The new CharaPukas came in a few weeks ago, but I only just got a chance to photograph them!! The little rafts are so hard to blow air into?? Why??! But worth it!!

I got special “waking up face” Haru and Sousuke, as I found them to be the cutest, but I also always get the special face Haru since he is always the cutest. He is the only CharaPuka I have the full special face collection for, but his original, where he is smiling, is the best of all <333

These CharaPuka can also spoon one another so nicely. Yeah.

And does anyone else actually use these as bath toys?!? It’s fun!!!!!!

I have a lot of extra CharaPukas left over from my boxes, so go look if you might like one!

Forceful Kisses... FROM SOMEONE ELSE (Style 5+Sosuke)

Anonymous asked: Style five + Sosuke walking in on somebody forcefully kissing their s/o? 

 Whew this is looonngggggg ~Chihiro

 Haruka: “Who are you!?” He had heard his partner’s muffled cries around the beach when he was jogging a little late in the night. The teenager had a feeling of worry grow in his gut as he tried to find the voice’s source. He soon found them cornered on a rock in the beach and someone pinning them down, their lips on theirs. His partner squirmed, trying to break away. Haru immediately pushed the stranger away and embraced his partner. Once the stranger saw Haru snarling at them, they ran. He hugs his partner tight, kissing their cheek. “It’s okay… I’m here." 

 Makoto: ”____…?“ Makoto was walking the school halls when he heard his partner’s muffled voice, followed by a desk scraping on the wood floor. Filled with confusion, he looked around and found a classroom where he could hear noises. Once he opened it, he found that it was empty except for his partner and another student who was kissing them. At first, Makoto thought that his s/o was cheating on him, but soon saw that their face was twisted in fear and struggle. His mind quickly changed and he ran towards the student, punching their cheek. They hit the ground hard and realized they were caught, so they scrambled away. Makoto then pulls up his partner and strokes their hair, his heart beating fast. "Are you okay?" 

Nagisa: "What are you doing to ____-chan!?” He had been about ten minutes late for his date with his partner, but finally reached his destination: The park. They were supposed to have a picnic today and chose the park to eat at. He looked around, but couldn’t find his partner anywhere. He started to ask other people if they’ve seen them and a person replied that he saw them head towards the restrooms. Nagisa thanked them and dashed to the bathrooms only to find his partner shaking and struggling while their lips collided with a stranger’s. In less than a second, he tackled them to the ground and grabbed his partner’s hand, running away with them. After he was done running, he plants his lips on his partner. “___-chan, did they do anything else to you?" 

Rei: "Let go of ____!” Rei was shopping around the local bookstore and had seen his partner walking on the street through the store windows. Deciding to try and get to them, he quickly hurried to the cashier to buy his books he wanted, but found that the line was a bit slow. Finally, after he had purchased his items, he went out to the street and went in the direction his s/o went. He found the street empty and he felt a frown etch his face. He was about to turn and go home, but then heard his partner’s voice yell “Please! Someone!”. Rei turned back and saw that a small ally was in the direction his partner went. When he checked, there they were, their lips molded with another. Rei drops everything and yells while grabbing his partner away from the stranger. The stranger quickly fled while the megane checks on his beloved. He holds both their hands, checking for any physical damage done to them. “I’m sorry, ____… I should have met up with you sooner." 

 Rin: "Get the fuck away!” Rin was waiting for his partner in the café they decided to meet at. After they didn’t arrive at the designated time, he was confused and tried calling them, just to hear it go to voicemail. He didn’t know why, but he felt fear rise up, so he decided to walk over to their house and see if they had left already. After about 20 minutes, he got into his s/o’s neighbor hood and saw two people. When he squinted, Rin saw that it was his partner being backed up onto a fence while a stranger held their wrists. His s/o kept trying to part away, but the stranger kept smashing their lips back in. He was completely frozen for a second, but before he even realized it, he had punched the stranger and held his partner. The stranger crawled away, afraid Rin would hurt them more. He would have, except his partner was shaking, so he just held them in his arms and whispered that everything was okay. “You’re safe now." 

