BTS REALITY SHOW “The Reunion Special”

Heechul: Welcome bitches ~ I’m Heechul and tonight I’ll be hosting the reunion special you’ve been waiting for.

Key: /struts out as a crew member drags out a chair for him to sit in/ Make way peasant the queen has arrived~

Heechul:/what the hell/ Um wait what the fuck is this?

Key: Your co-host /smiles as he sits flawlessly/

Heechul: Um excuse me? I think you’re mistaken. If you’re looking for the “bad girls club” they’re down ratings.

Key: And if you’re looking for “Botched” I can call and have you set up an appointment. Your nose is looking a little crooked.

Heechul:/sips his tea/ And so is that hairline

Key:/scoffs/ Someones having a dry spell

Heechul: Jonghyun your bitch is barking!

Key:/lets out a petty laugh as he looks at the camera/ You’ve watched them’ve watched them grow. Army I give you BTS! 

BTS:/comes out all fly as fuck/ 

Heechul:/looking at himself in the mirror touching his nose/ Nose crooked my ass~

Key: So boys it’s been quite a while since we’ve last seen you, what have you been up to?

Namjoon: We’ve been doing great~ I mean we’ve been on tour and recently won a billboard award. Its just been crazy and hectic in a good way. Our time has been mainly consumed with hard work you know preparing for our next album.

Jimin:/smiling as he happily shows off the billboard award/

Namjoon:/chuckles/ He hasn’t put it down since we won

Heechul:/laughs/ That’s so cute

Hoseok: And Jungkook hasn’t put him down since../forgets what he what he was gonna say cause he high af/

Jungkook:/holding Jimin/ Hyung I have no idea what you’re talking about?

Key: Wait…I thought Jimin was with Suga and jungkook was with v? 

Heechul: /scratches his head/ Did..we miss something?

Jimin:/laughs/ It’s complicated~

V:/expensive laugh and talks in a rich high voice/ Oh yeah you did~/crosses his legs as he pushes his Gucci shades up and sits in his expensive fur coat/

Jin:/sighs shaking his head/

Heechul: Um..V…you seem different..

V: You know I just feel like this year is about, like, the year of realizing things and stuff. You knoooooow?

Key:/whispers to Heechul/ why is he talking like that?

Jin: Taehyung has been on a bit of a do you say..Gucci High

Yoongi: Everything he has must be first we uh thought nothing of it you know. We just thought “oooh heey it’s just’s just a brand” but oooooh were we wrong

V: You know you’re just too much hyung~ he’s just ungrateful of what I’ve done for them


V: /sighs/ I helped you..I helped all of you~

Yoongi:/scoffs/ Yeah right


Jungkook: No one!You literally dressed Jimin by force this morning 

Jimin:/in a small voice/ Yeah..he…he did

V: Well at Least I’m not on steroids /glares at Jungkook/

Hoseok:/laughs all chill/ I knew it 

Jungkook: Bitch you don’t know shit! My muscles are as real and natural as Jimin’s ass

Jimin:Jibooty is all real and natural~ I even joined Sehun’s twerk team


Jimin: /pouts as he sighs/ Come on don’t be like that


Hoseok: Me bitch these hips do not lie

Jin:/pulls out a a bottle of vodka opening it/

Key:/gasps/ Jin when did you start drinking?

Heechul:/notices Jin’s sudden dark demeanor and choice of style/ Jin what the hell are you wearing? /gasps/ Are you going through menopause? 

Jin: No you dumbass! Since the show started these little assholes have been driving me crazy and namjoon /sighs as he sips his vodka/ his ass just…

Namjoon: Jin’s just under a lot of stress that’s all


Jin:/drinking his vodka/ I mean do you not hear this shit?! And fucking Namjoon started a fire in the shower this morning…a fucking fire..LIKE HOW DOES ONE EVEN DO THAT?!

Heechul:/looks into the camera as if he’s in the office/

Key: And I thought suho was fucked..


Jungkook:/stands up holding jimin like he’s a puppy/ UM JUNGKOOK DIDN’T AGREE TO ANYTHING /turns to taehyung/ The fuck is he talking about?!



V: Oh now you want to talk about our son?

Jungkook: Don’t you fucking start with me! He’s not mine!

V: I was better off as a single parent anyways YOU DEADBEAT!

Key: Hoseok looks like he wants to say something!

