Cupcakke’s Best Looks (To Date)

You know her, you love her. The “Deepthroat” Queen is also a fashion icon in her own rite. Her style is undeniably Southside Chicago, but also uniquely her. Here’s some of my favorite looks from Queen Elizabitch’s Instagram. 

A casual hoodie with cutoffs and sandals can be easily sexified by just making the hoodie sheer and throwing out your bra.

Matching sets are HUGE now and easy to throw on but Cupcakke makes this outfit a little less simple by adding 1. huge pom poms on her sneakers and 2. visible vagina (Buy “Vagina” on iTunes).

Sparkles and ruffles with fuzzy slippers? Don’t act like you ever would’ve been creative enough to wear a skin tight studded jumpsuit with a huge frilly duster and slides. 

Hair is an accessory! Matching your wig to your outfit is the new wave and Cupcakke is riding it like a good dick, y’all. 

This is a perfect look for fall, matching butterscotch wig included.

I’m usually not a fan of “athleisure” looks but something about this purse with this jumpsuit and the hoops is amazing. I love Cupcakke.

i feel that the rotom dex is underappreciated because it was little other than filler on the bottom of the screen in sun and moon. but in the sun and moon anime it frequently ditches ash to go watch recordings of its favourite detective show while wearing a matching blonde wig, and in USUM, not only does it act as a yandere dating simulator who only gives you roto loto if you give it enough attention, it’s also the only thing in the entire series to make cyrus second-guess his ideas of creating a perfect new world without spirit

Halloween Night Pennywise x Reader


Pennywise x Reader

Requester: None 

Prompt: Pennywise bumps into the Reader dressed as an angel 

Warning: None 

Note: Sorry this is cringeworthy I made it a while back at like 3 am so…since I went trick or treating tonight (thankfully I wasn’t my questioned) I didn’t have time to edit this burn ill do it sometime tomorrow. Okay thanx! Enjoy! ;)! 

You were so excited you were waiting all year for this very day!

No! Not Christmas dummy! What kind of fanfic do you think this?

It’s Halloween!

In Derry especially with the kids disappearing lately it has caused the holiday to become more terrifying than before. Adults were constantly reminding children to not go past the town’s curfew of 7 ó clock and don’t go anywhere near the sewers. The number one rule was especially do not dress up as a clown.

Due to other states dealing with problems clown costumes were prohibited, especially in Derry. At least that’s what the adults told the children. None of the new generation knew why the Halloween stores wouldn’t even sell any clown related accessories, not even Harley Quinn or Joker costumes.

Just the mention of a clown on the tv caused everyone’s, including your parents to stir uncomfortably. You had asked them why but they would always tell you that it was just because (phobia of clowns) was very common in this area. Leading up to Halloween your parents became more stricter and paranoid telling you if you were alone to make sure every single door and window was locked.

They wouldn’t even let you stay home alone past 7 unless you had an adult over 20 or else they’ll freak out like last time. Which confused you even more since other than kids disappearing not much crime happened unless you wanna count the bullies but they wouldn’t go as far as to kill people their own age.

But right now you didn’t care about that since now it was finally the most wonderful day of the year—still not talking about Christmas!

The plan was after a couple hours of trick-or-treating you were going to go to a party with your friends and then see what happens afterwards. Knowing yourself you’d probably a) get a sugar high from the candy and make yourself look like an idiot before passing out or b) eat too much candy you throw up and then continue to party anyways and eat more chocolate.

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🔮Amethyst Orchid Gown🔮
More Goddess creations for the upcoming photoshoot with my sister This one was heavily inspired by @eliesaabworld fall 2017 collection with an Ancient Chinese Empress vibe. All three goddesses have a moon theme crown to match 🌙
Wig - @ardawigs “Erika”
#fireflypath #goddess #empress #amythyst #moon #mooncrown #gown #velvet #velvetdress #headress #autumn #falltime #autumngoddess #fantasywear

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Ladybug Work Log 1 - The Wig

1. For the base of the wig I used an Umi Sonoda wig from Lucaille. I had originally purchased this wig with the intent of using it for Umi, but when it arrived I realized the color wasn’t the best for her and would work much better for Marinette.

