate outfit <3 Hope to go for a photoshoot and have full body photos of this soon!

Trying to act “tough” in the video, LOL (?)

P.S. Could also look like some kind of fem Scotland from Hetalia ¿? xD

Word of wisdom: if you’re stopping at a restaurant for food after a day at a con, please do not force someone to take off their wig. I’m speaking from experience. First ever con I went to, I was Merida and had to color my eyebrows to match the wig. My mom made me take the wig off when we went to go get food afterwards. They had a guy going around taking publicity pictures or something for the restaurant and now my stupid ass with jet black hair and orange eyebrows has been immortalized smh

Cosplaying Crash Course for Beginners

Hello friends! Here are some quick tips/steps on how you (yes you) can make your own costumes and start cosplaying!

1. How to Pick the Cosplay: Whenever I pick a new costume, I always think of all the shows, games, etc that I’m into, and then pick my favorite character. I always pick a character I know I will have a fun time being or if their outfit just speaks to me. Since it is your first time cosplaying, you do not want to try something that is over your skill level. Be sure to look at the hairstyle, details on the outfit, sewing difficulty, and props. Know that whatever you pick is probably going to be harder than it looks. Before you finalize your selection, think about how you’re going to make every detail and at least get some sort of idea of how you are going to make that outfit come to life.

2. Budgeting:  Let’s face it, cosplay can be expensive. If you don’t have money growing out of your butt, it can be SUPER important to make a budget before you even start the costume. First, if you need a wig, find the wig. Those tend to be one of the more expensive pieces of the costume. Secondly, go check the local thrift stores, you will be so surprised what you can find. ESPECIALLY if you have something really simple, like a white collared shirt? BAM. THRIFT SHOPPING *cue macklemore*. I’m serious. Also, look for things that you can alter. Need a dark blue vest? Hey wow I bet that 3 dollar shirt could look like a vest if I cut off those sleeves. Learn to be creative with altering clothing that you already have. You can ask friends to borrow things, like shoes. Shoes are usually very hard to do and very hard to find, so if your friend has the perfect white boots, then do ask if you can borrow them. Fabric stores have sales like literally once a week. Wait until they go on sale to buy the fabric/supplies you need.

3. Wigs: Are wigs a necessity? For me, yes. However, I have seen some really amazing costumes that do not use wigs. If you do not want to wear a wig, or cannot afford one, that is ok. And also honestly if you have the perfect canon hair why would you waste money on a wig? Your costume can still look awesome. I will say that wigs can really give your costume the extra sparkle though. Real hair can sometimes not cooperate, it can get frizzy or your roots will grow out, or it will refuse to defy gravity. If you need a specific color, wigs are definitely the best way to go. Dyeing your hair can turn out bad, and not give you the right color (again, this is generally speaking).Now, if you chose to wear a wig, how do you get ahold of one? There are several wig sites that you can get quality cosplay wigs from. Arda Wigs, Amphegory, Match Wigs, and my personal favorite, eBay. BE CAREFUL IF YOU BUY FROM eBAY THOUGH. Make sure you check the reviews of the seller. If you use eBay, 9 times out of 10 you will be able to find an awesome wig for way cheaper than anywhere else. Long wigs and pre-styled wigs will tend to be more expensive. Most wigs need to be trimmed when they come in, but please watch a tutorial before you take scissors to your wig. CUTTING WIGS IS DIFFERENT THAN ACTUAL HAIR. I recommend this tutorial for basic wig styling. Also please note, if you want to straighten or curl or apply any kind of heat to your wig, make sure you buy a heat-safe one. It should say in the sellers comments. Also, before you go ahead and apply heat to  the whole wig, test the heat out on a small section that is invisible or can be cut off (bottom, underneath hair etc). There are seriously like 200000 wig tutorials on YouTube, so if your wig is a little challenging, go check for online tutorials.

