So imagine punk Aphrodite, with her leather jacket and pastel pink hair, volunteering at centers that help youths with eating disorders, doing her best to help the kids through the pain, both mentally and physically. To help them understand that no matter what, they are beautiful.

Imagine her walking the halls of a high school, stopping to talk to a young girl with scars on her arms, pouring her love into the girl so that she will know that she isn’t alone.

Imagine punk Aphrodite helping trans youths find their identity. Protecting them as they struggle for acceptance.

Imagine punk Aphrodite doing the hair of a young black girl, leaning down and whispering to her “never forget, that black is beautiful.”

I dunno man, just, punk Aphrodite.


*Later that day*

‘Dave, wasn’t Spektra out with Evermore last night?’  Hank asked.

‘As far as I knew, hold on she’s right here, I’ll ask her.’

‘Please do, I don’t know what’s going on.  Spektra just laid it on me in front of the kids she wants a divorce.. She looked so different man, her hair, her clothes, her demeanor and the weirdest part was her eyes.. They were different.’ Hank explained.

‘What?! Hold on a second..’ David turned to Evermore. ‘Babe, Wasn’t Spektra out with you last night?’  He asked.

Evermore looked at him in the eyes. ‘No, she totally ditched me.  No show.  Why love?’

David’s eyes widened. ‘Hank? .. No she wasn’t with Evermore.  She never showed..’ His tone fell flat.

Humming to herself, Gwen turned away from the refrigerator in her apartment, still in her nightclothes, a pair of short shorts and a faded dress shirt that was definitely made for a man and not a woman. Her blonde hair was tossed up in a slight bun, and her grey-green eyes widened at the person she saw in the window of her door. “Hey! I didn’t know you were coming over!”

Just look at this for a minute or two. Just look at all of the details. How Tom smiles at her with such fondness. How he lightly hugs her as though scared to scare or break her. How he lightly grabs her hand as though she were a princess. How he bends over as though to protect her from the cold wind. Things like this, are what makes you think about how he would treat his own child, a little girl none the less. How much he would purely adore her with every fiber of his being, treat her like the most important princess in all the nine realms. These moments, these amazing moments, are what draw us to him, are what make us adore him so much, are what make us want to love him so fiercely. These types of things are what makes him such a beautiful human being and such a wonderful man.

“My wife is so fucking badass. Don’t you dare think less of her. She’ll fuck you up.” -Sasuke Uchiha chap. 8 of Naruto Gaiden

Now, this definitely was meant to be like the scene in Rapunzel where Flynn looks at her…but then…

lol I just want one of these scenes. I want legit proof with Sasuke and Sakura in the same panel showing that they love each other. Then I will be on board with this ship

also man I hate drawing Sasuke’s hair like this agghhhh you look like Kevin Levin from Ben 10


Angelique Pettyjohn was cast as Shahna in “The Gamesters Of Triskelion” for her athletic build and reputation as a dancer (the exotic, not erotic kind.) The 24-year-old, who had made her screen debut in 1967 with the low-budget sexploitation comedy The Love Rebellion and prior to Trek, could also be seen in Elvis Presley’s Clambake and an episode of Batman. Her most prominant role at the time was two appearances on the hit spy comedy series Get Smart as Charlie Watkins, a man in disguise as a curvy blonde woman.

The actress liked Star Trek and was happy to be called in for an audition, but she had reservations. In an interview with a fan magazine, she recalled: “I was sitting int he outer office reading the character description, which said ‘A green-haired, green-eyed Amazon leaps from behind a rock, pinning [Kirk] with a spear.’ When I went in for the interview, the first thing I said was ‘Gentlemen, before I waste my time and yours, I really don’t feel I fit the description of this character… I’ve got the green eyes and I’m sure you can fix me up with green hair, but I’m hardly an Amazon. I’m only five foot six.’ They laughed and said, 'Look, honey, next to Shatner, you’ll look like an Amazon. Go ahead and read the script.’”

Unfortunately, her appearance on Star Trek did nothing to improve her film career, which stayed in b-movie hell with drive-in flicks like Hell’s Belles and The Curious Female the only places where she could find work. Pettyjohn struggled with drugs and alcohol, living in a cabin in the woods of Virgina for a time. Desperate for money, she starred in a trio of hardcore porn films under pseudonyms like Angel St. John.

