• Mako: Oh, hey, chief. Did you get my report on the triad murder?
  • Lin: Yeah, I looked it over. Nice work.
  • Mako: Good. Thanks, mom.
  • Lin: ...
  • Mako: Why is everyone staring at me?
  • Asami: You just called Chief Beifong "mom."
  • Mako: What? No, I didn't. I said, "thanks, ma'am."
  • Lin: Do you see me as a mother figure, Mako?
  • Mako: No. If anything, I see you as a "bother" figure, 'cause you're always bothering me.
  • Korra: Hey, show your mother some respect!

What do you want me to do? Dress in drag and do the Hula?

PS. I found this in YouTube. All credit goes to the owner.


LOK Fancast - The Krew (pictures are edited of course)

Korra - Q'orianka Kilcher (Quecha-Huachipaeri/German)
Asami Sato - Arden Cho (Korean American)
Mako - Sung Joon (South Korean)
Bolin - Andre Paras (Filipino)

Rei Ryugazaki: Now, let’s say you haven’t eaten for days and you’re in desperate need of a sandwich. What do you do?
Nagisa Hazuki: I walk over Mako-chan’s house and have him make me a sandwich.
Rei Ryugazaki: Okay, yes. But Makoto-senpai’s not there.
Gou Matsuoka: Where’s Makoto-senpai?
Rei Ryugazaki: It’s not important where he is. He’s gone. He left the country.
Gou Matsuoka: He left the country? Why? Is he okay?
Rei Ryugazaki: Yes, he’s fine!
Nagisa Hazuki: Well, if he’s fine, I don’t see why he couldn’t make me a sandwich.

Korra was undecided about what to do about Mako. She specifically expresses that Thank You may not be enough. Mako says their bond is so strong it is unnecessary to say thank you. Mako is injured and almost lost his life but he thinks he will do it again for Korra and the Krew for he lives for this. Asami cries for losing her Dad whom she didnt give a shit about for 5 years promptly making it all about her. Asami says she wouldn’t know what she would so of she lost Korra too. Yeah, hello, Korra ALMOST LOST HER LIFE AND DID A SUPER DANGEROUS THING LIKE OPENING A FUCKING SPIRIT PORTAL. And then basically has Korra apologise to her for "putting her through that" a life and death situation which INVOLVED KORRA'S LIFE AND KORRA'S AVATAR SPIRIT FUCKING NOT ASAMI IN ANY FUCKING WAY. So, this is one of the principal reasons why I dislike Korra/sami and I love Makorra because even as a friend Mako knows what to do and say and not act like a self-centered narcissistic piece of shit. I mean seriously Asami life doesn’t revolve only around her. What the hell were the writers thinking? Asami never celebrates any of Korra’s achievements nor does she embrace how far Korra has come. She only acts like some propagandist saying “oh, the world needs you ‘cause you are the avatar” wtf advice is that. At least Mako specifies they all needed Korra for Korra. Korra doesn’t have to do avatar duties all the time when she is healing at that moment because she is well not in a good place. She needs someone to remind her what she stands for as herself as well as avatar. Mako does this all the time. Asami just repeats rote memorisation things. This coupledom is BADLY written. It serves no one and shows Asami as a self-centered, spoiled rich girl who only gives a damn when it is about her. Mako caring and loving Korra with no relationship goals is something that Korra could use rather than a vacation Asami (I mean seriously the person who went through shit is Korra not Asami; Asami has been able to live her life whatever fucking way she wanted since B1). Korra is pushed aside in HER OWN FUCKING STORY to make room for a ship. This is a tragedy.






I fell asleep while reading Hana no Miyako de by Rihito Takarai and had a Makoharu dream (lol….IDK) so I drew the only thing I remember…..

Little Makoto feels very sad and runs away from home…  he eventually gets to a very pretty garden and starts crying ( uhmm….)

Little Haru (who’s been secretly watching from behind a pillar) gets curious and asks Makoto why he’s crying.

Makoto is startled by the little boy staring at him…


that’s all I remember lol..

why was Mako-chan crying/feeling sad?

what do you think happens next?


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It’s okay officer, I can take her from here.” Briareos grumbled, shooing the one police officer away and looking down at the energetic girl who sat opposite of him in the police interview room.

He sat down, but even then, Briareos absolutely towered over the girl in the other chair.”Okay Mako, what’d they catch you doing this time?” His tone less stern and more friendly, almost parental.

Obviously he knew Mako wasn’t a criminal, but her personality did often land her in a bit of trouble. Whatever it was she was being charged with, he planned on letting her off the hook.

The Genius' "What do you admire about the other members?" 755 corner lol

I’m sure you must all be very curious about what this incredible genius might be thinking about your beloved favorite members. (If you think you’re not, you must be just in a state of confusion. Everything will get better, don’t worry.)
Well, anyway… it all started because of something she said…

Maybe she wished she never said it lol
After this…they just kept coming X°°D
Will your oshimen be among the one she got asked about?
Let’s see :P
I’ll just put them all here. Enjoy.

So, how did you like this corner? XD
I have to say I quite enjoyed it. It was nice. To be honest, reading some members’ 755 talks is getting one of my ways of soothing myself after work lol
In any case, after all this…could there not be someone mentioning what she admires about Yuria? So…her she is. Ms. Salt again, y'all!

As a fan, seeing Yuria surrounded by great people she can admire, and by some that really do care for her and properly are by her side, is really a relief and a wonderful thing :)