4. Sewing: Ok I really like sewing so I’m probably going to get off on a tangent here but I will try to keep it very simple. If you know how to sew? Great awesome. If you don’t? Never fear! It is so much easier than you would think. A lot of places offer sewing classes, libraries, colleges, even high school. Go check out the above places for local classes. If there are none? Don’t worry! Check the internet. There are lots of tutorials ranging from basics (how to work your sewing machine) to things a little more difficult (how to sew that one really difficult thing). I would love to elaborate on how to sew but that would take up a lot of time and space. However, when you are selecting fabric there are a few basic things you should know. Make sure the fabric isn’t see through, and if it is make sure you buy enough to double the fabric. Make sure the fabric stretches if it’s supposed to. Make sure it will fall in the correct way (for example if you are making a dress and the fabric is too heavy or stiff it will look really weird). Make sure it is not itchy. Also, bring a reference photo to help match colors. If you have already bought some fabric in a previous shopping trip, bring a sample of it back the next time you go to make sure the other fabric you buy matches nicely with it (colors and textures etc). Don’t be afraid to ask for help! The people at the fabric store are more than happy to help (some of them might even be cosplayers themselves).

5. Makeup & Contacts: I am a very strong believer that cosplay makeup is SUPER IMPORTANT. Why? Ok so you go you to the con and you are dressed up and your costume looks super badass and you are ready to get pictures taken of you. You get there and you get so many pictures and it’s awesome and cool… But then you get home and you start looking through the pictures and you look washed out, have a lot of blemishes, look shiny, etc. And you didn’t look like that in person. But unfortunately, cameras are kind of mean and they like to make your face look a lot worse than it actually is. If you just slap on a little bit of makeup, then you will be good to go and problem solved. If you don’t want to wear makeup? That’s totally fine too. Makeup is not a requirement. If you want a more in detail cosplay makeup tutorial you should check this one that I made out. It pretty much gives you a basic idea on how to do cosplay makeup~ Ok and contacts. Contacts can be SUPER cool and make your costume look really cool, but a lot of cosplayers don’t wear them. They aren’t super important, but if you want your outfit to be the most kawaii of them all, contacts are definitely something you should check out. The sites that are good to get them at are - they are reasonabley priced and also come with perscriptions, so if you need corrective stuff never fear! Pretty colors and pretty vision! If you don’t need perscription though, is the way to go. They are cheaper, and really awesome quality (I think some of their contacts come with prescriptions but I’m not sure). Both websites are great places to order contacts. My rule of thumb to buying contacts is if my eye color is going to look weird with the wig/outfit color i will buy them. For example, with my Teto outfit the green eyes and red hair look a bit wrong so I bought contacts.

6. Attention to Details and the Importance of Detail: Details are the things that can make a good cosplay, a great one. I’m talking that tiny little bit of trim or those really cool earrings. Things like that are really what help tie a whole costume together and make the character come to life. Assuming you have the time and funds, make sure to pay attention to those little painstaking details. Make them look good, make yourself proud, because hot damn when you wear that costume you will look so cool and you will become the character you want. So yes, details may be small but they are also very important. You’d be surprised how naked and bare you could look without them.

7. Time Management: Just so you know, your deadline is closer than you think it is. Start working on your costume NOW. Buy fabric, order your wig, something. Order the online stuff as soon as possible because sometimes shipping takes longer than what it says. Just sew a little bit, or do a little bit of a prop every time you get a chance because you DO NOT want to be cramming right before a con. It’s no fun for anybody. PRETTY MUCH THE MORAL IS START YOUR COSPLAY NOW TIME GOES AWAY VERY FAST.

8. General Tips/Tricks: If you ever get stuck, check online for tutorials. There is bound to be one person who has gone through the same thing. If that doesn’t work, ask a cosplay help blog. They know a few things. Rock the costume you made. You look awesome, show some confidence. Do not let the cosplay stress you out. It’s for fun. It’s a hobby. Repeat it to yourself. This is fun. This is a hobby. Anybody can cosplay anything they want. You might get hate, but don’t let it bring you down because I love you and you’re awesome.

I hoped this helped! Cosplay is truly fun and some of the best memories I have come from cosplay, so the more people who join the better. If you have any questions or want me to elaborate you should send me an ask, I’m more than happy to help. Have fun, good luck, and happy cosplaying.