Simple Curse Removal Spell

You will need:

- black bag or a small jar/bottle
- black pepper
- nails or thorns or other “prickly things” (pine needles also work)
- small mirror you’re either willing to break to fit in the bag/jar, or is small enough to fit on its own (if you’re superstitious about breaking mirrors - I’m not)
- optional: black candle to use the wax to seal the jar/bottle if you opted to use that - but not required

Gather your ingredients and charge them with the intent of breaking the curse.  Focus on the mirror for a minute- imaging it “reflecting” the curse away. Place in the bag/jar and “shake/rattle” it in one hand while flipping off the general direction you “feel” is best to repel the curse. Keep the bag/jar in a safe place.

From the Spellbook of: Mama Bones

Lesson 5: Graveyards in Witchcraft- Basics!

By: Mama Bones

Live class date and time: 1/5/2017 at 7:00pm CST

A.) Legalities: I will mention some things that I do very briefly in my personal graveyard. It is an older one that borders my 3 acre property directly and is not regularly maintained. This allows to me to fudge some rules. HOWEVER- working as a paralegal for over a decade, let me lay some groundwork legality clauses for the general witch:
         1.) Do not enter after dark. It is illegal in most states.
         2.) Do not take dirt directly from atop a grave.
         3.) Do not bring bottles of liquor into the cemetery, or glass jars to put you dirt in.
         4.) Do not light more than a tea candle and always hold the tea candle yourself (do not set on ground)
         5.) It’s best to not disclosure your craft to anyone asking what you’re doing. Just say you’re visiting (and wanted to honor your relative’s memory if a candle is lit)

           6.) ALWAYS do as an employee/pastor/policeman asks. Even if it may be technically legal and they’re just uncomfortable, it’s better to de-escalate the situation and leave. You can either come back at a different time or find a different graveyard.
           7.) Bring flowers to appear more normal! They also make great offerings!
           8.) Do not remove ANYTHING from a grave site. Ever.
           9.) Do not leave offerings of stones. It is offensive (i.e. personal) in some religions. Note: In regards to leaving stones on graves/headstones: It is a Jewish practice for remembrance and respect, but my personal research has not found any sources of it being disrespectful for gentiles/non-Jews to also do so. If you find a credible source to the contrary- please let us know! Otherwise, it is fine to leave small stones as offerings.

B.) Offerings: these should always be something subtle. I never bring in an actual bottle/glass of the liquor offerings. I usually soak a small bit of cotton or leaf/herb mixture in it and use that. For honey, I’m a huge fan of those individual packets you can get at restaurants (even though they aren’t perfectly local and organic, they are more transportable and less legality issues- just please dispose of the plastic trash after use properly)
           Offering examples: tobacco, juice, silver coins, honey, liquor, fruit, flowers, herbs, incense (I like to use pomegranate based juice/liquor/fruit due to it’s ties to the Underworld)

C.) Basic communing with the dead ritual/introducing yourself to a new graveyard
           -example ritual: []

                                   -I do NOT recommend bringing a shovel or spade. Period. I don’t even do this with my own graveyard, it is a dangerous offense to be caught with.
                                   -It would be best to wear shoes that are easy to take off, and do the ritual without digging (if you don’t like the idea of bare feet in a graveyard, wear thin socks you don’t mind getting dirty). The spirits will understand you don’t want to be put in jail.
                                   -I do NOT recommend inhaling the herbs listed as wormwood and mugwort both contain Thujone, which can cause a LOT of issues if too much is ingested/smoked. An sachet of these is fine. You can gently smell the sachet bundle when focusing on the spirit connection. Please be aware of your own medical conditions as well (i.e. allergies/pregnancies/disorders)

                                   -Oils I recommend that are safe to place on your eyelids and would have positive connotations with the dead: olive, pomegranate, coconut, almond, hemp seed (these are all technically “carrier oils” and if you want to add a dash of an essential oil that increases psychic/perception, you can- just spot check it before you put it on the eyelid. Also, just a dab on each eyelid is fine. No need to stick your eyelashes together.

