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“Did you really think hiding your cheek bones was going to fool anyone?”
“Do I…know you?”
“Have we met before?”
“Are you sure I don’t know you?”
“Your eyes are absolutely captivating.”
“I don’t think we’ve met yet.”
“May I have this dance?”
“You look positively enchanting this evening.”
“I’d know those dazzling eyes anywhere.”
“These skirts make it so hard to move.”
“Some of these costumes are so extravagant. They must have cost a fortune.”
“You look quite ravishing in that dress.”
“You look quite handsome in that suit.”
“Can I see your face?”
“I don’t think you want to see my face.”
“My God, you could fit an entire circus under her pannier. How’d she even fit through the door?”
“My feet are killing me.”
“I never thought I’d see you in something so fancy.”
“I feel like I’m rubbing elbows with the queen right now.”
“Care to sneak away with me? I doubt we will be missed.”
“Can you guess who I am under here?”
“I’d compliment your beauty, but I can’t see it under there. You’ll have to accept my compliments to your mask instead, it’s quite lovely.”
“I can’t hear you through that mask. Did you really have to choose one that covers your mouth?”
“Do you know who I am?”
“Do you know who she is?”
“Do you know who he is?”
“You’re very light on your feet.”
“Ow! It’s like you have two left feet.”
“I’m a terrible dancer.”
“Who cares if you’re a good dancer? Have fun! No one will know it’s you anyway!”
“No one’s asked me to dance all night…”
“I feel like I’m in a dream!”
“Can we please go home? This is torture.”
“How did I ever let you talk me into coming here?”
“I prefer watching from the sidelines to participating.”
“You’ve spent the entire evening at the snack table.”
“Can I cut in?”
“I have to go.”
“I’m not supposed to be here. If they catch me I’m in trouble!”
“Please. What is your name? I want to see you again.”


“Together they would fight, and the rest of the world would finally burn.”

Character profiles and brief histories for Victor Nikiforov and Katsuki Yuuri based on my mafia AU fic Masquerade. 

Thanks so much @aeddgynvaell for the helping with the edit.
As always, thanks and credit to @kantonliu for their stunning artwork of Victor and Yuuri <3 
Last but not least, thank you to @raelatte for the Masquerade banner, it’s so good!

Inspired by Masquerade

Have you read @captain-erwinmerica‘s fic? DO IT NOW.

It got me again into reading ffs because the writer has an awesome style and I really hope he/she (whoops I really don’t know lmfao) will see an original work published! Plus, it also got me into writing something… rn I need some exercise while I review my first novel so I might get into some weird yoi au probably lol

Also posting another ver of this bc I’m Insecure ™

Masquerade Valentines EXTRA

Extra - Could Tell A Love

NOTES: Well, ended up throwing this together for V-day after all, short and sweet. 

It was laughable that he was upset, really. Victor even almost berated himself for it, for packing as close to what he would call a tantrum as what a grown adult who was heir to one of the biggest criminal groups in the world could be.

People steered well clear of him today, they did what he asked, they didn’t argue, they didn’t fight back. He’d woken up in a foul mood, eaten breakfast and done his work out in the freezing cold in an even worse mood, and it’d soured as the day wore on, it was only lunch time.

And it was also Valentine’s day.

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will herondale aesthetic

❝every time i saw you it would be like standing on that roof all over again, making you despise me and feeling as if i were choking down poison.❞