2. Around Easter I found some cardboard paper mâché eggs at A.C. Moore that I thought were the perfect shape for Marinette’s pigtails.

3. I painted the eggs navy blue to match the wig and cut holes in the bottom.

4. I cut the wig to a more manageable length, saving all cut fibers to be used later on the pigtails. I then sectioned the wig into two pigtails before gluing the eggs in place over the pigtails.

5. I made little wefts out of the cut fibers by taking little bunches of fiber and hot-gluing the ends.

6. I glued the wefts onto the eggs

7. Using Got2B and tacky glue I styled the puffs into shape.

8. The finished wig!

9. My Marinette costest with the finished wig!

Giving Elizabeth 3rd a Bath [RFA+V and Saeran]

Yoosung Kim
▪Ever since Jumin found out that Yoosung was going to college to study veterinarian medicine, he’s been leaving Elizabeth 3rd with the poor boy
▪you help him with her from time to time but the dreadful moment has come
▪halfway through a movie & cuddle session, Yoosung’s phone rings
▪he pauses the movie and answers it and you watch as the blood quickly leaves his face
▪Jumin has asked the two of you to bathe Elizabeth
▪you pick up the items and go to put her in the bathtub but she’s nowhere to be found
▪turns out Elizabeth is terrified of water, unless Jumin is near
▪Yoosung holds her while you try to soap her up but there’s so much fur
▪ends up escaping Yoosung’s grip by clawing him and hiding under his bed
▪gets even filthier than she was before and when he gets her out, she smells weird and has food crumbs matted into her wet fur
▪which means you have to give her a second bath
▪the two of you desperately hope Jumin never finds out
▪Yoosung’s arms are bright red and covered in angry, bloody scratches
▪he never wants to give her a bath ever again

Jaehee Kang
▪she nearly cried
▪as soon as Jumin asks her, she has flashbacks to the two years of cat-sitting while she worked under him
▪c-hair in her sink?
▪Jaehee doesn’t think so
▪she makes herself accept though because Jumin sounds like he really needs it
▪actually considers calling up Seven but decides that’d be too cruel
▪she does a good job but gets a scratch down her wrist
▪she’d be bummed if you hadn’t cleaned it for her and kissed it better
▪Jumin is appalled when he finds out what shampoo you used because it definitely wasn’t premium
▪she probably bought some cheaper kind just to get back at him tbh

Saeyoung Choi/707
▪Jumin was desperate
▪since Jaehee was visiting an old college friend and Yoosung was busy, Jumin had no one to watch Elizabeth 3rd while he left on a business trip
▪Zen wouldn’t pick up the phone, which left you and Seven
▪maybe if you were around, Jumin could trust Seven, right??
*Donald Trump voice* wrooooong
▪he immediately picked Elizabeth up and started hugging her while he danced around his house
▪You remember that Jumin asked you to give her a bath so you try mentioning it to Seven in hopes he’ll leave the poor thing alone
Saeyoung please no
▪just leave her alone for five minutes

▪same with Yoosung’s, you find that she’s terrified of water
▪Seven runs to his computer and brings it back to the kitchen, typing furiously on the keyboard
▪Jumin’s voice begins to filter through the laptop’s speakers, calming Elizabeth immediately
▪once she’s bathed, Seven disappears again only to come out in a suit and a wig that matches Jumin’s hair
▪Elizabeth runs to him and finally shows him the affection he’s been longing for since she fell into Jumin’s care
▪they cuddle on the couch but Jumin wonders days later why she’s been avoiding HIM of all people?
▪Seven still considers it a success
▪"Hey, Seven, why did you have an audio clip of Jumin’s voice on your computer?”
▪He crunches loudly on his chips to pretend he didn’t hear your question

