The Only Life Worth Saving - Peter Parker x Reader One Shot

Summary: (Y/N) was fine at first with Peter being Spider-Man until he completely avoid their relationship while her emotions get the best of her.

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word count: 1.3K



You laid in your bed staring off into space, distress written all over your face. Distraught and angry you set both of your hands on your face giving your eyes a rub. Your head was pounding from the night before where you cried to your hearts content. You were upset and you didn’t bother telling anyone. Why? Because you didn’t want to ruin the only good relationship you had in your life.

You met Peter in middle school. Both of you were the odd balls in class which meant you would automatically click. Every since then you’ve been inseparable. You told him every secret and he told you all of his. He knew you were alone and that you lived solely on money left by your parents and you knew he was alone as well. You guys had so much in common and he didn’t hesitate to tell you anything.

When he first became Spider-Man he gave it a few weeks before officially telling you. You understood; he didn’t even know for sure if he even wanted to be Spider-Man. You accepted him and practically worshipped him for all of the amazing things he has done for Queens.

You guys had this connection, an unspoken connection. Nobody mentioned it until he became Spider-Man. One day he came to your apartment with cuts and bruises. You cried more than he did that day. You cried because you didn’t know what you’d do without him. He was the only person you trusted, that you believed in. That’s when you realized you loved him.

From that moment on you two were officially together. Not a day went by where you didn’t tell him that you loved him. You never wanted him to feel alone like you. You never wanted to leave on a note that wasn’t loving and heart-filling just in case he didn’t return. It worked for the longest. It was great until he officially signed the contract to be a member of the Avengers.

From that day on you never saw him. At the moment you understood why you never saw him, he was saving the world. You grew lonely but you never mentioned it. It was pure selfishness for you to think you deserve time with Peter when he could be saving lives in that moment.

You kept that feeling inside you. Day after day, month after month. You let it grow inside you, never releasing it or telling anyone your emotions. It’s been a year since he has accepted the Avengers contact. You two still called and messaged each other but it wasn’t nearly as often as couples usually do. He would sometimes face-time you at night before you go to bed and such.

He visited often, often as in one every few months. You knew that was the best he could do because he was an Avenger. The longer he was away from you the longer you knew the feelings inside you would grow. The more they grew the more you could see yourself ending the relationship as a whole.

It wasn’t a toxic relationship but you felt as if you were having the affect from one as if it was. You cried yourself to sleep every night. Days went on where he didn’t message you or didn’t call. Days went on to where you saw him on TV with everyone else having fun. He would be at thank you parties and hanging out with new friends you’ve never heard of.

He was always seen with this girl, you had no idea who she was. She wasn’t an Avenger and she wasn’t named when she appeared on the TV. He went to every party with her and never posted a photo without her. Weeks and weeks go by to where he hasn’t messaged you and weeks and weeks go by where you cry yourself to sleep.

One day you came home from work. An awful day of terrorizing and self consciousness. You worked with a kid from school named Flash. He hated Peter so he obviously hated you. He would mock you and talk about how Peter has left you for a more well-off and gorgeous girl. How he wouldn’t even officially break up with you and leave you on edge.

You came home in despair but it quickly became rage. You ripped the photos of Peter off the walls. You damaged everything you came across. You felt like you were going insane. You were alone and you felt helpless. You knew if you mentioned anything you’d make a fool of yourself.

Before you met Peter you felt the same but it felt worse now because you had something and lost it because you weren’t good enough. You went to grab the medication you used to take to help you calm down so you could feel at ease. You grabbed a water bottle and headed to your bedroom. Maybe a nap will fix this all.


Peter hopped out of the car and walked up to the familiar apartment complex. Quickly fixing his hair in the reflection of the door and tightened his tie. He held a bouquet of flowers and a bag full of your favorite sweets. He continued on in and walked up to your front door.

He knocked twice waiting for a few moments before realizing you probably didn’t hear him. He knew you were home because he saw your car out front. A few more knocks were sent through the door before he became frantic. Being an Avenger you always expect the worse of the situation because anything can happen. The enemy can strike at any given moment and they tended to aim at what you love the most.