Hoseok:/seriously lost in thought/ Why do we get IN a car but ON a bus?

Jin: I’m fucking out of here /gets up and walks off/


Jin: TO KEN’S /keeps walking/

Namjoon: THE HELL YOU AREN’T /gets up storming after him/

Jimin:/pouts/ eomma and appa are mad~

Yoongi:/watching hoseok/… Dude…what the hell are you on?

Hoseok:/smokes his blunt/ some bad stuff dude

Jungkook:/arguing with Taehyung like he on an episode of maury/

Jimin:/trying to wiggle his little body out of Kookies strong grip/

Key: And that’s all the time we have folks!Thanks for watching this trainwreck~ I need a drink /gets up and leaves along with Heechul as chaos errupts on set/


  • (During the intro of Kaneshiro's Palace)
  • Queen: Y-You know what to do, right Joker?
  • Joker: Sure, of course I do. It's a secret weapon that I use for situations such as this.
  • Queen: A secret weapon, what kind?
  • Joker: Isn't it obvious? Look at that shadow's legs, I've blew them to smithereens and they still haven't healed. That's our chance.
  • Queen: What does it's legs have to do with your weapon?
  • Joker: My legs are in great shape!
  • Queen: So, what's the plan with your legs?
  • Joker: ...Run as fast as I can! Make way! Retreat everyone!
  • Queen: What is with this guy?!

Make way for the Queen 👑

Mixed (BAP, BTS, SEVENTEEN) reaction; when their gf is a respected multilingual celebrity in the US

(idols sorted by age)


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*so proud* imagine him seeing you walking on stage


*brags about you*


‘ah yes, i’m her boyfriend’ *honored* 


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*can’t stop talking about you*


“jagi, deabak” *can’t believe his luck*


*whenever he sees you* ‘hyungs, make way, the queen has arrived’ #cheekydork


*gets really happy and proud when he hears people talking about you*

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do you think that the music industry knows shes releasing soon? cause like so many ppl are releasing music. there is literally no one i can think of that is scheduled to release music in the 4th quarter. what a mf legend. the whole fucking industry is making way for her. what a queen.

I think everyone is expecting it and getting the fuck out of the way.

Season of HeartBreak~Kenny Omega~3

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Part 2

Part 1

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It’s been months since the last time you saw Kenny, how they went by without no phone call or a text. Nothing. 

He unfriended you from all the social media. He never knew that you had been training to become a wrestler. You were going to show what you were made from. This wasn’t last time he was going to see your face. Not for a bit. Things changed to a year where finally something was happening, you have been wrestling in different promotions but no one knew the real you. 

Who you were and where did you suddenly came from? Hidden behind a jester mask, red lipstick and you had dyed your hair a different color adding a different color at the ends of your hair. Dressing in color black and red, similar to Harley Quinn’s but you made it your own.

 One of your legs had a short while the other had long, you wore a vest with a tank top underneath with a logo of a hammer with the words, “ HA HA!.”

You always came out with a laughter sounding through the arena, through a rest mist with a smirk on your face carrying a blow up hammer that was red with a bow on the edge of it. 

You were “Scarlett Quinn,” the psychotic queen of dark matches. A chair to the head was nothing, you took the pain and didn’t feel it. Everyone’s attention became on you, they were impressed

. Booking you everywhere and anywhere.You were on your way to Ring of Honor signing a contract with them, making your way as the Psychotic Queen of Wrestling, the one woman who has an undefeated streak in wrestling.

“ Did you hear about Scarlett Quinn? She’s making her way here” Christopher Daniel spoke to Marty as the two were getting ready for the show. 

“ Who?” Marty asked knitting his eyebrows thinking to himself where has he heard that name before. Has he met her? 

“ She calls herself the Psychotic Queen of Wrestling” he answered Marty. Marty nodded to himself and stood there to think for a moment before it clicked to him. The girl that gets hit with a chair and nothing comes out of it.

“ She’s that Harley Quinn wannabe, right?” 

“ If she hears you talking to her about it, she won’t hesitate to put you in a submission”

“ I’m not afraid of some chick” 

Daniel’s shook his head before continuing getting ready. You walked through the door of the arena, mask on your face already rolling your suitcase. You already had signed your contract and everything was ready to go. 

“You’re Scarlett, right?” a voice stops you in your tracks. You turn to face Alex Shelly who was standing with Chris Sabin. 

