ok so there’s this man that i see at the gym every sunday and we have this weird…..connection (for lack of a better term) and we usually have short, sweet conversations and i can tell that he is actually intrigued and listening to the words i say. he reminds me of Einstein because he legitimately looks like Einstein and he’s intelligent. he once told me that he fell in love with a girl that looked like me. he said he missed her and her red hair. he told me that the way of my being reminds me of her. he said there’s something about my being that makes people want to know me. he always asks me to tell him something interesting that’s going on in my life and i usually tell him some silly event going on. he laughs. today he came up to me and said “has anyone ever told you how lovely you are?”. it’s genuine. he genuinely wants me to know and wants to speak to me and it’s kinda sad because i feel more connected with a stranger than i do with people who are closest to me. but it’s nice too, to know that there are people out there who care in the same way that i do.

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Do you regret ever going to japan?

Do you know what going to japan meant for me? Giving up my job, my home, my family and friends but I was in love and being with sven was more important. Being black in Asia isn’t easy and it’s even harder for a black woman, how do you think people reacted when they saw  a 5′10 black woman with natural hair? I was taller than your average japanese man, I put up with a lot of crap and rudeness, my daughter was bullied in school because she looks white and her family didn’t match. Some kids even told her she wasn’t human, she almost lost an eye because they wanted to see if her grey eyes are real. People stared at me whenever I went out, they laughed and made some rude comments about me. It wasn’t as bad as hong-Kong I made some good friends and had a good time. So do I regret going to japan?  Yes I do I gave up a lot to go there and what do I have left now?

no but the little gesture Killian makes at Henry as Emma walks off

like “wtf lad THAT is your mother? Are you having a laugh? That picture you had didn’t do her justice, it didn’t capture the way her eyes sparkle or the softness of her hair or the wondrous melodies of her voice or… look what I mean is, what I’m getting at is, you could’ve given a man some warning! You could’ve told me me she’s the most beautiful amazing wonderful woman I’ll ever lay my unworthy eyes on or at least that there was a very distinct possibility that I would fall in love with her at first sight, okay? I mean who the hell gets rescued from a tower looking and talking like THAT?!”


For asanofatherandson because Admin S (aka tanaka–saeko) really adores your blog(s) and is in love with the idea of Lady Asano, who remains faceless except in imagination. That, and apron!Gakushuu needed to happen.


okay but, I just really love Padmé and it makes me so mad that she was killed for the sake of man pain (don’t get me wrong, I love Anidala) and especially so young. I want old Amidala with white hair and eye crinkles.

But what I was thinking here was that Padmé lived to see her grandkids (let’s say Anakin died in Order 66 :/) and they asked her about where she got the necklace she always wears.

so if you’re new to Story of Seasons let me inform you about your marriage choices:

ladies first:

  • Elli and Mary’s nurse lovechild
  • pink hell
  • didney princess except she wears shorts because pink hell took all her dresses I guess
  • silly hippie candy
  • actual diabetes
  • the only lady you can marry who looks over 15

and now GENTLEMEN:

  • Farmer Naruto
  • a smelly middle-aged man
  • a 12-year-old
  • purple
  • there he is, that motherfucker, what a tool
  • white haired grumpybutt

these are literally your only choices

have fun

[Mark] Dr Tuan (Part Six- FINAL)

Part 1  2  3  4  5

It’s Friday afternoon, the sun of June is accompanied by a soft breeze that I enjoy. I love the breeze. Now that my hair grew back, longer and healthier, shinier and softer, I enjoy feeling it in the wind. Mark walks far away in front of me, and I watch as he enters West Park. He’s here for his usual walk and book reading. In front of him a man bumps into a rose seller, a red haired woman that lets go of her bouquet at the impact.