D.) Graveyard dirt. What the hell is it? Simply put, it’s dirt collected from a graveyard. It is NOT a euphemism for other herbs. Also, when it comes to “Goofer dust”, that is a NOT interchangeable with graveyard dirt, though graveyard dirt is a component of the mixture. Please keep in mind Goofer dust is a traditional Hoodoo mixture, and not something I recommend trying to use or replicate without stepping into appropriation territory (THANKS “SUPERNATURAL”). However, graveyard dirt is not.

-Magical uses: Protection, barriers/wards (around property especially!), cursing/hexes, banishing, certain types of healing, divination, spirit-work



                       1.) General graveyard dirt: from anywhere inside the graveyard grounds. This is what I recommend for beginners or people who don’t have a lot of spirit work experience. Still leave an offering, explain your purpose, and be respectful even if you’re just snagging a couple spoonfuls from under a tree.

                       2.) Grave dirt: dirt from a specific grave. Do not do this with recent graves unless it is someone you knew/a relative. It’s best to do this with older/semi-abandoned graves (pre 1900s are great). Ask permission first (this is where spirit work experience comes in, it’s best to get some sort of positive response in the method you are familiar with before removing), leave an offering, and again be respectful.

                       3.) Grave dust: The “leavings”/debris from atop the gravestone itself. This is actually the easiest to collect without looking suspicious. Just gently sweep it off into your hand and discreetly put it in the bag/vessel you brought. It’s a common ingredient in Underworld/Death/Necro workings. Also can be thought of as an extra potent version of graveyard dirt in regards to magical correspondences. Still leave an offering, ask permission, and explain yourself beforehand.


E.) Homework: Go to a graveyard/cemetery and walk around quietly. Let yourself soak in the energy and see if you’re drawn to any gravestones. Take pictures of the one(s) that you’re drawn to! Share them on the server (or on your blog and tag us!)
           Extra credit: Research the person listed on the grave and see if you can figure out a reason you might have been drawn to them!

Toddler Shenanigans

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Rating: Everyone

Characters: Bones, Reader, Daughter, Sulu,

Summary: Reader is at the end of her rope. She is stressed and is dealing with depression and needs a break from being mom. Bones pulls some strings and saves the day, then is a fantastic husband. Just fluff and happiness.

Warnings: depression mention, emotional breakdowns, couple argument, stressful, temper tantrums, toddler time! UNEDITED

Tags: @yourtropegirl

Author’s note: Just another part of my parenthood series. I may end up making a series for kirk as a parent too, but I haven’t decided. Also, what should I call this series because these random parts are starting to bother my ocd.

 Part 1   Part 2

As you sat at your desk in the quarters you shared with your family, Violet was rummaging through a random drawer. She had just reached the 16-month-old mark, and had started to walk. In other words, she had become a handful. Over the past year, you have gone from an engineering officer to a communications officer. Back at the academy you had insisted on having a double major. Most thought that you were insane for wanting additional work, but it made you extremely valuable to the enterprise. After the birth of Violet, and after your maternity leave, you had requested a job transfer. Leonard had convinced you that being down with Scotty all day was going to put him in an early grave. Captain Kirk saw the request and did something even better, he gave you a job you could accomplish from your quarters so that you could spend all day with your daughter.

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mama, and the way flowers leave her chest. mama, and her rosary, as friends. mama, and i on the bathroom floor- no more talking, here; sleep between whispers. the tap won’t bother you much anymore, she says. 

mama, with her shedding hair, and a little bulge on her head; and i, not allowed to ask her about it. a walk, to a dying ground as a new beginning- with folded paper cranes in both our bellies; her’s a little more worn out than mine- i,

trying to burn the little pieces - no tears. her head bulge. the locked rooms. five year old memories. one from eleven, about needing to have your legs open. a grand mother talks about satisfaction, and i’m too young to comprehend- 

something about it being the woman’s fault- back to the dying ground- mama, and i- making candles from old skin, and fallen hair. i, trying to burn little pieces, since i got there, and her, showing me how to be more woman than a man

could need; not for him darling. not for him- mama, in white sandals, and falling flowers. mama, with a book of words, as silence. mama, with the bones of my dead father; and the weight she carried [for her]. mama, with a love so sickly.

mama, with her eyes. mama, with her hands- holding mine. mama, with her spine. mama, with her bruises, and half broken pieces, that only came out at night. mama, with her missing, and i, with my disgust; the both of us together, 

                                        with our mouths shut. 
                         and [our] man, with all the missing pieces;
                                all the stories he told the world.