There was some hope on the horizon, though. In the late 1970s, she became a regular on the science fiction convention circuit. At first, she was making just a couple of appearances a year, but momentum gathered and soon, Pettyjohn was entertaining audiences with a dance routine inspired by her appearance on the series. Meanwhile, at her table, the burgeoning Trek pervert population found themselves discreetly offered topless photographs featuring her costume from “Gamesters.”

It was those convention appearances that led to a second act in her career. She beat addiction and began to focus on making connections with actors and producers who were also part of the convention scene. By the mid-1980s, she had enjoyed roles in indie movies like Repo Man, Biohazard and The Wizard Of Speed And Time. A casino in Las Vegas offered Pettyjohn a contract in 1989 and she became an exotic (again, not erotic) dancer on the strip.

The actress’s happiness wouldn’t last long, however — she was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 1991. Angelique Pettyjohn died in 1992 at the age of 48.

Hey, I watched this really cool disney musical about a deformed french man.

Which one?

I can’t remember the name, but he falls in love with a strong, hot, quirky outcast.

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Which one?

The comic relief are objects who comfort him!

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Which one?!

The other man who’s in love with the girl, tries to kill him with a blade during the climax, and he falls to his death while the the girl and the main man watches!!

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Which one?!?!

The guy has orange-red hair and blue eyes! He even has a name that fits his appearance!! 

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Oh for the love of- wHICH ONE?!?!??!?!?!?!



((Sorry this got long, I got excited, so most of it’s under the cut. Don’t feel the need to perfectly match length or anything, heh))

Jeffrey Woods had done horrible, evil things in his life. He’d beaten, tortured, and killed his fellow man, all for shits and giggles. He hadn’t, however, done anything like this before.

Maybe that’s what made it so exciting.

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Fic: Chasing Down a Daydream

When Kurt’s daughter asks to start taking piano lessons, he didn’t know that he would meet another man who loves his daughter as much as he does. Featuring piano teacher!Blaine and single dad!Kurt. Alternate meeting. ~ 2800 words G

“Happy birthday, sweetie!” Kurt tells Lizzie for the dozenth time today as he serves her cake with pink bubblegum frosting.

She giggles as her father ruffles her hair and plants a kiss on her forehead. “Make a wish!”

She scrunches her face up really hard and blows out her eight candles as Kurt claps. “What did you wish for?”

“Daaad, I can’t tell you or it won’t come true!”

“You can’t even tell your own father?”

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“What have I done?

—And now the world is mine!

Yet, this man whispered me his forgiveness.

The beginning of Robin’s death, and Grima’s possession that drove her to slaughter her dearest friend, comrade, and husband, Chrom.

For velxur​ and zefyre​.

Okay, I’m not really satisfied with this one, really I’m not, but this piece had been sitting in my laptops, already 97% finished, for a month or so. It was the lighting that stumped me, especially Robin!Kagome’s hair’s lighting. Doesn’t look right, but what can I do. I went ahead and get it out of the way, because two lovely peeps had been waiting long enough.

I also experimented with textures, might have went a bit overboard, haha. I really do need to experiment with colors though, at later point, but that’s beside the point.

Overall, I like it, but isn’t satisfied with it.

What do you think? I felt I might’ve went overboard, as said previously.

Tools used:
Huion Tablet
Paint Tool Sai

Hours spent:
20+? hours

Chrom, from Fire Emblem: Awakening
Robin, from Fire Emblem: Awakening
Kagome, from InuYasha, as Robin

I sat next to her listening intently
She was spilling herself
Telling a story and sharing her thoughts
As I gazed upon her expressions
I drank in her beauty
Unable to resist,
The smell of her hair and skin
Small scars and imperfections
It was so clear - this wonderful being
She smiled at the end and grasped my hand
Gratitude uttered from those lips, amazing
I realized at this moment
I am more than a friend
I am a man admiring a woman
Intimately and patiently letting it unfold
She looks at me and beams
It’s real…not some fantasy
I saw her as she was made to be seen
Getting to know her, all these layers
Made me humble
Even if I never kissed her, loved her
She is a goddess
A vision of truth…nothing less
—  Captured mOhment | z3ng33kgr7

anonymous asked:

Hey! Love your stories! if you're taking prompts could you possibly do some really fluffy Rinn? No other requirements just fluff to soothe my heart. Thankyou!

Hey Nonny! This one was actually really fun to write, and quite nice to do some fluff! Hope you enjoy! 

Remember, if people want to request a prompt - just let me know! 

When A Man Loves A Woman

“I Love You” Finn told her, a cheeky grin spreading onto his face.

