Modern SLBP Lord Story Parallels

Not Waffle!verse but waffle!verse adjacent. I didn’t get through all the lords but here are some scribbles I wrote while waiting for Ikesen to download.

THIS IS ACTUALLY REALLY HARD because I like modern au’s to at least have like…familiarity and SOME parallels to the original stories, aside  just from personalities (sometimes I go off the rails but still) and this is complicated immensely by a.) the fact people don’t just…get shipped off to be poison testers in modern society SO liberties taken b) that’s how all these stories start so how do I make these familiar but not exactly the same IDK YET we will find out as we go.

Date Masamune:

He is a regular at your diner, which you assume is because he tends to only eat at very odd hours (you don’t know this is because he purposefully avoids usual mealtimes with his own family and coworkers) and is always a model customer (you get some rowdy ones when you’re open 24 hours), except he starts coming in less. You wonder why until his cousin finds him eating one day and gives him a bit of an earful about taking care of himself—apparently he’s been put on a super strict diet since an odd incident that will eventually turn out to not be diet-related but poison-related. Cousin and his company vice president hire you to be his personal chef since they can’t make him eat the bland cooking Kojuro tries to make, but he will eat yours. You fall in love with his kitchen first, or tell yourself you do, but you’ve always had a gentle spot for your quiet customer, and he finds himself noticing how quiet his home is when you aren’t banging pots and pans…

Katakura Kojuro:

You’re hired as Masamune’s chef, as in the above scenario and for the same reasons, but on the condition that you still work at your diner—you go from third shift at the restaurant to Masamune’s company headquarters and cook his day’s meals in the catering kitchen. Kojuro isn’t a huge fan of this arrangement because he worries about you at those times of night, and sure enough, you have a hard time with some drunks demanding money. He asks you to switch shifts, you counter and ask him to teach you self-defense. Self-defense lessons expand into basic business lessons to increase your marketing, supply chain management, labor issues, etc for your diner, and you find yourself searching for excuses to ask him questions even as he finds himself wanting to be more than just a consultant.

Date Shigezane:

I have the benefit of not having to fit an actual storyline here yet because I don’t know enough Japanese to know what’s going on. I feel like he’s at your diner at like 2 AM one night, eating some waffles to soak up the alcohol, when some drunks hassle you and he immediately goes to your rescue EXCEPT you take care of it on your own LIKE A BOSS and he’s smitten from there. He does finally get to play white knight when a local official threatens to rezone the land your restaurant is on and sell it to developers unless you marry him, but Shigezane convinces his cousin to buyout the land contract from the city. I can totally see him starting as a drinking buddy and roommate convinced you’re in love with Kojuro or Masamune before finally breaking down and confessing.

Sanada Yukimura:

You travel out of town to a major conference in the restaurant industry, but get lost in the building it’s being held in, as there are several other conferences going on at the same time. Through a series of improbable mishaps, your bag—full of detailed notes on vendors and marketing tips for restauranteurs—gets swapped for one containing confidential material from Takeda Corp. You’re accused of corporate espionage, threatened with a major lawsuit and jailtime when Yukimura, famous athlete with a Takeda Corp sponsorship and one-time visitor of your diner, blurts out that you’re his fiancé and had brought the documents for him because he forgot. Literally no one believes this, but they love him so they roll with it and make you his responsibility, which means you end up living with him and traveling to his sporting events and such. Which means lots of photos with paparazzi and blushing promises that he’ll sleep on the couch don’t worry (but he’s an athlete, that can’t be good, so maybe…)

Kirigakure Saizo

Please pause for a moment to consider modern!assassin Saizo as the driver in all those glorious stunt driving getaways in those Baby Driver trailers that are everywhere right now. RIGHT. I’m gonna come back to this.

HC: The last thing SLBP Lords’ googled

Nobunaga : “Vogue : Top trends spring/summer 2017″

Mitsuhide : “DIY cat house”

Yukimura : “Best 30 day workout challenge”

Saizo : “Calories per dango”

Masamune : “Ways to express yourself”

Kojuro : “How to keep your room clean for a week”

Inuchiyo : “ *Online game name* “

Hideyoshi : “Dinner for two ideas”

Mitsunari : “Wikipedia”

Ieyasu : “ How to make someone shut it without being rude”

Kenshin : “DIY garden Ideas”

Shingen : “When is the right age to become a father?”


Shigezane : “ Best vines 2017″

Fuma : “Saizo Kirigakure”

Hotaru : “How to make a girl fall for you”

HC: SLBP Lords’ first thing on “To do list”

Nobunaga : Buy more hair products

Mitsuhide : Clean the fridge & buy more cat food.