He started to freak out and kicked down the door. Everything was a mess. The picture frames were on the floor broken along with clothes thrown everywhere. He dropped everything and quickly ran into the rooms looking for anything, anyone. He screamed your name over and over looking in the kitchen and bathroom only to be left empty handed.

Lastly he arrived at the door of your bedroom. Without hesitating he pushed it open to find a perfect room, untouched. He saw you lying on the bed peacefully with a note written next to you. As he got closer he saw an empty prescription pill bottle.

He screamed your name again before running towards you, shaking your lifeless body, hoping he wasn’t too late. He quickly grabbed his phone and dialed for the police. He didn’t even realize but tears were streaming down his face, soaking yours underneath him and he brought your body to connect with his. He hugged you and kissed you face over and over hoping that like in the fairy tales; true love will bring you back to life.

Before he knew it the police and medics were surrounding the room pulling him away from your body. He quickly grabbed the note that was laying gently and unread next to you. They pulled him out of the building complex and set him on the stairs. Slowly picking up the note and scanning his eyes across the page.

‘Dear Peter,
I’m so sorry for what I’ve done. This was for the better. Describing and living my life without you was painful and I couldn’t endure it anymore. No matter what predicament I will always love you. You were the love of my life and I’ll never be able to thank you enough for accompanying me throughout my journey and making it worth living. I knew this day would eventually come because I always seem to screw things up for myself. I wasn’t good enough and I’m sorry I couldn’t be the one you needed. Your purpose is to save lives and I’m so glad you’re a worldwide hero. Nobody is more amazing than you and that’s why I’m glad to say I fell in love with you.

Love, (Y/N).’

Tears covered the page as he threw it to the ground and let out a heart-breaking scream. He had lost the only thing he truly loved. The only thing he could call home.

‘Your purpose is to save lives.’

It repeated in his head over and over in your voice. He squeezed the sides of his head still screaming. He pulled his hair and screamed once more.

His purpose is to save lives but he couldn’t save the life of the one most important to him.


A/N: I’m so sorry

call me deep but … that cricket pavilion was where we used to see aaron go a lot when he was younger, when he was sad, angry, hurt, when he wanted to just get away from the noise of the village and now … yeah he took his husband with him there and had one of the most pure moments of his life with the man he loves most and -

yeah i’m cool, the relevance is hardly important.

I love sasusaku...and i also hate it

I have this love/hate thing going on with the sasusaku pairing. I love it because Sakura (my fav. My queen) finally got the man she’s been fighting for and she got herself a beautiful daughter who looks so much like her and have her fierceness. AND SHE’S HAPPY!

On the other hand, i hate pairing because of Sasuke. I cannot forgive him from all of the things he did to her throughout Naruto and Naruto shippuden, and i believe she deserve better.
He’s always absent.
SAKURA’S DOING EVERYTHING IN RAISING SARADA. (Im angry and sad about it at the same time. He missed out alot)
If Sasuke made Sakura cry again IMMA END HIM!

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Okay but I'm actually so angry @julie rn like WOW great nooras trauma literally was not acknowledged in a way like u know,,,,,let her slightly recover from it but WAY to push her into a mans arms because ???? Who knows not me??? And Sana ???? Deserves??? Better ??? I don't even have words,,,,,and also yousef???? Should I really believe that he would do that on a party he was invited BY SANA??? like okay even if he doesn't fancy here he's still not like that!!! I'm angry

i dont evne know what to think im mad and sad

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Hey, so, I just kind of want some encouraging words to carry on and push through depression because I'm really dysphoric all the time now and I'm sad and constantly angry and I'm never like this so can I just have some happy things or something???? Please???? - kellen


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Head cannon for Sebastian, ciel finnian, bard and alois when their s/o comes home with bruises on her body, please?

Sure ~ Admin B


- He’ll try not to make a big deal out of it until he knew what had happened or who had happened.