The man, obviously rushed, mumbles a ‘sorry’ and walks away. The woman looks highly offended. She glares at him as he walks away, then she sighs and crouches down to pick up her flowers. “What an ass.” Mark says, crouching down in front of her and dropping his book onto the floor. The woman looks up at him and turns puce. I shake my head and watch as he helps her collect her flowers. “Thank you, that’s really kind of you.” She mumbles shyly, looking away from him out of embarrassment.

“Here.” Mark gives her the flowers he collected. “Thank you.” She flushes before getting up, followed by him. “For you.” She pulls out a rose from her bouquet and gives it to him. “Thank you.” He takes it and puts it in the pocket inside his vest. Then, ignoring her innocent intent towards him, he leaves. I walk past the girl who’s blushing alone, biting her lips as she remembers what just happened.

Mark sits on a bench, and on the opposite side of it, a woman is watching her son playing soccer alone. Mark discreetly looks at the woman, she’s blond, with green eyes, in her mid thirties. I wonder if he’s interested in her, he’s been looking at her for a long time. Then it occurs me: stability. Mark is thirty seven now, it’s time for him to have a family, and me, well, kids aren’t an option for me and he knows it. A single mom would be perfect for him, it would give him stability. Is he going to leave me?

Mark finally tears his eyes away from the woman, but chooses to read. He opens his book, killing his chances with the woman. I decide to help the situation a little bit and see how far he will go. You must find me weird for spying on him and helping him meet girls, but I’m just testing him. The little boy kicks the ball and it rolls to Mark’s feet, tearing him away from his book. The boy is taken aback as Mark picks it up, and he runs to his mother. I sit on bench right behind them, and they don’t see me. The boy doesn’t know what to do, and asks advice to his mother. His mom kindly tells him not to be scared and to say ‘excuse me’. The little boy nods and timidly walks to Mark who heard everything. The little boy is blond, blue-eyed, 5 maybe 6 years old.

“Sorry, sir. Can I have my ball back?” The kid mumbles. “Are you playing alone? Where is your dad?” Mark asks him. “I don’t have a dad.” He says. “Really?” Mark says, and the little boy shrugs sadly. “Well, at least you have a very pretty mom.” Mark says. The boy looks at his mother and shrugs. Mark plays with the soccer ball in his hands as he thinks. Then, he has an idea. “What’s your name?” Mark asks the little soccer boy.

“Kaiden.” The little boy says. “Kaiden, I have a deal: I give you your ball back if you get me your mom’s number.” Mark says, and the little boy nods. He runs back to his mother, asks her to lean closer to him, and whispers something in her ear. Kaiden’s mother smiles and looks at Mark, who is pretending not to pay attention. She says something to Kaiden, and Mark watches as he comes back to him. “She says she doesn’t give her number to beautiful strangers.” Kaiden says, and Mark smirks.

“Try this.” Mark puts the ball next to him and opens his vest. From the inner pocket he pulls out the rose from earlier, and gives it to Kaiden. The little boy nods and brings the flower to her mom. The woman smells it and smile, then she whispers something in her son’s ear, and Kaiden comes back to Mark. “She said to come and get it yourself.” The little boy says and Mark grins to himself. He gives his ball back to him, and gets closer to his mother while the little boy dribbles away, and I decide I’ve seen enough.

Mark comes back to me a couple hours later with a bouquet of Petunias, probably because he felt guilty about what happened in the park, it’s his nature. He crouches down in front of my grave, where he thinks I am, and drops the bouquet on it. While he does it, I’m right beside him, and watch as contemplates the picture of me on my gravestone. Mark doesn’t shed a tear, and I’m amazed by how far he’s come. During the first year after my death, Mark cried very single day, he spent his time yelling in pain, breaking everything in his apartment, it was hard to see. Then, I witnessed his soothing, then his first smiles and big laughs. Mark gets back up and looks down at my grave. I cross my arm as I stand next to him.

