Little Haru and Makoto swimming together and two crepes with ice cream inside and one has chocolate while the other has blueberries and blueberry sauce(?) on top. They both have chocolate pocky as well 

Requested by descriptive anon

another v important scenario: it is late and they are sitting in front of their fireplace, haru curled into makoto, practically asleep and wearing makoto’s clothes, as makoto reads a book, glasses on. haru presses closer to makoto and mumbles that he shouldn’t be reading in this light, and makoto laughs and kisses the top of his head, promising haru that they can go to bed as soon as he finishes this chapter. “one more chapter” becomes several more, until haru starts grumbling again and makoto folds his page carefully and sets it down on the coffee table. makoto picks up haru and carries him to their bed. haru grumbles sleepily the entire way there, but he has small, soft smile on his face. makoto sets haru down, takes off his glasses etc and lays down beside haru, who has already stolen all of the blankets, and latches on to makoto as soon as he’s within reach. makoto drifts to sleep smiling.


This is Haru