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so v-live (the company behind v-app) is celebrating their 1st anniversary by hosting an event in which you:

  • recommend an “anniversary” gift to your favorite “v-star” 
  • and then v-live will deliver the said gift along with the fan messages to the top 5 v-stars with the most recommendations

i thought it would be really nice if we could win our boys a gift in order to celebrate their successful comeback/tour!

HELP GOT7 WIN a gift in three simple steps (link here!):

1) recommend “got7″as the v-star

2) list whatever gift you want got7 to receive (this can be anything! i just personally listed a vacation lol)

3) explain why you want got7 to receive the said gift and click “recommend now” (note: remember that if they win, they’ll also be receiving these messages, so let got7 know how much we love them~)

  • you can “recommend” as many times as you want but the recommendation period closes JULY 31ST!!!
  • we have a lot of competition, but got7 is also the 5th most followed channel!! LETS WIN THIS FOR OUR BOYS ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
  • and for more ways to support got7, check out my “support got7″ page! thanks!!

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Oh my god. I've been religiously following this blog for months now and it just occurred to me. There are only three possibilities for you calling T.O.P specifically "Mark": 1) it was the first suburban dad name you could think of, 2) you know someone named Mark or 3) you knew when you named him that Seunghyun almost debuted as Mark instead of T.O.P. Its crucial now that I know which this was.

Literally all three. I have a real Uncle Mark and I thought using Tops old pre-debut name would be a fun fourth wall break. And it’s just such an uncle name? Like Uncle Mark is that guy who waves at you in the church parking lot even though you only met him once at the Memorial Day barbecue

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Pls make me an Akutagawa who make a mark on his s/o because he is jealous and stuff >\\\< arigatou Okaaaa-san <3

Ryuunosuke Akutagawa

He clenched his fists, a feral growl left his throat when he spotted you talking to another male. Who allowed you to look after other men in the first place? Sure, he knew this man, it was Tachihara. But still.. You both giggled and seemed to enjoy each others company. Akutagawa felt slightly furious, jealousy spread in every limb of his body.

You giggled after another of Tachiharas jokes and clutched your stomach. Suddenly you let out a yelp of surprise, when your hand was grabbed rather roughly, almost painful. “Ryu-kun, what’s the big deal?” you asked when he dragged you away from a blinking Tachihara.

Akutagawa threw you against a wall after you were alone and pinned you between his hands, making it unable to escape. “You.. are mine. I won’t allow you to enjoy the company of another male.” he said, it was an order. You gulped at the malicious glint in his dark grey eyes and before you could react, he smashed his lips on yours.

You didn’t fought him, knowing how useless it was to fight Akutagawa. He pressed his body flush against yours and kissed to your neck, where he looked for your weak spot. When your gasps turned into a moan, he was sure that he found it. Your eyes widen when you felt a sharp pain mixed with the pleasure of biting down on your weakspot near your shoulder. A warm liquid dripped, presumbly blood, from your neck until Akutagawa licked your skin clean.

“Now everyone can see that you belong to me. Never forget that.” he spat and turned around to leave as if the make out session never existed. You blinked and covered the bite marks with your hands. .. He was an animal.  

So I got a bit carried away with this edit!!!!!!!! (beautiful i know..tho this is not the worst version aedksjfdsg) but anyways! I recently somehow managed to hit 3k followers(srsly?????even jb is like what the f??) and I’m really grateful for all of you guys!! I started this blog as a side thingy, occasionally satisfying my.. need for jb.. but then I started to use this blog daily few months ago and couldn’t be happier! I have nothing to offer for you guys but i guess you people have the thirst bone for jaebum hah! I really love this fandom and even tho I’m not one of the cool blogs I still feel really welcomed so Thank You. Here are some blogs I want to thank for bringing my bf, my adopted son, my sun and our play mates to my dash! ♡


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Truth: Silas, Mark, Andre, Steven, Justin || Dare: Ember, Liam, Caesar, Marissa

Silas - If you could do anything in the world what would it be?

Mark - Do you have a favorite of your adoptive siblings (that excludes Debbie)

Andre - Clippers, savvy?

Steven - Who’s your favorite little shit?

Justin - Do you ever lie to someone with a bad fortune because you feel bad?

Ember - Go out with your underwear on the outside of your pants. See how long it takes for people to notice. 

Liam - Pick a gay anthem and dance to it in town without shame. Encourage them to join in.

Caesar - Shave your head.

Marissa - Tell the aliens that their brain juice is ready.


Some highlights from Jack Kirby’s Fourth World Gallery, published by DC Comics, 1996. Pin-ups by:

Dan Jurgens and Brett Breeding

Eduardo Barreto

Walter Simonson

John Byrne and Walter Simonson

Tom Mandrake

Steve Crespo and Rudy Nebres

Jim Calafiore and John Dell

J.H. Williams III and Mick Gray

Sal Velluto and Mark McKenna

Mitch O’Connell and Rick Taylor

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holy crap might we have a two part chapter on our hands?????!!!!!!

Wait are you referring to ‘Hellbound’??? Because if so, I’m going to publish it all in one go! With a few hints for the next chapter >.>

OK SO follow-up of this post ‘cuz I saw his other tweets and they were cute, so. SO.

(What’s our lesson for today? Oh right. I cannot help myself, apparently-)

ishii_mark_new: Uwaaah—!
It’s nostalgic Tagalog language!!
Also, I can understand it! I understand it!!
I want to go back to the Philippines-!!(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

ishii_mark_newA lot of replies from Filipinos!!
This makes me really happy!!
I would love to go to the Philippines for work and stuff, it’d be good~ I’ll work hard☆

Maraming salamat po!! (tl. “Thank you!!”)

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how would everyone (or almost) on the guild would act around their s/o and if their jealous or not

Alright, so I think you want to know how they would act around their s/o and if they’d ever be jealous? I can do that! Everyone but Fitz coming right up~


  • She’s a bit awkward around her s/o at first, having never been in a relationship before.
  • When she’s more used to it, she’ll be pretty darn sweet, though. She’ll save up to buy them a doll that reminds her of them.
  • She’ll tease her s/o a lot, just to see them blush. But will back off if asked.
  • She’ll get jealous sometimes, but only if she thinks someone could really take her s/o.


  • Like Montgomery, he’ll be a tease. His teasing is a lot more in flirty territory, though.
  • He’ll gush about his s/o to Huck and Tom all the time, they’re tired of it.
  • He likes to buy his s/o flowers that remind him of them a lot. It’s always the little cheesy thing like “I’ll love you until these die!” and one is fake sort of things.
  • He’ll take his s/o to a shooting range sometimes and try to teach them how to shoot.
  • He isn’t one to get jealous, he’s pretty confident that his s/o is with him for a reason.

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