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apologies if someone's already asked you this, but - do you think any of the inners could have done uranus and neptune did, and pretend to betray usagi?

In reference to events with Galaxia!

I think there’s two ways to look at this. And I know you said “could”, but I want to address the “would” part first. Given similar circumstances facing Haruka and Michiru, WOULD the Inners pretend to betray Usagi?

On that, I would say no way. Even Haruka and Michiru didn’t go into their meeting with Galaxia with this as their top plan. It was a desperate attempt to snatch victory from what they saw as inevitable defeat. The Inners were dead, Usagi was alone (never a great state for Usagi), and their best efforts to defeat Galaxia didn’t even phase her. The entire world was at stake, and there was nothing anyone could do.

That’s the key. Haruka and Michiru did not believe they, Hotaru, Pluto, and Usagi could win.

The Inners wouldn’t be beaten down to that point, not even if positions were entirely reversed and they’d seen the Outers killed. Maybe their attacks were rebuffed, maybe things looked dire as hell. But they BELIEVE in themselves and Usagi. They believe that together they can defeat anything. Pretending to betray Usagi is accepting that standing with her cannot result in victory. And yeah, just no way.

But let’s set that aside. WOULD they? If they believed it was their best (only?) chance to win?

We’ll start easy. Minako could. Whatever else anyone – particularly Usagi – thought of her, Minako could take it. Minako’s practical. Minako remembers what loss – huge final end of everything loss – feels like. But while I say she could take whatever the others thought of her, I think that if they believed, genuinely in their hearts believed that she’d betray them, it’d kill her. Another secret Minako must keep.

Also easy is Mako. I just can’t see any scenario where Mako would lose faith enough to be able to turn on her friends. Mako would be yelling with her dying breath about how anyone could. Mako would believe in the power of her own two fists to beat the enemy into submission before she’d stop believing in any of them. Even if she WANTED to pretend to betray them, she’d fucking suck at it. Mako for Team Good Guys, always.

Ami is a lot more difficult to decide. I think she could, though. I think she’d have to absolutely have no faith left at all. Ami, at her most logically detached. The thing with Ami that we see consistently throughout the series is how she never loses sight of the bigger picture. This isn’t just them (if it were just them, I don’t think she’d ever consider standing apart from the others), it’s every living thing on earth. They know what Galaxia is capable of, there’s no question what she’ll do if she wins. Ami checks the numbers again. WHEN Galaxia wins. Ami’s heart sinks, because math doesn’t lie.

REI YOU DO VEX ME ON THIS. I keep going back and forth, which is a rare burst of Rei-centric indecision from me. The problem is the idea of “could” and “would” again, which feels a bit cheating since I already covered it, right? Thing is, I believe Rei COULD pretend to betray Usagi and the others. “Making The Hard Choices” is Chapter Three of The Rei Hino Handbook. She isn’t going to be swayed by what anyone would think of her for it, not even Usagi. At the same time though, I just can’t think of a scenario, not even this one, so grave that Rei would admit defeat. Because “Telling The World To Go Fuck Itself I Will Never Give Up” is Chapter TWO in The Rei Hino Handbook. Rei has utter confidence in herself. She believes in her friends without hesitation. She’s had faith in Usagi’s capacity to rise above herself from literally their first moments.

I’m not sure it entirely feels i’m answering there, but it’s the most honest response I have. Rei COULD. I just don’t think Rei ever be brought to the point where she WOULD.

Of course the hitch in all of this is Usagi. Part of what sold Haruka and Michiru was that Usagi herself wasn’t sure. There is absolutely no part of Usagi that’s going believe any of her girls are just “Okay, evil now!” Which opens up another facet where Usagi (who is a little quicker and craftier sometimes than given credit for) catches what’s going on and is part of the plan. BUT ANOTHER TIME PERHAPS AS THAT IS ALL A BIT OUTSIDE THE SCOPE OF YOUR QUESTION.


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hi I love your writing, it's so cute ^ω^ would mind writing a scenario where makoto and sousuke were nervous to ask their crush out because they look cold and have a resting bitch face but turns out they're just completely shy and awkward around people? sorry if it got too specific

Ah, no worries dear nonnie, it’s alright if its too specific :) And thank you for the compliment ( ^ω

“Come on, Makoto, you can do this..” The olive haired male murmured to himself in an attempt to pump him up. As he was about to around the corner, he froze and quickly stepped back into his original position and lowered his head into his hands. “Ahh…what if they reject me? What’ll I do…come on, Mako-” “Why are you standing there…mentally beating yourself up?” Makoto immediately looked up and saw you standing there looking at him with a raised eyebrow, and still looking as annoyed as ever. “I-uh….” Makoto struggled for words before he finally took a deep breath, and slapped both of his cheeks, startling you to the point of making you jump a little. “Um, Mak-” “Hey(Name)Iwaswonderingwhetherornotyou’dbeinterestedingoingoutwithmethisSunday?” Makoto blurted out in one breath, and ended up having a coughing fit by the time he finished. “Whoa…ever heard of taking a breath before?” You laughed lightly as you patted his back with a small smile. “…And sure.” “Huh?” Makoto looked up at you shocked, and his cheeks dusted with a light shade of pink. Whether it was from your answer or blood rushing to his head, you didn’t know, but you found it adorable. “I said, sure. I’ll go out with you this Sunday.” You smiled shyly as his face went erupted into multiple shades of red. “R-Really?” “Mhm…text me about the details later” You scribbled down your number onto his arm and smiled as you walked away from him. As you rounded the corner, you heard Makoto exclaim with glee, and you couldn’t help the large grin that spread across your face.

Sousuke paced back and forth as he tried to order his thoughts. How will he execute his plan? At what time will this take place? Where? However, that all went down the drain when he saw walk right past him, making him scurry his way over to you. “Hey, (Name). How’s it going?” You glanced over to the side where Sousuke was currently walking beside you and shooting you a grin. “Good…I guess.” “Good…not angry?” “No…I always look like this…” “Right…so uh…I was wondering if you’d like to go out. With me. Sometime.” You stopped in your tracks and looked at him shocked, making him wonder if he said anything wrong. “…Are you being serious right now?” “Uhh…yes…?” You looked at him with raised eyebrows, and he looked back at you with the exact same expression. “I’m sorry I asked.” Sousuke said quietly and started to turn away when you gently grabbed his arm. “Wait, Sousuke…” “Hm?” He looked over his shoulder at you with questioning teal orbs. “…I’d really like that…” You murmured quietly and looked down to the ground with reddening cheeks. “Really?” He asked with a small smile, which quickly turned into a grin when you nodded you head. “How about I pick you up tomorrow night at seven then?” “Sounds good to me.”