- If his s/o had just tripped or shes just clumsy he might expect it and tell their s/o that their silly before kissing all of them.

- If it was a who however that person would be dead within the hour, he would not have any hurting his s/o on his watch (pocket watch ayee).


- Ciel would over react a little bit only because hes concerned but hes still angry about it no matter what happened.

- If it was just because his s/o fell or because shes clumsy hed still be slightly agitated that his s/o hadnt told him the moment it had happened but he wouldnt be as mad.

- If it was a person, oh boy they better run for the hills and hope Sebastian cant find them because they’d be given a slow and painful death.


- Hes so concerned about his s/o that hes stuttering and asking a million questions at once and staring at them with these big sad eyes and its a little much for his s/o.

- If it was just his s/o being clumsy hed laugh it off and relief would wash over him but hed still be a little concerned about his s/o falling a lot.

- If it was a person (bless this sweet summer child) hed get so upset and hed start tearing up and asking questions and by the end of the week everyone in the manor would know.


- Hes going to over react as well but the angry type of over reacting that might resemble your dad being concerned about you.

- If it was his s/o being clumsy hes going to get really embarrassed but still be concerned and tell them to watch what their doing in future.

- This man will go to great lengths to teach any one NOT to touch his s/o like that ever.


- When he first notices hes going to get a rush of emotions and assume it was a person so hes going to be angry, sad and a little guilty (im a strong believer of the fact that Alois feels guilty about everything bad that happens to a person hes around at some point just because his emotional abuse left him thinking that).

- IF it was jsut his s/o being clumsy he’ll stop crying/ranting and start giggling and calling his s/o silly and stupid for making him worry.

- If it was a person they’re already dead at the hands of Claude tbh.

okay so this has been bothering me a lot, it’s made clear at the beginning of civil war that tony is not actively involved in the avengers? he’s not going out on missions with them, he doesn’t live full time at the compound, he funds and supports them but he is not doing a whole lot of superheroing. Instead, he’s been busy with developing the b.a.r.f tech we see him presenting and setting up the september foundation, which pepper is the head of. so they probably worked on it together. tony is made this technology specifically so he could work through his trauma, he’s not suddenly magically better but he IS aware of it and working on it. so why does everybody keep perpetuating this “pepper left tony/wanted to take a break because she is sick of him being iron man/not dealing with his problems” idea because it’s not true?? it’s not even mentioned in the movie exactly why they are taking a break (spoiler: it’s because the writers wanted tony to be sad) so can we stop doing that, thanks

I’m angry at you for what you did, but I hope you know that if you ever decided you wanted to come back, all would be forgotten. And I don’t think that’s pathetic of me. I don’t think that I’m a sad, broken girl. I think—no, I know—that I love you, even now, and love is much more powerful than any man made mistake.
—  just so you know
my wedding speech...
  • me: i am so in love with this man. he's so handsome and cute. he's funny. he's talented, and when im sad or angry he can always cheer me up
  • guests: awwwwww
  • me: but unfortunately i can't marry ashton irwin so im suck with this little shit

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concerning your wolf359 post, dont you think your being a bit harsh?i dont think it was the intentions of the creators that you where implying with that post. like yes i understand in many ways that there needs to be representation but there is no need to micromanage the creators like that. you also said it wasnt okay to kill their own character. her death was a plot device to advance the story. the way she was killed wasnt intended to have an ill effect on the listeners.

*eyes roll so far that i can see the back of my head* 

i know it wasnt their intention. but fiction reflects reality. fiction affects real people. theres no question about that. its not that we just *need representation* its that we need thoughtful writing.  

when characters who face oppression get killed off as plot devices, as SO SO MANY do, it sends a message to the audience. That these characters should die. that its ok for them to die. its ok for them to suffer, or sacrifice themselves for other characters because those other characters are our top priority. Not the marginalized characters. This only reinforces ideas about an oppressed group being less worthy of not only representation, but LIFE. it hurts people. real people who want, no, NEED to see people like them being powerful and resilient and surviving.