Zen/Hyun Ryu
▪as soon as he sees the chat log and gets the phone call from Jumin, he drags you out of the house and on a date so Jumin can’t bug him about it
▪not that you’re complaining
▪Jumin is peeved because he knows Zen did it on purpose

▪Elizabeth loves him almost as much as Jumin so he’d gladly take care of her while Jumin’s busy
anything for his bro
▪this man is serioisly a wizard when it comes to bathing cats
▪he massages the shampoo into her fur and gets the water just right
▪purrs and falls asleep on his lap while he dries her afterwards
▪doesn’t have a single scratch once he’s done and still has time to cook dinner for you afterwards

Saeran Choi/Unknown
▪lots of flailing from Elizabeth 3rd
▪she desperately wants out of the sink
▪at this point 99% of the words coming out of his mouth are swears
▪some happen to be more…colorful than the others
▪it’s a disaster and your entire kitchen is covered in water and bits of cat shampoo
▪at least he got the job done?

Ryuu contest

Hello everyone, it’s wonderful how active our fandom has been lately. There’s been so many boueibu planned for the upcoming months. But it’s also why there can’t be a Ryuu week in March when it’s his birthday. But Ryuu is still important and we love him. Which is why we decided to host a contest dedicated to Ryuu (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

Participating is simple. All you gotta do is make content where Ryuu is the main focus  ʚ♡⃛ɞ(ू•ᴗ•ू❁) And post it on the March 13th 2018. Ryuu’s birthday.

There will be 4 different categories you can make content for:

  • Fanfiction
  • Fanart
  • Edits*
  • Cosplay

There will be 1 winner in each category, you can participate multiple times in each category, but can only once in one category.

How to enter:

  1. Create something with Ryuu in it
  2. Tag it #RyuuContest2018

You can @ or submit it to this blog too if you want

*You can submit how many works you want and enter how many categories you want for this contest but you can only win once

*Editing includes gifs, amv ect anything that involves editing

The rules!

  • Your entry has to be Ryuu centric but other characters are allowed to be in it
  • NSFW is allowed (if it’s either linked or under the cut)
  • If you write a fanfic, it has to be a oneshot. It’s no fair comparing a story with five chapters to a oneshot after all.  However I understand the struggle of a fanfic sometimes growing more than you anticipated.

If you decide to turn your one shot into a multi-chapter fic, it’s fine, but do it once the contest is over it’s allowed

@floweryuu, @magiccatprincess and @angelluckovich will be judging the submissions and pick a winner in each category. Here’s some criteria for the judging already.


  • Colour use
  • The use of space/background
  • How it matches Ryuu of course


  • How in character Ryuu is
  • Does the story flow naturally


  • Visual appeal
  • Colour use
  • If it’s a gifset, does it looks cohesive


  • Does the outfit match Ryuu
  • Use wig and make-up
  • Background

Of course there is a prize too ✧⁺⸜(●′▾‵●)⸝⁺✧

There winners will be able to to choose if they want a drawing or a one shot as prize, written/drawn at their request. If you win you have to contact this blog tell who you want to draw/write for you

The winner who contacts firsts gets to pick who makes their price.

The one-shots will be written by:

Magicalcatprincess (will write for 2 winners) [Okay with doing NSFW]

Angelluckovich (will write for 1 winner) [Okay with doing NSFW]

Xyoutubexshipperx (will write for 2 winners) [Okay with doing NSFW]

The drawing will be drawn by:

Floweryuu (will draw for any of the winners) [Not doing NSFW]

Angelluckovich (will draw for 1 winner) [Okay with doing NSFW]

The request must be Ryuu centric of course. That will say, he is the main focus of which ever fanwork you request.

Please respect if we ask you to request another thing if we feel not comfortable doing your request thank you!!

Jr Ranger scout Nick Wilde.

Okay I have tried to write this 4 times and have hit a hotkey each time that has closed my browser window and lost everything. Let us hope this is my final try and it works.

