So, what’s your lasting impression of the four women on the show?

“Well, I told you what I think of Betty, which is that she’s so smart. (People know that she’s got a wicked sense of humour and that she’s super sweet but, Lord, is she smart. One of the biggest things I took away from the show was what a really intelligent woman she is, and one of the reasons she’s so nice is that she really knows who she is. So yeah, she’s pretty darn perfect.)

With Bea, I just remember how vulnerable she was. She had this gruff exterior but, the truth is, if you told her a sad story, she could be reduced to tears, quickly. She had a lot of emotions inside and her persona was one of someone strong and gruff, but that’s not who the woman inside was.

With Rue, she was just an actress, through and through. She tore into each script and just worked at it and took it very seriously. Jamie and I wrote the episode where she sings on the piano, “I Want To Be Loved By You.” I had the privilege of working with her to go over the movements on the piano, and to find the funniest way to perform the song. And, before the cameras rolled, she had that thing down. I mean, boy, she took it seriously. That’s what I’ll always remember about her: how seriously she considered her craft.

And Estelle was just like everyone’s grandmother. She was just the sweetest lady. She wasn’t full of herself, didn’t take herself seriously, and she loved all the gay writers, like myself. She had a huge contingent of gay friends in New York and I would introduce her to my friends and she would just be so lovely to them.

The truth is - and, I mean this most sincerely - they were the four most different women you’d ever want to meet, but I loved each and every one of them.” - Marc Cherry


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i have experimented with finding different ways of approaching astrology and the different methods you can apply. i think its a highly personal thing, and also i like to use a ‘capricorn’ technique with astrology and charts. that is, keeping it clear, restrained, focused and retaining experience, observation, and law. esoteric astrology is interesting for the stories and symbols of the signs but not so helpful for practical, everyday use. when doing charts the tropical, placidus system generates the most resonant response. astrology is the inner language that maps out a life direction that will celebrate your talents and allow one to develop passions and purpose. it is for this reason i like that message to be cloud and clear, and not obscured by minor aspects, countless asteroids, and invisible points. it is easier to use the ptolemaic aspects and see the pattern of the aspects making sacred geometry and an insight of their own instead of trying to decipher hundreds of lines crossing over each other. sometimes minor aspects making very very tight orbs could be significant. it also makes it easier to decipher the temperament and chart type as observed by marc edmund jones. steven Forrest says to incorporate every asteroid into the birth chart would take six years. the nodes of the moon are significant, the asteroids could be profound in some way, but can delineate or distract from more important messages. demetra george writes a brilliant book on asteroid goddesses i adore it. but there is such a wealth of knowledge and mystic riches in the 8 planets, 2 luminaries, 12 signs and 12 houses and i dont think i have written a birth chart for somebody that was less than satisfied with the enormity of insight provided by this system. it makes it accessible and comprehensible

chart one is deceptive in the way it gives the impression of having more and more relevant information. it makes chart reading seem much more complex than it is. despite the second chart having using only ptolemaic aspects and planets we could have a discussion about this chart for hours and hours on end without feeling as though any attribute could be lacking because we can easily identify the significant focal points of the chart. we can sit down and really go deep, deep, deep into things like this powerful Pluto trine Moon. its a personal thing, everybody has their astrological handwriting and teachers. i look to steven forrest, robert hand, louis acker, and marc edmund jones

Honestly, I took this shot not only because I wanted to get out of my comfort zone. But because it is okay to be imperfect. It is okay to show the world that you are not a perfect person and that you might not be what majority of people perceive or want sometimes and that’s okay. It is okay to show your imperfections to the world. Whether is your body, your face, your legs… Anything you might be insecure about.. I got honked at, looked at, laughed at, screamed at as I was taking these pictures in such busy street and I honestly think this is the only way to overcome an insecurity or a fear.. facing it and getting all the criticism out of the way… And YES, men have as many if not more insecurities as women have. If you see men all try so hard to act the same as each other.. why? because they are all so afraid to show the real them and get judged for it… And yeah… you might think? what is this dude talking about.. he looks just fine in the picture.. but although you might not notice. ME as a person, I notice my imperfections everyday as I look in the mirror every morning. I can point out right away one of my biggest insecurities ever in my whole entire life which was the fact that I was short. With this picture you can see that I am short. Some might not see it but I do. With clothes I might seem a little taller it is why I took the pictures almost naked. But who cares.. Not the rest of the world might think a short man is attractive but I know somewhere in this world, someone might find that my most attractive feature and it is okay… I will wait till that happens.. Till then I will be loving myself just the way that I am.. because honestly me, myself is the only thing I can truly say I have. And honestly I prefer and will be mine before I am ever societies…

Photography: Marc Cherry