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Cosplayer: Yours truly. ;)



Photographer: Koisplay Photography


How to color your eyebrows to match your cosplay wig


Ladybug Work Log 1 - The Wig

1. For the base of the wig I used an Umi Sonoda wig from Lucaille. I had originally purchased this wig with the intent of using it for Umi, but when it arrived I realized the color wasn’t the best for her and would work much better for Marinette.

2. Around Easter I found some cardboard paper mâché eggs at A.C. Moore that I thought were the perfect shape for Marinette’s pigtails.

3. I painted the eggs navy blue to match the wig and cut holes in the bottom.

4. I cut the wig to a more manageable length, saving all cut fibers to be used later on the pigtails. I then sectioned the wig into two pigtails before gluing the eggs in place over the pigtails.

5. I made little wefts out of the cut fibers by taking little bunches of fiber and hot-gluing the ends.

6. I glued the wefts onto the eggs

7. Using Got2B and tacky glue I styled the puffs into shape.

8. The finished wig!

9. My Marinette costest with the finished wig!

Cosplay resource masterpost!

I’ve made this huge list for a group of local cosplayers that I’m a part of, and figured I should share it with everyone!

Looking for wigs, contacts, thermoplastics, or tutorials? Here’s a good place to start!

*** Know a great place to find wigs and supplies that’s not listed here? Let me know! <3***

Also, here is the list on my Facebook page! It tends to stay more updated.



Dolluxe- (also )

Tasty Peach Studios-


Wig is Fashion-

Epic Cosplay-


Cosworx -



Harajuku in Wonderland-

The Five Wits-

Match Wigs- 

Purple Plum-

Cosplay Buzz-

Contacts/ Circle Lenses

Pinky Paradise-

Eye Candy-

Honey Color-

FX Eyes-

Alice & Rabbit-


Embellish FX, in Orlando.

This is one of only two places in Florida where you can purchase worbla (which is great if you need it quick!) 2628 Edgewater Drive – Orlando, FL, 32804; (407) 251-7110

Fabric (online) or (also carries patterns) ***Vintage laces, too!***

Custom printed fabric:

Specialty fabric dye:

Leather and leatherworking tools

Jewelry Findings, patterns, and notions

Jewelry findings:



Vintage sewing patterns:

Cultural clothing patterns (all accurate except for the yukata pattern):

Gems, studs, spikes, etc: 

Crystal Rhinestones:  

Gloves, Leggings, Tights (They’re based in Miami, so you get them super quick!)

Special FX (besides contacts)


Websites for traditional and (most importantly) accurate kimono + accessories: Good quality, shipping, choice, customer service + traditional fabrics Nice range of modern designs for kimono, obi and accessories Ability to choose by price + SALES Sells in bulk occasionally Sells accurate geisha/maiko kanzashi, uchiwa (summer fans), washi paper namecards, kinchaku (traditional bamboo bags), souvenirs, dance fans, maiko + geisha accessories (though they’re not completely accurate - obidome, obiage, etc), combs for katsura + nihongami and tenugui (dance cloths) Good range of accessories + kimono, but the descriptions are lacking at don’t detail stains or blemishes for kimono, and the shipping can be stupid***Special thanks to for this whole traditional Japanese accessory section!***

Fur (very expensive fur, but they will give you free samples to look at. You also have to call in to ask for swatches or order)

For animal  blanks & resin blanks (for animal-based cosplays)

LED kits, “breadboads”, EL wire, etc:

Props (3D printer required):


Etsy is great for handmade things, but they actually sell everything else you may need! Wigs, fabric, jewelry findings, you name it! Check out their craft supply section!

Helpful links: - Fabric type glossary , for figuring out what type of glues to use. , character specific pattern design drafts

Tutorial compilations and tips (Evil Ted Smith. Lots of foam and patterning tutorials!)

[hypothetical eventual group tutorial compilation thread link here]

Incredible cosplayers who regularly post tips and how to’s that you should be following:

Kamui Cosplay-

God Save the Queen Fashions- (who seriously needs to release a book)

Volpin Props-

Punished Props-

Special notes:

* While there are places on this list that I have shopped, I picked up a lot of these from other people. I have NOT shopped at every one of these.

* I originally made this for a local cosplay group (Treasure Coast Cosplayers: ), which is why some notes are Florida specific.


YOOOO I have a list of cosplays I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, but screw them all because THE DREAM BOAT. Still gotta do the accessories, but it’s coming along!

Hologram Jack - Tales from the Borderlands

I HAVE NOT been able to get this makeup out of my head for like two days, so I had to try it. Of course I had NO matching wig at home, so I took my Buggy wig and hair-pinned it to death haha (got a gorgeous, long braid hidden behind my neck LOL).

Now, Handsome Jack’s razor sharp face is sortof AS FAR from my own soft face as you can possibly get, which is why I’m not kidding you when I say this makeup took almost three hours to make. BY FAR the most difficult makeup I’ve done in a real long time, and I’m REALLY far from as satisfied with it as I would have wanted. But there’s only so much you can do when you have a different facial structure :S Will go with harder contouring and sharper edges next time, but hey it’s my first time, please be nice 3