“Hi.” He says to me, and the corner of my mouth curl upward. “Today I met a woman, her name is Lauren, she’s a single mom. Her son is an amazing soccer player, he’s really good. But I’m sure you saw everything.” He says. He never tells me about the girls he meets usually, I knew this one was special. “I think I’m going to come here less often.” He says. Is he letting me go for good? After three years, I think it’s time.

“I feel guilty, but on the other side there is this small voice in my head that tells me that’s what you would have wanted.” He says, and I smile to him. He’s ready now, ready to love again, and ready to move on, and I am ready to go now. Surprisingly, I’m not sad about leaving him for good, I feel like it’s the start of another chapter of my existence. I get closer to him.

“Way to go, Mark.” I put a hand on his shoulder and whisper in his ear, hoping he would hear me. Feeling my presence, Mark turns around rapidly, but doesn’t see me. A soft breeze catches my attention, and I turn around. It’s a big light, that radiates with warmth and love, and it pulls me towards it. I see a small silhouette, a little girl giving me her back, curly brown hair falling to the small of her behind.

“Inaya!” I call and she turns around, locking her big blue eyes with mine. She smiles as she recognizes me. She’s prettier than in my memories, she’s a real jewel. I walk to her and she holds her arms open for me, as always. I pick her up and she hugs me as I join her in this place that makes her happy, and that feels like home.

I don’t think destiny reunited us to start another history together, we broke up for a reason after all. I think God knew Mark would be the best person to accompany during my last days, and I think he was right.

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"I'm gonna be sick." Dean x reader :)

You watched as Dean placed his hands on her hips. Moving their lips together as she tangled her hands into his hair.

You felt betrayed. Hurt. As the man you love kissed another girl.

He parted from her as she made her way to the parking lot.

Dean flashed a smile, and walked over to you and Sam.

“Ok well looks like I won’t be going home with you losers tonight.” He stammered. “So don’t wait up.” He flashed a wink.

You rolled your eyes and huffed. “I think I’m gonna be sick.” You muttered.

Dean stopped in his steps and met your gaze. “What?” He asked.

“Nothing, go have fun.” You stated as you made your way outside.

You saw her standing there next to the impala, her short daisy dukes, crop top shirt, it pissed you off even more knowing she had such an amazing body. She was beautiful of course he’d want that.

You walked past her and made you way to the street. You decided to walk home instead.

“What the hell is her problem?” Dean grunted.

Sam chuckled and shook his head. “You’re an idiot, you know that right?” He stated.

Dean folded his arms over his chest and huffed. “What? Why? Because I don’t speak girl?”

“She’s in love with you Dean. She loves you.”

Dean had an ah ha moment. Finally grasping on to what Sam had said.
“I screwed up sammy.”

“Yea you did.”

Without another word, Dean ran out the bar, looking for you.

“Y/N!” He croaked.

You turned on your heels, tears streaming down your cheeks.

“What do you want Dean.” You asked. Voice cracking.

Dean stomped over to you, and crashed his lips to yours. His hands cupped your cheeks as his mouth moved in sync with yours.

“I love you.” He whispered.

An Office Romance

It was the second or third day in my new job when I noticed her. I was still at the stage of trying to impress my new boss and my role required a degree of concentration, so it was best if I focused on the task in hand, rather than her, but still, she was perfect. I was young, ambitious and delighted I had secured this position. My new boss seemed to like me, I enjoyed the work, I didn’t want to mess anything up by getting myself into an awkward situation with this woman, no matter how lovely.

The next day I saw her again, a brief glimpse over the shoulder of my colleague, her beautiful face and hair the colour of winter sunshine, her pale skin and lips curved in a slight smile, was I imagining that was for me? Blushing I returned to my work. I am a 23 year old man, a shy boy really still, I had no experience with women. Her quiet beauty appealed to me. All women scared me, this much was true, shrieking, lively women in the bars I reluctantly went to with my few friends. I had been knocked back every single time I had plucked up the courage, after two or three beers, to approach one. I didn’t bother anymore, but I was still looking for love, ever hopeful.