Rae felt that fizzy feeling bubble away within her as the words settled around them. She was happy. A smile spread onto her face and he soon resumed his position back between her legs. 


Afterwards, they lay in each other’s arms. A mix tape now playing in the background, one that Rae had made especially for Finn. 

“You’re pretting amazin’ y’know.” Finn smiled sweetly at her, brushing a strand of hair away from her forehead. 

“Not so bad yourself Finnley,” she grinned. He wrinkled his nose up at her and she returned it. 

“And this,” he laughed loudly as he flung himself onto his back beside her, “is a pretty spectacular mix tape Rachel Earl.” 

“Well duh,” she grinned before snuggling up to him, her body already missing his. 

Her thoughts gathered in around her and the memory of him uttering those three words echoed throughout her mind. She sighed out in happiness, finally. She had something that was hers, nobody was going to rip this from her. She wouldn’t let them. 

Finn gently pressed his lips against her forehead and she let her eyelids flutter shut. He drew her closer to him, hugging her tight before letting his left hand fall to her lower back where he traced patterns against her skin with his fingers. Soon the patterns turned into words, their secret communication coming into play once again. 

I. Love. You.

She smiled with each letter, eyes still closed. 

“I lo-,” her eyelids flew open as a song kicked in over the top of her words. 

“SHIT!” She shouted as she leapt out of the bed, running into the living room where the stereo was, hitting pause before turning around to see a naked Finn leaning against the door frame with a goofy grin on his face. 

“You weren’t supposed to hear that.” She said sternly. 

He said nothing but made his way over to her, wrapping his arms around her tight before leaning them both over to press play back on the stereo. 

“I went to see to the baby and it must’ve been next on the radio…” Rae’s words rambled off as her face cringed at the sound of Percy Sledge singing “When A Man Loves A Woman” took over. “…I can’t believe I didn’t listen to the tape through to check…” 

Finn pressed his lips quickly against hers, “shut up Mae,” he grinned. 

“Oh, I see how it is…” She beamed, kissing him back.  

“Good,” his smile would cause her to die a death one day. 

He pushed her back onto the sofa, still standing before uttering his next sentence, “you see Rachel Earl, when a man loves a woman….” He let it trail off before heading back to his favourite place again, between her legs. 

SasuSaku Month: Day 2

title: The Lecture
Leanne Ash
prompt: no filter
rating: M

summary: A man confesses his love to Sakura. And another interrupts. 

“I thought I was dying. You cried for me and– I’ve been thinking differently about some things.”

Sakura’s eyes frowned in confusion. “Kiba…”

Brown, straggly hair and tattooed features stalked closer in earnest and she became frantically aware that he was backing her up against the wall. Her instincts tingled; this was not a situation she could stay calmly in without some effort.

“Do you love me, Sakura?”

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rainbow-tail asked:

The beautiful young girl with rainbow colored hair, was wearing a purple bikini to match her eyes as she swam in the blue sea water. "I love swimming at the beach it's very quiet and peaceful here.

-“The shark boy was swimming, in the pool, his hear was a pony tail and he weared a swimsuit that was black and red”
“Then we he was swimming he saw that a girl was in his gym"Hey! Lady! This pool it is only for man of the Samezuka!

I’m frustrated
Because one day I will marry a beautiful black man, and everyday he will come home and unload his frustrations.
I will have to hear about the “jokes” he should have laughed at and the “innocent” comments he shouldn’t have taken seriously.
All targeting the colour of his skin.
I’m hurt
Because one day I will have a beautiful black daughter, and she’ll cry to me because she’s not pretty.
Someone will tell her, her hair isn’t straight enough and her skin is too dark.
It will become a challenge to love herself, not because she thinks she’s not worthy
But because the voices around her keep screaming it.
I’m terrified
Because one day I will have a strong black son, he will be loving and kind but also a target.
I will have to sit him down and teach him how to be invisible,
And every time he leaves that house my heart will hurt until he walks back through that door.
Finally, I’m tired
Of every dream being washed away by hate.
I’m tired of them being scared of our skin, our culture, our excellence.
I’m tired of them silencing us with the fear that we cannot prosper, when everything they are so scared we will take away or destroy was built by us.
—  Bulletproof
Now I Do

Congratulations to my American friends and the legalization of Gay marriage. I’m so happy for everyone down there who can now marry their loved ones. Today you’ve taken a big step towards equality. Here’s a small fic for you

“Are you ready?”