STORY TELLER [SECRETS] // NAPOWRIMO 4/30 [LIT NIGHT * 30 Poetry Prompts for national poetry month 2017- Write about the secret your mother asked you to keep.]

Finalized Short Stories Coming Out January 28th!

All stories are written, edited and formatted! With any luck, I’ll receive confirmation from Kindle soon :) If not, I’ll be selling this anthology as an EDD! Price will be between $1.99 - $2.99!

  1. Rhea Always - Titans are more often than not above Zeus’ judgement. Rhea finds her own penance.
  2. Spectrum - After being cast aside by Hades, Persephone finds herself changing in strange new ways.
  3. Devil Deals - The Devil came down to Georgia. He should have never come back.
  4. A Lake Tale - They find him in the lake, mouth sealed under layers of unnatural stone. It takes a month before his bindings fade enough for him to speak.
  5. Mama’s Bones - Mama made them. Honor will save them.
  6. The Debt Collector - Betony searches for a way to pay a debt that was never owed to begin with.
  7. Madame Science - A humorous story about a villainess and her quest to get the hero once and for all.
  8. 100 Parent Points: Ramona - A sneak peak at the 100 Parent Points series coming out in March! Ramona isn’t the oldest. She’s got responsibilities anyway.
Lesson 29: Spirit Work 101

By: Mama Bones

Live class date and time: 04/13/2017 at 6pm CST

Disclaimer: spirit work is a path that requires a lot of intuitive thinking and “feeling”, but it’s important that you not let things get toxic or dangerous with your emotional and mental health. Be aware that this is a path that deals with “talking to non-physical beings”; which can be dangerous for many types of diagnosed conditions. Please be safe and logical in your own practice. Spirit work is absolutely not required for the practice of witchcraft.

Primary focus on: basic communication/sensing

In this lesson, I will be working with nature spirits, not ghosts, as those are easier and honestly, more safe, for beginners. However it’s still vital that you are familiar with basic shielding and warding before putting this lesson into practice.

 I won’t go into detail on that since we’ve had at least one lesson and numerous references shared on the server that are in pins.

There are some important things to remember with spirit work.

           1.) Always shield, at least on a basic level, before working with a new spirit. It’s good policy to shield with spirits in general, regardless of how well you know them, but I’m not going to helicopter your longterm decisions. For myself, the only spirits I don’t actively shield around are my personal companions.

           2.) Be patient. Spirit work is NOT an instant gratification path, nor a constantly rewarding one. It’s difficult and frustrating. But the rewards can be entirely worth the frustration if you stick with it and remain as levelheaded as you can.


           3.) Be polite. This should go without saying, but you will not find spirit work successful if you’re a dick. Don’t be a dick. That’s not to say you have to be overly chatty or friendly. You can be logically cool, but still not be a dick.

           4.) Be logical. Yes, spirit work requires some openness to the esoteric and intangible. But don’t overwhelm yourself with daydreams and fantasies. Mundane is still mundane. Don’t force interaction. And remain aware of your physical surroundings. Don’t let yourself get in a bad or dangerous situation just for spirit interaction (i.e. a non-witch observing or prying, weather, lighting, laws, etc.).


Nature spirits

I am Hellenic, so I deal with them mostly in the sense of dryads and nymphs. But do feel free to treat them as you would for your path. The above rules should apply to all, regardless of your visualization of their “essence”, so to speak.

Do NOT choose a plant/tree that you or your family has caused damage to in the past. I.e. through landscaping, weeding, etc. Even if it was years and years ago, they remember. Especially trees. Trust me. If you are stuck in a situation where your family does harsh landscaping/poisoning of the plants in your yard, go to a park or friend’s house where you will be a neutral party.

