MAMA 2013

Mama/IT 2017 Crossover

still we see the ghosts

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Chapters: 1/1


IT (2017)


IT - Stephen King


Mama (2013)

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

Relationships: Bill Denbrough & Georgie Denbrough

Characters: Mama, Edith Brennan, Pennywise (IT), Georgie Denbrough, Bill Denbrough, Bill Denbrough’s Parents

Additional Tags: Crossover, fix it (sort of), Mama kicks It’s Ass, Child Protector, ongoing work, Mama hears the voices of children, Horror, Monsters Bashing It Out, IT VS MAMA THE SMACKDOWN


It was a rain that carried a story from another place.

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Cameraman knows all.

LOL! Camera flicked to Dara during GD’s ‘Crooked Performance’ and flicked to TOP during Bom’s ending part of 'Missing You’. (I know Seungri is there, but ah wells :3)

Most importantly though, I love the 2NE1 x BIGBANG moment when the Camera flicks to the girls before the end of BB’s Fantastic Baby Performance! YG Family! <3