Sosuke: "What the hell do you think you’re doing!?” Sosuke was coming out of Iwatobi’s hospital, feeling completely tired. He headed to his partner’s house, hoping that they can make him feel better, but he stopped in his tracks when he saw them just sitting in one of the benches outside the hospital, playing with their phone. He smiled as he went over to them, but frowned when an unfamiliar person beat him to it. His partner looked up and tried to leave, but the stranger had forced them to sit down as their hands roamed his s/o’s body. Sou completely lost it when the stranger smashed their lips on theirs. The next thing Sosuke knew, the stranger was passed out on the ground and he had his fist raised up. He quickly hugged his partner and ran away from the stranger. He kisses them deeply and holds onto their hips, not wanting to ever let them go. “I swear, I won’t ever let this happen again…”

anonymous asked:

Imagine Rin and Makoto meeting their foreigner girfriend's parents (like, they don't speak japanese, but dominate english, the universal language).

Rin would have no problem at all communicating with his S/O parents, as he is able to speak English just as well as Japanese. He would be very calm and polite during the meeting, but would get a bit embarrassed and bashful if the parents started to talk about their relationship. The parents would most likely end up liking him.

Makoto isn’t as good as Rin when it comes to English, so he would be very nervous. He would have studied a bit beforehand, so that he could communicate with his S/O parents better. 

When the time came, Makoto would be very bashful and a bit awkward, but very polite. He’d need his S/O to translate the things that he didn’t understand, though. Overall, the parents wouldn’t be able to resist his charms and would end up loving him.

anonymous asked:

What do you think Makoto, Aii, Rei, Rin, and Kisumi would feel watching their s/o sing and act on stage? (Totally not a self-indulgent ask pfffft not at all)

this entire blog is for self-indulgence, my dear. we live in the lap of luxury~ (that is, if you consider my writing a luxury. huh)

Makoto would feel an overwhelming surge of pride, seeing you performing. He’d helped run lines with you the previous night, calmed your nerves before you left that morning; he’d seen every gruesome stage that a performer went through to get such an exquisite performance. He knew how hard it had been for you, doing runthrough after runthrough, so seeing the production go so smoothly comforted him. Your voice was more captivating than ever, your characters more convincing than he’d seen before - he could describe his current state as nothing less than exultant.

Rei had always seen the merit in theatre and musical performances, and having a partner who was so gifted in the area was a treat to savour. He respected all the hard work you put into your performance, and, even though he hadn’t seen much of your practices or run-throughs, he could see the effort paying off right before his eyes. The crowd was exuberant, as was he - observing your talents in action was truly something to behold.

Rin had never really been all that fascinated by the more ‘extravagant’ subjects, often teasing you for spending so much time practising your lines. Now, however, he truly couldn’t deny your talents, and the value of your time spent repeating line after line, memorising every single word, capturing the spirit of another human being - Rin realised that you weren’t just playing that character: You were that character, and it was astounding. He could certainly appreciate the time and effort you spent honing your voice, your characters, your mind; and as such, he appreciated you all the more.

Nitori was blown away by your courage - stepping on a stage in front of all those people, letting them hear your lovely voice, portraying a character and telling a story… He marvelled in your confidence; it radiated from you, even from the stage, and the performance was made all the better because of it. He had not a single doubt in his mind that you would pull the performance off perfectly. When the show was over, Nitori proudly informed other guests that you were his partner, and yes, you really were that talented. He felt honoured to have such a talented partner.

Before the show, Kisumi wouldn’t stop bouncing in his seat; he wasn’t dissimilar to a child that had been given too much sugar. How could he feel any less energetic, though? His ____ was performing, and oh boy, he was excited. When you appeared on stage, he had to remind himself not to scream and wave in encouragement - he felt just as proud as when Hayato performed in his first school play. His shouts were the loudest, his claps the most enthusiastic, come the curtain call. And no, there was absolutely no way you were going to stop him from sneaking backstage to congratulate you on the wonderful performance firsthand.