“No. Yes.I mean I don’t know.”

“It’s gonna be okay. You guys are in love. “ 

Wanda reached over and brushed hair from Pietro’s forehead, giving what she hoped was a reassuring smile.

“I just can’t believe it.” Turning towards the mirror he fixed an imaginary wrinkle in his shirt. His eyes met hers in the glass. “Back home it was something to be shamed to hide. Even when we came here it was something that some people still found disgusting.”

He paused and cleared his throat which had become constricted.

“And now we have rights.  In five minutes I’m actually going to walk down that aisle and marry the man I’m madly in love with. It’s overwhelming.”

Grinning he grabbed his sister’s hand, tugging her into a hug.

“No i know exactly how I feel right now. I’m so happy. And so far everything’s been perfect.”

Taking a deep breath they walked out the door. Pausing he looked down the aisle toward the altar. Beside the priest stood his lover, cleaned up in a black suit  and talking to Steve.Pietro moved down the aisle until he stood just behind his lover.

“Ready?” He whispered, uncertainty sneaking into his voice.

The blonde man nodded and turned, his face breaking out into the biggest smile. Taking Pietro’s hand in his, he turned them towards the priest.

“Since the moment we met.”

Remembering the Memories

*** Yay, here’s another one! i went to bed last night and woke up this morning to see that “surprise” has 30 notes!! That means so much to me, so thank you guys so much! I didn’t edit this one either, i’ll come back and do it tonight!***

Prompt: “Could you please write a thing where the reader is a shy short red haired girl with similar powers to Wanda and she talks to everyone in the tower but Buck and one day Steve asks about it and she says he tried to kill her as TWS or something and Buck slowly starts becoming her friend and yeah no relationship stuff but just friendship man”

Training for the day was finally over, and you were tired out. You loved to training, and you loved to figure out new ways to strengthen your powers; but sometimes Natasha took it too far.

Like today, for example, not letting you have any breaks because during a real battle you can’t have any “breaks” , and making you do 50 laps around the room if end up missing one of the fake robots. 

You staggered into the kitchen to hear laughter, you wipe off the sweat on your forehead and grab a water bottle from the fridge. 

You place a seat on the countertop and turn to talk to the closest person, which just so happened was Bucky.

He looks at you and smile, you stare at him with a blank expression and move yourself to to the farthest seat to talk to Clint.


You turn around and see Bucky looking at you, but once he realized there was eye contact he looked down and shook his head. 

He turned around faced Clint asking him about how his kids were. Before Clint answered you there was a loud bang noise. You turn to the direction that it came from and saw that Bucky was no longer sitting in his spot, and that his bedroom door was shut. 

You turn back to Clint not batting an eye over Bucky. You were probably the reason why he left, but you didn’t care. 

You hated him.

You always avoided Bucky whenever he was around. When you first came to the tower he’d try to help you get settled, but you remembered him and what he did and told him to leave. He seems to have just forgotten about what he did, that or he wasn’t owning up to his actions. Either way you were not going anywhere near him.

 Everyone noticed. Everyone noticed the eye contact that you avoided, the way that whenever he’d come to train you just nonchalantly walk out the door. It was nothing violent, nothing that caused a wedge in the team. It was something everyone just worked around.

When you went on missions they always made sure to keep you far away from Bucky would be, and when there was a party Steve always kept bucky with him; making sure you didn’t have a bad time.

You always thanked everyone for the effort that they made fro you, they didn’t even ask you why you had such a sour taste for Bucky. 

They just assumed you were shy.

 But that was far from the truth.

Every time you say Bucky you always remembered. You remember the evil in his eyes whenever he was strangling you, you remember the laugh he let out whenever your father was struggling to get away, you remember faking that you were dead hoping he wouldn’t notice.

You remembered. 

It wasn’t that big of a secret to you, if someone was to ask you’d tell them. 

But they never did. 

That was until that night, when Steve knocked on your door.

 “Come in,” you say while locking your phone. Steve peeks his head in and the wake over to you, He motion for him to sit on the bed, so he does.

Steve looks at you and then starts to question you, “y/n, I’m curious about something, do you.. hate Bucky?” He asks while intertwining his fingers together.

You grab your phone and put your password in, without a moment of hesitation you answer him with one word.



You put your phone back down to look up at Steve, and you start to tell him. 

You tell him about Bucky entering you house and torturing your family, you tell him about how when he left you were the only one left in your family, you told him everything. 