I like to sit with them. When it’s a spirit I don’t know, I will sit near, but not touching/leaning. Definitely not crushing! Once you work with a spirit a lot and become friends, those rules may change. For example, I lean my back against my pine trees frequently. They like the physical affection.

Get comfy. This will likely take some time. Feel free to have a book out on your lap or headphones with music playing quietly if you are needing a cover for sitting outside for that long. I also encourage bringing water with you, both for yourself and as an offering for the plant. A snack doesn’t hurt, especially to help ground you afterwards.
You can bring a divination/communication tool as well if you want to try that route. I don’t personally use them for my spirit work, so I’m not good at instructing on that, but you can incorporate them into my lesson today I’m sure.

Place your hands on the ground lightly and focus on the feel of the earth, the soil. The temperature. The texture. If your sense of smell is sharp enough, focus on the smell of nature around you. Filter out human related sounds and focus on things like wind, birdsong, insects. If you’ve done meditation or trance-states before, what we’re trying to achieve is a light version of that. A receptive trance state. It’s very much similar to what you do for many kinds of divination, like Tarot, runes, pendulums, etc. It’s up to you on whether you would like to do this with your eyes open or closed. Please choose what makes you feel safe, especially if you are in a public area.

You want to stay quiet and observing for a couple minutes. You’re welcomed to let your mind wander and think- we aren’t going for traditional blank meditation by any means. Ideally you want your thoughts to be about nature and the plant you’re about to focus on, but it’s okay if other thoughts pop in.

After a couple minutes, you should gently start to focus your observation and thoughts on the specific plant. Do not touch it yet. But you may lean closer and smell it, look at it closely. Observe how the texture is of this plant up close. What colors it has. The shapes.

Now, after all that physical observation and use of your normal 5 senses, it’s time to try and exercise your non-physical observation and sense. I like to close my eyes for this, but it’s absolutely not required. It may help you “catch” the sense initially though if you want to try it for a minute or two and then open your eyes again for safety.

You will be reaching for something abnormal. It is hard for me to describe, but if you can’t snag the sensation, it’s okay. This is just an exercise that you want to practice regularly when starting out with spirit work. It’s not uncommon at all that it doesn’t work the first time. The best way I can describe it without narrowing it too much for individual experiencing of the sense, is you will get a “pop” sensation when the connection/sense clicks into place. But the way you experience the sense is entirely your own.

If you are able to sort of feel that connection to the plant, fantastic! If not, don’t worry but stay open. It could be that the connection will snap into place after you start the communication itself.

Now you’re going to do the meat of spirit work. Communication!

Talk to your plant. It does not have to be out loud. It does not have to be in English (although it does need to be a language you understand). Keep the inquiries pleasant and light initially. Don’t give your life story. Don’t talk about global warming. Like office parties, the weather can be a good opener, especially if it’s pleasant outside. Although discussing rain or storms is perfectly fine as well and not “upsetting” to plants.

For “replies”, you likely will not get them in comprehensible “human” language at first. That’s fine. It’s normal. The easiest thing to sense is vague emotions or concepts. Some people hear music/sounds. Some see pictures. Some get scents. It’s okay if you struggle with this. Continue carrying on your one sided conversation, remaining as open as your can to things that don’t “seem” to come from you.

You can ask if they need anything like water or soil loosened. Even if they don’t seem to need any tending, you can ask if they would like an offering (water is really the best offering, although you can bring a stone/crystal if you like as well). Keep in mind that if you are still struggling with sensing “replies”, it’s okay to give a splash of water as a good faith offering regardless. Don’t give it a bunch though, unless it looked very thirsty.

Honestly, you can keep this communication/conversation part going as long as you’re comfortable with. If you keep getting feelings or impressions, feel free to go until they start to sort of fizzle a bit. That’s a good way to know that the spirit is done talking for now. Don’t take it personally, there’s a variety of reasons why they’re “tired” of talking. Thank them for their time and wish them well.

You should end with the similar trancing actions that we began with- using your standard senses to connect with nature. Smelling, touching, listening, looking at the soil/grass and plants around you. Slowly ground yourself. Feel free to drink or nibble something at this time. If it helps you, turn your music up. Stretch slowly, rolling your joints.