I am a white gay man, so theres only so much i can say about lovelace and misogynoir. but i know that her death (permanent or not) has hurt people. do you know how many black women have been killed by police? in this year alone? to kill a black women character by the hands of a white man in authority with a gun means something. reflects something.

I want the wolf 359 creators to listen and be held accountable bc 1. we have the unique opportunity to have creators that interact  with us and see our posts 2. science fiction has a long and powerful history of social reflection and representation, which i think can add so much to the writing and characters. 

also im being harsh because im angry. im sad. i know what its like to not have thoughtful representation. im tired of marginalized characters, whether that be characters of colour, queer characters, women characters, being treated as plot devices.

He doesn’t like being called smol
I strike again! >:D mwuahahaha
But yes i drew smol angry blushing human nerd
(Ps i suck at drawing sitting positions)

- @bluethehedgie



I honestly felt kinda sad last night and when I saw this, it cheered me up so powerfully hahahhhh ;;;; <33 Thank you for making me happy man <3333

The way you drew his face I swear I love you <33333

{idea from otpprompts}

Connor does not do emotions. Seriously. Even when he was younger, he never was much of a crier, and he definitely didn’t know how to deal with other people crying. So when he woke up in the middle of the night to Oliver quietly sniffing beside him, tears streaming down his face, he had no idea what to do.

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Terezi is not in the right state of mind. She's been through literall hell, crash landed herself, headbutted John and screamed at him to fix things? She isn't actually trying to fix things, SHE'S BROKEN. AND IM SAD.

but she knows John can fix them, I mean she headbutted him because she’s angry but still, I don’t think she’s gonna take “not even trying” for an answer

all I meant to say is that despite everything that happened she’s still standing AND wanting things to be fixed, broken or not she hasn’t given up :?

Anon:In regards to the recent update and all the wizard of oz talk surrounding it, If Terezi is Dorothy does make Dirk the tin man? XD

no I just got home so I haven’t seen that lol I’m not sure how the character roles would fit in the context (aside from Calliope as the wizard) ahh

Anon:hey ikimaru can you draw something honoring all those who have died in hs pretty pleeeeaaasssseee I know it make take a while but pleeeeeeeeeeaaaassssssseee your the greates drawer I know please :3

I think I have already drawn that? unless you mean something else by honoring but I don’t think I’m gonna draw fanarts of that part again atm ;v;

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My Birthday is next Tuesday and I was wondering if you could give me some feel good fics (fluffy/ smutty/ with little to no angst) or some good long fics that just sets your insides on fire and can get me through my b-day and my exams. I LOVE THIS BLOG AND THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi love. I’m the worst, I’m sorry we missed your birthday T_T 

Hopefully these excellent fics can make it up to you? I’m so so sorry :’( These fics all made me really emotional oh MAN

short floofy:


~ Admin G

Love, I’m so sorry I missed your birthday (this ask has been in drafts for like three weeks)! Happy late birthday! I hope your exams went well :D :D 

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Hey gurl, im on a diet too and im doing lot of exercise. in those days i'm writing with this boy on fb; he seemed so cute but then he told me that i look like i eat sweets everyday bc i'm chubby. i was so sad and angry and all i wanted to do was cry...i feel like a failure and like my work is absolutely useless. i've always been very insicure about my weight and now i feel like shit...i dont know what to do

Girl please stay away from this wasteman!!! Honestly don’t waste your time on a man that criticises your weight. Your guy should love you, flaws and all. On that note.. Only lose weight for yourself & your health. Celebrate every win however small and don’t wait for others to cheer you on 💪🏾😘

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Stop bullying leave voters, just man up and realise that the side you wanted didn't win, don't make those who did feel guilty

are you serious? its the first day. am i not allowed to express my sadness and angry for the fact i believe we voted so wrongly. if you believe I’m making you feel guilty then by all means unfollow me. yes i will eventually accept what Britain has gotten itself into and move on but today is not that day