Yukimura : 50 push ups & 50 sit-ups

Saizo : Fix the bathroom tap for MC

Masamune : Ask Kojuro where did Shigezane go with his car

Kojuro : Finally, clean your house

Inuchiyo : Buy beers

Hideyoshi : Clean the garden

Ieyasu : Kill every single mosquito that keep you up last night

Mitsunari : Complain to the neighbours about the music last night

Kenshin : Look fabulous

Shingen : MC 


Shigezane : Tell Masamune about the “accident” with his car.

Fuma : Light a candle at the Saizo shrine

Hotaru : Buy more white papers to write


イガ★マサ / 絶対無二☆Love Fantasy


Im screaming, I just watched this in Love Scramble om g I had to share 

Juban. Early to mid-Meiji period (1868-1900), Japan. The Kimono Gallery. A fine silk juban (underkimono) featuring the rare motifs of ‘Suzume Odori" (Sparrow Dance). Painting on silk. The Sparrow dance originated about four hundred years ago - in 1603 - as an improvised dance by drunken Osaka-based stonemasons at the formal celebration in the presence of the area’s lord Date Masamune in honor of the construction of Sendai Castle. With its upbeat tempo, energetic movements and hopping dance which resembles sparrows pecking their food, and because the family crest of Date is “bamboo and sparrow”, the dance came to be called “sparrow dance”. This is the only extant 19th century Sparrow dance kimono that we have come across. It was likely created and worn in the Sendai area in northern Japan, the homeland of the Sparrow Dance tradition.


MORE AU event profiles!

Akechi Mitsuhide

Nobunaga’s loyal retainer, Akechi Mitsuhide. Before finding the ray of light that is Nobunaga, in the darkness who did he serve, and what was he thinking… living a hollow life while carrying the burden of his past, what gave him the reason to start a new life is…

Katsuie 「When I first met him, unlike now he has this unapproachable air about him」

Inu 「Compared to the Mitsuhide we know now, I just can’t imagine」

Katsuie 「Surely it is after overcoming many difficulties that he became the person he is today」

Toukichirou (Toyotomi Hideyoshi)

Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who emerged as the most succesful man of Sengoku. There’s always certain people(*) hanging around this man called “Toukichirou”. The face he has when he was with them, and the face he shows when he’s alone with you are totally different? His absolutely true self is…

Sakon「It’s the Hideyoshi before he met us, huh?」

Mitsunari「”Toukichirou”, is it…? Why are those people* at Hideyoshi’s side?」

Kiyomasa「The thing about him and me, how about you just have a look at it?」

(*) This "people” (the text literally says “them) is mysterious/not explained. I think it’s Kiyomasa and Masanori, tho. Since Kiyomasa is the one answering Mitsun when he asked about the mysterious “them”.


ETA: I’m so silly, I didn’t see Yuki and Masa, so here they are

Genjirou (Sanada Yukimura)

Sanada Yukimura, who is known as the Greatest Warrior of Japan. As a warrior, he lives a straightforward life, but there was a time when he strayed from the path. Until his firm belief was formed… Until he became a true warrior, what in the world happened?

Sasuke「I thought he’s always been like this from a long time ago」

Nobuyuki「Even though Yukimura himself doesn’t change, everyone goes through a difficult period at some point.」

Saizo「His innocence didn’t change since all those time ago, eh?」

Toujirou (Date Masamune)

The young lord of Oushu, Date Masamune. Feared as the One-Eyed Dragon, there was once a time when he was a young man who can trust and laugh together. Before he became a lord, the pain and suffering he endured…

Shigezane「Never mind his scary face, he talks even less back then than he does now and scared the people who met him for the first time」

Kojuro「You talk too much」

Shigezane「Really? I miss the time when the two of us would go out from the castle」

Sakichi (Ishida Mitsunari)

Ishida Mitsunari, who blindly worships Hideyoshi. Having grown up without knowing love, he closed his heart and lived in a time of loneliness. He doesn’t allow anyone to come close, and confined himself in his own world. What gave him a reason to begin to look to the outside world is…

Ootani Yoshitsugu「Sakon… you’re Sakichi’s retainer, correct?」

Sakon「Eh… who are you? Are you Lord Hideyoshi’s retainer?」

Ootani Yoshitsugu「Fu fu fu… The encounter between you and Sakichi will be featured too. How exciting」

Matsudaira Motoyasu (Tokugawa Ieyasu)

Tokugawa Ieyasu became the leader of Matsudaira clan at a young age. Under Imagawa Yoshimoto, there was a time when he lived as a hostage. Not trusting other people, sometimes showing his cruel side, his incredible past is…

Toramatsu「I’ve rarely heard of any stories about Lord Ieyasu’s past」

Sakai「At that time, Lord Ieyasu doesn’t even have any retainers. He was all alone at Imagawa’s place.」

Sakai「Thinking about how he endured such terrible things courageously… my heart aches」

MOTOYASU. Yasu and Mitsun doesn’t seem different, haha.