You may feeling like you want to encourage that extra sense to linger and keep paying attention to it as you do mundane things. I do not recommend this, especially for beginners. For many people, your body is used to processing “peripheral” sensations from your other five senses without clogging up your ability to function smoothly. It takes a lot of practice for this to be possible with a new sense. Take it slow. Reach out for it only when you have the time to focus on it until you’re more comfortable and at ease with the sensations and impressions.

Spirit work comes more quickly if you direct your focus, so I do recommend going back to the same plant/tree and working with it more than once to try and strengthen that connection. Once you have one more solid connection under your belt, the others will come much more easily.

The biggest tip I want to leave you with though is to balance being practical/logical with that esoteric optimism. That’s what I’ve found has given me the best and safest baseline for my spirit work over the years.

Note: This technique can be tailored to work with communicating with your pets/animals, spirits that aren’t from this plane, and ghosts. Just remember to do the order of “centering, semi-trance state, connecting/communicating, withdrawing, grounding”.

Any questions?

anonymous asked:

So a blatantly racist, homophobic woman is sacrificing chickens in her closet, and because I don't agree with her practices, I'm automatically racist? Because all she said is that her witchcraft is African? Oooohkay then.

First, we aren’t talking about who she is as a person, we’re talking about her religious practices. She’s not the ONLY person in the world who practices Palo, but since she’s a public figure, this isn’t just about her, but everyone in the world who practices ATRs who are now going to be harassed because people “disagree” with their beliefs. 

Second, don’t talk down about shit you know nothing about. She’s a Palera, someone who works in Palo, which is an ATR (African Tradition Religion) and like it or not, ritual sacrifice is an integral part of the religion and craft. 

I’m sick and tired of people, witch’s and non, admiring the aesthetics and practices of ATRs calling themselves “voodoo mamas” or wearing bones or practicing hoodoo spells, but will turn their heads and spit on other aspects of ATR. The demonization of African religions has been happening for HUNDREDS of years, people calling it “evil” and “disgusting”, it goes back to the idea that tribal people are “savages” and that there are “purer” forms of religion to practice. These practices have roots that go back thousands of years, they have history and if someone wants to practice this they should be able to do so without harassment from the “moral police”. 

You can “disagree” all you want, but STAY OUT of their business. It’s called religious freedom and they’re hurting no one. No one’s forcing you to partake in religious sacrifice, stay in your lane. 

So, yes, you are a racist if you’re judging her religious beliefs which is a shitty thing to do and you can get the fuck out of here. 

Build a Bindrune Workshop

By: Helper Goat

Live class date and time: 2/3/2017 @6:00PM CST

Workshop Link —–> Lesson 19: Bindrune Workshop

Student work from the workshop:

Prism♎ (prismwitch)


Mama Bones(stygiantarot) 

Fantastic Mrs. Fox(of-silver-and-stars)

Cottage Cheese Witch(mrs-k-cottage-witch)

(Came to ask if these were bindrunes. Yes, they are. And the handle art is a good example of same-stave bindrunes)

sixth tier beethen(beesnort)

The Salt King™(comixwift)

anonymous asked:

sorry to bother you, but how do reversed cards work in tarot? and how do you set up your deck to pull reversed cards?

Reversals in Tarot is first and foremost a personal preference of each reader. Don’t be worried if your reader or your own style gravitates towards doing them or not them. Some readers even only do reversals for certain decks, but not others. 

A reversal is when a card is naturally dealt upside-down during the layout of the spread. This is achieved by turning cards around at random while shuffling. It can be read a couple ways: 

  1.  The opposite of the upright meaning of the card (i.e. instead of growth it means stagnation or withering) 
  2.  A reduced or delayed version of the original meaning (i.e. instead of immediate growth, it means growth you need to work for or growth that will take much longer than you’d hope)
  3. The original meaning but in a “blocked” or with an obstacle in the way. (i.e. something stands in the way of your growth) It’s really up to the reader to determine what sort of reversal method is right for them and how to individual interpret the reversals.

 Feel free to play with multiple ways until something feels right or comfortable for you!

-Mama Bones