Sorry for all the re-posts lately, my wedding is coming up and life got busy so I didn’t have much time for costume work. So for those of you who are still left and started watching this tumblr for the costume stuff, this one is for you.

I’m gonna be a Fox.  Plans are in the work for  a colaberation  of all three versions of Nick from Zootopia along with @pettook who will be Judy Hopps.
Naturally we have to start with the adorable kid versions of Nick and Judy.

Construction so far has been pretty simple. I used a Burda mens pattern in the smallest size for the shirt and just changed the pockets to patch pockets with flaps instead of hidden pockets in the yoke seam. And I bought the shorts at Bluenotes.
My friend who runs Psychokitty’s Asylum of Geekery on Etsy is  making all the patches for me.

I made the scarf from 100% cotton, and used bias tape for the broken line detail along the edge. I was going to add in the tree that goes in the center of the back diamond once my friend had finalized the design for the tree in all the patches.

Which she did this week, so I hand embroidered that on yesterday.

I made the scarf clip from two layers of very, very yellow vinyl which I then did a wash over in a dark chestnut brown acrylic paint. I think it is a pretty good faux leather look in pictures (maybe not in close ups lol). It attaches with a snap.

I ordered the fur for his ears and tail from No complaints, it is beautiful AND my wig matches it almost perfectly!

I hate to get some help from my friend @toyollsartblog (go check her art out, she is amazing) for the ears and tails as that was a new process for me. I have the tail done, except for the tip which I will be air brushing in a dark brown next week. It attaches on via a sacrificed wire hanger that is glued along the top and hooks over a belt.

So fluffy.

The last steps are going to be making the ears and shaving them down/ airbrushing them.  I’m using this youtube tutorial  by  Mugiwara Cosplay as my guideline along with some more advice from @toyollsartblog and attaching the patches to the sleeves, shirt and hat once they are done. I’m excited. I freaking adore Zootopia and love Nick Wilde so much!  I hope I do him justice.


Did an initial photoshoot for the Delia/Queena hybrid! Unfortunately she’s looking very washed out, in part because much of her nice pink bodyblushing rubbed off during the arduous  restringing process. As such I’m going to do some touchups and a photoshoot with actual effort behind it in the coming week or so.

Despite the loss of pink I’m very happy with her. This commission was a lot of firsts for me (first time using the airbrush, color matching a wig, painting a centaur/ anything from doll chateau, etc) and I’m overall so so happy with how she pulled together. Now just to do some touchups and learn how to photograph this gal. ( @psiiconicbjd​ made the wig)


So upset over this look….I tore my favorite beauty blender,messed up my makeup and  after I took these pictures, my ring light exploded… today was not my day.

I mixed alot of my lolita items into this outfit

hat - my lolita dress

wig - uniwigs - ill have a discount code soon

blouse - my lolita dress

dress - hot topic

corset - restyle

tights - target???

shoes - my lolita dress

Face - kept in pastel to match the wig - used bh galaxy palette, kat von d, pretty zombie cosmetics etc…. all affordable makeup today

Anyway I’m going to have this look and similar looks like this uploaded to my youtube channel within a few days so feel free to subscribe :)

“Erik House” Chapter Four

Next up this time around, our masked men hit the town for an evening performance!

Warlow adjusted the white bowtie around his neck.

“There, that’s a little better.” He said aloud. After all, for a night at the opera he-as well as the other residents-wanted to look their best.

“Blast it all!” Panaro griped, trying to find his matching jacket.

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Trans karolina headcanons

Cause of pride month and @tegans-bf I’ll post some headcanons of her i feel she’d have~~

1) she gets custom outfits made from neha, they’re all unique one of a kind gaiz
2) she hates her height but tries to wear heels to feel more feminine-esque however it just makes her taller so she gets even sadder
3) she practices her makeup skills 24/7, makeup artist? Bitch Shes her own
4) she wears different wigs to match her style of the day
5) she loves manicures, something about nail art makes her so happy