im going to be entirely honest with you all cause after reading james’ poem i can tell that im not the only one thinking about the direction of the vamps.

when i first found out about them and that was literally like a year ago they were so small and now they’re massive and THEY’RE FUKING BLOWING UP. and that’s great i love it, i want them to be successful but i never imagined them to being successful as this “bubblegum pop” band. what happened to the acoustic driven indie band??? 

the talent they have is immense and its breaking my heart to know that james A MEMBER OF THIS BAND feels like his talent and his dream aren’t being full filled. 

i’ve been losing my touch with the band for a while because of this reason but now i know that they don’t want this and it makes me so angry at the industry ITS NOT FAIR I DONT WANT JAMES OR BRAD OR CONNOR OR TRSITAN to feel like they have to conform to sell records. they don’t and I KNOW THEY KNOW THAT man fuk the label im so mad

So merry christmas welcome to my really sad doctor who headcanon. 

In which Clara is bitter and has separation anxiety and a whole slew of other valid reasons to absolutely hate this Doctor, but he’s new and his hearts are new and vulnerable and without even realizing it, he adores her instantly but she’s really distant and reluctant even to like him and this is the result I’m sorry. 


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Fun fact, I told my mom to be happy. She got a man, and now I wish it never happened. I feel so angry when they two kisses infront of me and my brother, I would like to yell at them. The guy is nice, he is funny and stuff, but I don’t actually understand why I am feeling this way. I feel sad for my dad, and I have no idea what I could do. Is it this what you feel when your parents are divorcing, and you know things that you shouldn’t know? Please tell me if you have been in my same situation because I feel like shit rn

bushiderp replied to your post “Wow. Woooooow. I just got one of those gore submissions. I’ve heard of…”

Man im sorry that you’ve had to put up with that. Emeridan told me about them, whoever it is needs to freakin chill. Its a fictional alien clown.

Exactly what you said. Looks like SOMEONE in the fandom can’t handle the fact that people like the Makaras. Then they get angry over it all because they can’t deal with other’s character preferences.

goldenfacedbastard replied to your post: im watching the Dear Zachary docu…

i’ve never been more upset/frustrated/angry/sad watching a documentary before. dear zachary fucked me up so bad. i was a mess afterwards.

same. it just give you an insight how fuck up laws are in different countries when a crime happened in the other country. its just soooooo terrible that all that shit happened and i honestly hate that woman on what she did to that man and their kid. 

missm0nomi replied to your postso apparently i’m “41% naturally feminine”okay??

i got 39%. this website is weird

oh, you took the same dumb quiz i did? yes. it is. like how does one even come up with this sort of thing. like…what…

okay one of the questions mentioned something about u being sad if ur partner (they used that word) was like “You really treat men differently than you treat women” and im like

are u implying i would date a girl who ISNT an angry feminist wow you’re rude

anonymous asked:

I just want to let you know that your feelings are not invalid. It's okay to feel angry, or sad. If you ever need someone to talk to, I could most certainly come off anon upon request. But regardless, I know you can make it through this, and feel free to rant all you want! We'll all always be here to listen!

mmm thanks man. i really love all my followers ;; tbh they’re really lovely and usually are all there for me and it’s totally rad and i love them so so so much <3

thank you all, really. im going to do thank you art one day


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Man we r gonna start rlly soon so... U gotta be there or I'm afraid I'll have to go without u


According to my calculations, the thing would’ve started at 2 PM Mountain Time, but I get out of school at 2:40 PM, and then I have basketball until 4 PM, and then I had to pick up my brother from his school, wasting another 40 minutes.

So here I am, hating school and fREAKING OUT BECAUSE I REALLY WISH I HAD BEEN THERE)) 

im just gonna speak my mind off rn.

-sigh- idk why this makes me sad. or angry. or whatever. but you dont desrve this. idk the whole back story to this but its just crazy to me. i just hate someone can have so much power to that to you. and for you to think that he’s gonna fucking leave? fucking hit it and quit it? so fucked up. i hate this situation man. you dont deserve. i guess why this makes me so angry is that i find virginities really sacred. like you should lose it to someone really want to lose it to. someone you love. someone thats worth giving it up to. someone that is special you know their not gonna leave after yall do it. it just upsets me how i know hes one of those guys that does that kind of shit, and -sigh- fuck man. i guess its ur choice right. but i hope u werent forced to do it. i just dont understand sometimes, how someone can just do that. it hasnt even been that long since yall be going out. im just disappointed i guess. and its weird that i feel this way. like its not even my relationship yo. i just feel bad. i mean. if u gave up ur virginity to him, yall better last for a really long fucking time. if not, then thats really fucking sad dude. idk man. ur just so fucking weak man, u cant just fucking do that to a girl. u cant just overpower them like that. if yall lose ur virginity after two months i dont call that love at all. im sorry. im done ranting about this shit. i just dont understand sometimes.