Marko from Saga means so much to me.

This picture may be a poor representation of the myriad reasons he is important…but let’s just enjoy this for what it is at the moment.  Fiona Staples has gone on record as saying he is meant to be Asian, and I admire her for not implementing traditionally stereotypical representations of Asian-ness in her depictions of him.  Though he does adhere to the fairly rigid ideals of Western male beauty, I’ve never not see him as Asian, though I know many readers don’t have the same perception of him.  You may wonder why it’s noteworthy that he is an Asian male lead, or you may totally “get it.”  But for me, Marko is powerful because Marko is there.  Marko is flawed and interesting, humorous and dashing.  He is alluring, handsome, and he is given a fully intact sexual persona.  Along with his fellow POC wife, Alana, he shoulders the story of an epic space opera and fulfills on the oft untested task of being Asian and a leading man.  I love him for so many reasons.