When you were finished Steve looks shocked, he then swallows hard and looks at you sternly, “y/n I’m sorry, but you need to know that he doesn’t remember all that he did.. you need to tell him this.” 

You close you eyes and breathe out, “i know, i just can’t look at him without thinking about that night.” you huff out. When you open your opens you see Bucky standing in the doorway.

You quickly stand up shocked at his entrance, and he starts to walk over to you. 


You close your eyes and turn your head, you didn’t want to see him. You start to back up, but eventually you hit the wall. 

You whimper as you can feel tears starting to fall. 

“please don’t hurt me.” you whimper out, which caused a gasp of air to come from Bucky. 

You feel his hands grab your shoulders and you flinched, he slowly pulls you into a hug, “ I am truly sorry y/n. i do not remember, but not a day will go by that i don’t think about it now.” he whispers to you; he sounded weak. 

You let a breath of air that you’ve been holding in, Bucky is still hugging you but your arms are still to your side. 

Bucky squeezes you a little tighter, “please, y/n, can you find it in your heart to forgive me?” He asks into you neck.

 You quiet for a moment, and Bucky realizes that he will never be forgiven. 

He was about to pull away whenever he feels yours your hands slowly go up his back; and before he knew it you were holding onto him. he smiled in the hug, and you felt as if things were starting to get better.

“ i’ll try.” 

And maybe after such a long time things were finally starting to get fixed, and it’ll start with a friendship.

Sorry anon if this is kinda bad and short, but I was having major writer block for some reason. If your unhappy with it then send me another message and i’ll do it again! REQUESTS ARE OPEN!!

Never Forget the Battle (Fred Weasley)

Can I have A one shot with Fred where the Reader is in Gryffindor and his fiancé and they’re in the battle and her and Fred find each other and they’re running back to the great hall and she gets hit and almost dies? And he survives too? Love you babes!!

A tall, red haired man, known as Fred Weasley, or in other words, my boyfriend, strolled towards me. His twin brother was right next to him, as he always was. I was in my seventh year at Hogwarts now, and Fred and George had probably snuck into Hogwarts to visit. I knew for a fact that the Death Eaters now occupying the school would never let the twins in.

I ran and jumped into Fred’s arms and kissed his face as soon as I saw him. I laughed and he pulled back to look at me. There were cuts and bruises all over my arms and some on my face, due to the torturous punishments the Death Eater “teachers” handed out to students now. Fred’s usually bright and glittery eyes faded as he saw my wounds. 

“I heard about the Death Eaters in this school and I just HAD to make sure you were all right.” Fred murmured.

“I’m fine, love.” I winced as I felt a second of pain shoot through my leg, where there was a fresh cut. 

“It doesn’t look like it, y/n.” Fred replied to me sadly, “Anyways, I want you to meet me right after classes end next to the lake. We have to catch up, babe.” 

The bell rang and I ran out of the classroom to go to the lake, where I would meet Fred. 

In the distance, I saw Fred pacing back and forth near the lake, his hands in his pockets. I sped up my pace, excited to be able to hang out with my boyfriend, even if it was in danger. 

“Fred!” I called. Fred’s head shot up to look at me, and he shot me a wide grin.

He waved me over to where he was standing and put his arm around me. 

“This is where I asked you out, y/n.” He whispered. I giggled at the memory. That had been the first time I ever saw Fred look flustered and embarrassed. 

“I remember it as clear as day.” 

“Well, I wanted to ask you something.” 

Fred flicked his wand and rose petals started gently drizzling down on us. My stomach churned a little, but I didn’t know why. Fred often did cute things like this, but this time, I had a different feeling about it. 

“Y/n,” Fred began, enveloping my hands in his own, “Y/n, I am in love with you. You are the most beautiful, amazing, most tolerant of my stupid jokes and pranks, and– did I mention beautiful?– woman I have ever met and you have made the last few years of my life so happy. I know there’s a war coming on love, but we’ll get through it together because nothing and no one can separate us. Y/n, when we get through this stupid war together, will you do me a huge favor and put up with my stupidness for the rest of your life by being my wife?“

Fred pulled out a small blue velvet box from his pocket and opened it up to show a gorgeous diamond ring. I gasped, tears flowing down my face from his beautiful speech, and ran forward to hug him. 

"I would love to put up with your stupidity for the rest of my life, you goof!” I cried. There hadn’t been many things to be happy about recently, but Fred’s proposal had the school buzzing with excitement for a  long time. 

