[[Going off these two amazing things me and Maria have done a while ago, I couldn’t resist adding Maybe, or Mayshal (or maybe just Maybe!Marshal) into the mix! You make a precious Marshal, I can’t deny it.]]

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Bloodborne- Lady Maria

Thanks for all the great messages and feedback in regards to my DarkSouls paintings. Took a quick break from DS as I wanted to do this piece for a loong time and learned a lot while working on it. No worries, there are at least 3 more DarkSouls inspired pieces in the works :)

Dear Maria, let them bleed~ Prints available at: http://www.redbubble.com/people/re-dye/works/21876450-bloodborne-lady-maria-portrait

Please enjoy


also working on a Bloodborne graphic novel, capturing the story from “beginning” till end. I’ve spent months with Lovecraft literature, old collaboration works regarding the Dreamlands, Berserk, etc. It is of course non canonical, all the game’s lore is told through items and for the majority, based on interpretation. But think of it as a comic, showing the background stories of our beloved characters and how everything is connected.