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by DannyKamijou

Makoto finds himself in a situation he experienced before - he doesn’t want to live anymore. Therefore he has to go through the therapy at a special place called Dreamland once again but once he returns, he gets back his memories and earns another chance to find and keep his happiness…

Words: 2685, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Fanfics Where A Character Has Mental Illness

Bad: I am no longer mentally ill because I fell in love! Mental illness begone! No more suffering! Nothing but good days from here on! :)

Good: I still have my mental illness, but I’ve found someone who will stick by my side and is there for me when I hit my lows. They support me and understand me and are more than happy to help me when I have my breakdowns/ help me recover because they love me and I love them. 


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Artist :  南條パピ子 (pixiv / twitter)



for those who can’t wait anymore, here are the subs for the makoharu pool scene! [x]