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“Seeing her forget all the times we once had pains me. Seeing her with another man, loving another man, smiling at another man… all puts me in pain. But if it makes her happy, I’ll take the pain than seeing her lose her beautiful smile any day.”

I was not in a good mood when I drew this. I messed up the hair and gave up on the clothes.

Let me start off by saying that I love Tangled and I push this ship sooooo much but I recently rewatched it and realized something that made me push their ship even more.

Remember how Flynn revealed his actual name to actually be Eugene to Rapunzel and Rapunzel revealed how her golden hair can heal?

First off, they begin being honest with each other about themselves. But the point I wanna get across is what they do after. Notice how after Flynn tells her that he is actually Eugene, Rapunzel begins calling him that from then on. She calls him that because she loves the man behind the guise. She loves Eugene, not Flynn. She loves the real him.  As for Eugene, he never saw her as a prize at all even after revealing what her hair can do but actually sympathized with Rapunzel because of the heavy responsibility it entails and from there began to value her more and more as a person.

Their romance may have developed in only a matter of days but it was these lil’ tweaks that made it seem like a very believable and beautiful romance.

You know what I appreciate?

My mama is brown. She’s native.

But she bleaches her skin. And whitens it, and used to dye her hair blond to look more white.

But with me, when I was younger there was no question I was part native. I was BROWN.

And my mama always told me my dark skin was/is beautiful. She always assured me that my tan is beautiful and I’m beautiful.

Every time I would come home crying because someone teased me about my tan skin, she would always brush and braid my hair and tell me I have the blood of strong brown women in me.

And basically

Shout out to native/brown moms.

So I’ve decided to do another BC because I did one last summer and it was super fun and pretty much the way I got to know people here on simblr <3 This is just gonna be a really chill save, honestly I don’t even  think I’ll start a legacy with this (we’ll see).

The ‘lovely’ bachelorette is Emilia Savage the sim I made last night but I got rid of her man because he wasn’t good enough for her.

Interview with the bachelorette coming in a few hours.

1. YA vanilla males only please (no supernatural or berries, but they can have dyed colorful hair if you’d like)
2. CC is fine, just don’t get excessive.
3. Sliders are 110% okay. It’s also cool if you don’t use them. do whatever :)
4. I have all EPs and no SPs EDIT: I forgot I no longer have ITF installed. Sorry about that.
5. Please write a bio and make your guy a character! Even if it’s something as silly as he has a secret stamp collection or something - I want them to be interesting so play up any good and bad aspects of their personalities!

I’d appreciate it if you could have your sims in by May 20th. I know it’s early, but I want to get started before my queue runs out :)

I think I’ll take around 15 sims - first come first serve basis so message me!

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing||Closed

It had been the never ending case..her target..the profession she had been given.  Everyone told her that she had to harden her heart.  She thought she had.  Somehow though, the Colonel had gotten under her skin.  Yes, he was brash, he was harsh and he took no mercy..but then, she was privy to private moments, where he was vulnerable, where he asked for her to run her fingers through his hair..and that’s when she realized exactly how fucked she was.  She had fallen in love with him in the last six months.  She had fallen in love with a man she was paid to spy give information on anything he might let slip to S.H.I.E.L.D.  She had fallen in love with a man who didn’t know her real name and who thought she was a prostitute.  She liked to sugar coat it and call herself a high priced call girl..but she was a prostitute.  For him anyway.  

It was just a few minutes until he was due at the hotel where they met once a week.  She checked her reflection in the mirror and adjusted her bra.  Not that it mattered, she usually didn’t have it on long.  He used her body to try and avail himself of his sins, to forget if only for a moment..and she let him, because she too could forget..could pretend..and then he would call her that horrid name, “Belle” and it would all come crashing back to her.  She longed for him to call her Rose..but, that could never happen.  She had to get out, to get away from it all, S.H.I.E.L.D., him..everything.  Though she wasn’t sure that they would let her go now, if ever.