Flash forward to the war

I didn’t really know what was going on anymore. There were Death Eaters and my friends all around me. Bodies were falling everywhere, but I couldn’t see who’s bodies they were. I sprinted through the swarm of wizards, looking for Fred. 

Stupefy!” I shot a spell over my shoulder as I sprinted towards the school. It knocked down a few of the Death Eaters that were trailing me. 

I decided to return to the Great Hall. There was a chance that Fred and George were guarding the entrance to the school, so they could protect the injured.

“Y/n!” I heard a voice in the distance call. I sped up, running towards the voice that was repeatedly calling my name. I rounded the corner and saw somebody down the hall.

It was Fred.

He was alive. He had blood running down his face, but he was still alive and that was all that mattered. I opened my arms to hug Fred, when I heard a shout behind me.


I felt an overwhelming pain throughout my body. My insides were twisting and screaming. I heard a scream come out from my mouth. There was a searing pain in my head and I just wanted to die. 

Dying would be better than this. 

The Death Eater finally lowered his wand. I fell to the ground and I heard footsteps running towards me. It was either the Death Eater or Fred, but it didn’t matter. I could feel myself fading. 

I used up my last ounce of energy to force my eyes open and see who was cradling my head. Fred’s foggy face lingered in my vision before I blacked out.

Fred’s POV

“No!” I cried as the Death Eater raised his wand to point at y/n. I shot all the curses I knew at the Death Eater as y/n’s already bloody body writhed in pain, but in my panic, none of the spells seemed to hit him. After what seemed like ages, he finally let y/n’s body fall tot he ground, panting heavily. 

I took the chance to yell, “Reducto!” at the ground in front of the man, and he blasted backwards and was knocked unconscious. 

I rushed over to y/n’s still body and cradled her. Tears fell from my face as I watched her face go limp. I scooped her up and ran to the Great Hall. 

I burst through he doors and yelled, “Someone please help! Y/n is dying!” Madame Pomfrey rushed over to y/n, who I had laid down on the ground. Y/n’s eyes fluttered as she regained consciousness. I held her hand tight and whispered, “Y/n, it’s alright. I’m right here, love.” 

Madame Pomfrey pushed a purple liquid into y/n’s mouth and almost immediately, she seemed to regain some strength. She pushed herself up onto her elbows, fear in her voice. 

“Is the war still going on?” I nodded in response to her question, my throat tight with fear.

I looked at her eyes, which had suddenly been filled with a fire-like determination that I knew all too well. 

“We need to go and help them!” She cried, running out the door. I tried to tell her that she didn’t have enough strength to fight, but she grasped my hand and pulled me to her to press her mouth onto mine. 

Y/n’s POV

I pressed Fred’s mouth to mine and looked into his eyes.

“Fred, we’ll stick together and we’ll both be fine.” 

“Y/n, you don’t have enough strength! You need to stay int he Great Hall where you’ll be safe.” Fred tried to convince me to stay back, but I was determined to fight for Hogwarts.

I kissed his flustered face and made him look at me. His tense face relaxed as he gave up trying to fight me.

I whipped out my wand, and I smiled mischievously. “Time to have some fun.”

Fred and I ran into the middle of the battlefield and as I confused the Death Eaters, he shot curses and hexes at each person. We held hands the entire time, which didn’t make fighting any easier, but it worked to keep us together.

The war had ended. Harry Potter had defeated Voldemort, and now it was time to look for our friends and family in the Great Hall. When we were reunited with the rest of the Weasley family, Fred cried with relief. We walked around, peering into the faces of the dead, tears streaming down from our bloodshot eyes. 

I gasped when I saw two familiar figures lying on the ground, fingers just barely touching each other. I ran over and saw that the two were Tonks and Lupin. 

I turned, unable to look at their lifeless bodies anymore, and buried my face into Fred’s dirty sweater to cry. Lupin and Tonks had been like my second parents, and now they were dead. Fred held me the entire time I was sobbing and after a while, he led me away to sit down.

We lost so many lives that night. We lost friends, family, and teachers. But who we didn’t lose, we kept close. I kept Fred and the Weasley family, along with Harry and Hermione, close even after the war ended.

Fred and I got married two years after the Voldemort was defeated and started a new family. There were new people we met who brought smiles to our faces, but the faces of everyone who survived the war had sadness stitched onto them. 

Life moved on, but their memories didn’t. 

Never forget the battle of Hogwarts.