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Hello! What hairstyles would style five + sousuke like on their s.o?

Hi! To be honest, I don’t think that the boys would care that much about their S/O’s hairstyle, but I’ll write this anyway. Also, next time, could you limit your request to 5 boys? This is a fairly short request, so I’ll accept this, but please don’t send me any requests for more than five characters. Here you go!

Haruka likes long, thick hair, because he likes to play with it. He doesn’t really care about hair color.

Makoto would like long hair. Color or style wouldn’t matter that much to him, as he is very open-minded.

Nagisa would love curly hair on his S/O. He doesn’t care much about length, but shoulder length curly hair is what he finds the cutest. 

Rei thinks that bangs are absolutely adorable. He doesn’t care about the length or color of the hair, but he would love bangs on his S/O.

Rin loves unnatural and unusual hair colors such as purple, white, or blue. He’d find it really cool if his S/O dyed their hair.

Sousuke would like messy, shoulder length or shorter hair. He’d like the effortless look, and would enjoy running his fingers through their hair. Color doesn’t matter to him.

  • Sousuke:why does it have to be haru always
  • Makoto:huh i dont understand
  • Sousuke:every day you mention haru on my face its really annoying
  • Sousuke:i hate it so much
  • Sousuke:he has rin already why doesnt he stop pestering you
  • Makoto:
  • Makoto:you know what you dont have to be jealous
  • Makoto:it has been you always
  • Makoto:youre the one i love
  • Makoto:and will always love
  • Makoto:i will love you forever okay
  • Makoto:so stop being jealous and let me love you instead
  • Sousuke:
  • Sousuke:
  • Sousuke:yes
Both Teams + Gou + Kisumi: Pranking their S/O.
  • Haruka:He would take the shampoo out of the bottle and replace it with glue. When he hears his S/O yelling from the bathroom, he would quickly apologize and give her the actual shampoo in a glue container.
  • Makoto:He would print out a life-size picture of his S/O's pet, attach fishing string to it, carefully put it outside of an open window, and hide the real pet in the bathroom. When his S/O comes, the life-size pet "falls" out of the window. Once he sees his S/O cry, he reels in the life-size pet back into the room and carries the real pet out of the bathroom. There's a 50/50 chance that he'd get dumped.
  • Nagisa:He would bake a cake for "partner appreciation day" and have his partner wait outside for him. He replaces the candles with unlit fire crackers and casually walk out of the house as if there wasn't anything going on. By the time Nagisa lights up the "candles," his partner grew a confused look on their face when they heard some crackling sounds from the cake. Before you know it, they were pushed away from the cake and the cake explodes with lots and lot of colors.
  • Rei:Pranking his S/O is secretly his forté, alright. He would use all of his mathematic and physic skills to angrily throw a "brand new" flat-screen TV outside of the balcony in front of his S/O. Turns out, the "brand new" flat-screen TV was a couple of smashed up kiddie TV's in a box.
  • Rin:He would do something above and beyond to prove to his partner that he is the prank king. He would borrow Gou's shoes and put them by the front door, and then have Nitori in a long blonde wig and red lingerie in the kitchen. When his partner arrives home and opens the front door, Rin comes out of his bedroom almost half-naked and Nitori faces away Rin's partner, showing off his back. His partner was really close to dumping him until they realized that it was Nitori who was dressed up... in their own lingerie.
  • Sousuke:While his S/O is at work, he would do the ol' razzle dazzle prank call. He would dial up with *67 first and wait for his S/O to pick up.
  • "Yes, hello? This is [Y/N] speaking."
  • "Is this the Krusty Krab?"
  • "Bye."
  • Nitori:Pranking his S/O is NOT his forté. The poor boy doesn't want to break his partner's heart, so he does something a little light. Nitori swaps his S/O's clothes inside-out and waits for his S/O to realize that they're wearing their sweater wrong.
  • Seijuro:You are looking at the legend of pranks right here. Mr. Mikoshiba would leave a fake poop that has a terrible odor besides the couch and casually say to his S/O, "I accidentally took a #2 in the living room. Mind cleaning it up for me?" His S/O, looking all disgusted and stuff, sighs and tries to pick it up with a broomstick. After several attempts of picking it up, Seijuro laughs out of nowhere and helps them picking up the fake poo.
  • Momotaro:It's not like he's going to leave a fake cockroach on his S/O's pillow... He's going to leave it inside his S/O's favorite dish during a romantic at-home dinner! After his S/O shrieks in fear, he makes it up with popcorn and Netflix-- no bugs allowed.
  • Gou:The queen of pranks shall be off with her head in a pizza box. Okay, it starts off with a small table that has a hole big enough to fit her head through and a table cloth to cover the table and her body. The bottom of the pizza box and the pizza are cut in a hole to stick her head through, leaving the top of the pizza box covering the head. When her S/O comes home to the smell of pizza, he'll be surprised what's in it.
  • Kisumi:He would ding-dong-ditch his S/O's house, leaving various notes one at a time such as "I love you -your secret admirer," "I'm crazy for you -your secret admirer," and "I can see your face right now -your secret admirer." If his S/O called Kisumi about this crazy secret stalking admirer, he would come out of the bush to reveal himself.
  • "I am so, so sorry for scaring you, babe. Kiss me?"
  • *SLAP*

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Can we get the boys cuddling with their s/o?

Hi, anon! Thanks for sending in our first request! Hope you enjoy these cuddling headcanons!

~ Admin Jaye

It’s no surprise that Haru’s favorite cuddling spot is… well, anywhere in the water. The tub is obviously the first choice, since it’s close quarters though in the ocean, he’ll still latch onto his partner so they don’t drift too far from him.

Makoto is––unsurprisingly––a giant teddy bear. He likes to make sure that he and his partner have found a comfortable position in bed and from there, snuggling commences and he stays curled up next to them for the entire night.

Nagisa is fidgety. He always finds it hard to stay still––it’s only when his partner nuzzles up to him that he calms down. He’ll hug them tight and play with their hair before dozing off.

Rei is difficult to pin down. He wasn’t always the biggest fan of cuddling––numbed limbs just aren’t pleasant. It’s only once he finds the optimal position, a process in itself, that he can lay down for some good quality snuggling.

With Rin, cuddling is usually preceded by some play fighting. He and his partner will wrestle on the bed, and it usually ends ends up with his partner collapsing on top of him afterwards.

If you can believe it, Sousuke is the most cuddly of all. More often than not, he’s the one who won’t hesitate to wrap his arms around his partner and snuggle into their body, despite the fact that he’s (most likely) the larger one.

Nitori is a shy cuddler. Usually his partner has to initiate but once he relaxes, things are absolutely peachy. If he’s really tired, he’ll doze off in his partner’s arms without a second though.

Cuddling is somewhat difficult when considering Momo’s high energy levels. Nevertheless, if his partner manages to calm him down, he’s quite the active snuggler. He’ll even go so far as to cling to them like a koala.


Seijuurou is a fan of anything that allows physical contact with his partner, so he’s always down for cuddling. He’ll stroke their hair and ask how their day went––calm Sei is always a treat after a long day.


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