“ I am, what’s it to you?” Chris chuckled, eyeing you up and down liking what he saw. Alex shook his head as he took a step towards you, “ You can hide underneath a mask all you want princess but sooner or later the mask will come off.” 

“ Try me Shelly” you looked up at him slightly due to the height difference squinting your eyes daring him to do something. He only smirked down at you before the two walked away.

“ That’s what I thought, keep walking!” you shouted at their backs, the two waved you off. You noticed someone was watching you. He had on a dark, fur coat with an umbrella in his hands and in the other he held a mask. His hair was in a small bun with round glasses on his eyes. 

“ Keep staring, you’re eyes are going to fall out sooner or later” the man smirked turning his body to you as he made his way to stand in front of you. Using his umbrella, he leaned on it looking down at you. 

“ You must be Scarlett that I’ve heard so much about. My name is Marty Scurll”
“ Keep your eyes to yourself Villain, I know who you are and let me walk away before I fall asleep at the sight of your face” 

Marty was shocked to hear the words coming out of your mouth, he gritted his teeth, “ Listen here, you little-”

“ A word of advice Scurll, close your mouth or you could always put it to better use. Words bore me truly, now if I were you. I’d let me go before my fist connects with your face. I will make it unpretty” 

Marty looked down at the small fierce woman standing in front of him. Her eyes captivate him and her attitude made her so much better. He was going to like her being here. He steps back of  her to pass, “ Until next time Quinn.” 

You simply walked away making sure he watched as you swayed your hips side to side and your head held up high making sure heads turn at the sight of you. That they did. 

Coming from your match that you had with Jenny Rose, one of your favorite matches. She was one of the woman that were on top around here and you were going to change that. That was your picture to take. As you took off the tape around your wrist, you were faced to face with Marty once again.
Panting, you stopped in your tracks as you looked at him seeing he was wearing his mask and having his umbrella over his shoulder with a hat on his head. You could see his trunks peeking out from underneath his coat with an umbrella.

“ Cute gear” you muttered to him.He moved his head to face you, tilting his head and not saying anything before he walked past you. Gasping feeling a tap on your ass, turning around you hear him cackle. Did he just smack you with his umbrella on your ass? How dare he? He got some nerve, stomping back to change and hitting the shower. You were going to have a talk with him. Who the hell does he think he is? 

You waited for Marty to get done with his match, waiting for him with your hands on your hips.As  Marty walks backstage, he stops in his tracks to see you. His mask is off and he’s just in his wrestling trunk, panting and sweaty from his match. 

“ Can I help you darlin’?” 

“ Yes you can, what was that before with your umbrella and my ass?”
He chuckled shrugging walking past you. Oh no he didn’t, you caught up with him taking his wrist turning him around. 

“ You are going to tell me what the hell that was before I make your face un-pretty” 

“ Okay! Okay! Relax!” He put his hands up before adding, “ I like you, not like that. Like we would make good friends, you know. You got under my skin, I get under yours. Who know’s, maybe I’ll need a partner one day or we could have a match.” 

“ I’ll think about it” 

From that day, you and Marty grew closer. He never saw your face though which slightly made him upset but you explained it to him that maybe one day when he’s earn your full trust, you will show him. He just saw your eyes, hears your laughter, and loves to get under your skin like he always does.  

Things changed you and Marty were heading to Japan for where you and Marty were tagging together for a match. You were beyond excited, this was the first time you and Marty will be partners.

“ I want you to meet some people once we get there” he mutters to you sitting next to you on the plane. 

“ Alright, do I know these people?” he shrugs.  

“ Possibly, you’ll see. You’ll love them” you nodded, hoping he’s right looking out the window hoping everything will turn out okay. You’re mind goes to Kenny wondering how was he doing, the last time you heard him was when he took care of you that night. He never spoke to you right after, that was uncalled for and it hurt a lot. You lost your best friend and the man you thought that took your heart. The man you thought meant everything to you. He just left without a word. That hurts. Wait, you were going to Japan meaning you might run into him or the bucks. Was Marty talking about them?Turning to him, you glance seeing he was taking a selfie for his Instagram. Marty has been a good friend to you so far, but something else was bothering you. You haven’t quit understood or grasp to what it was. 

“ Go to sleep darlin’ I will wake you up when we land” He says, leaning over kissing the side of your head before smiling down at you. You nodded, closing your eyes leaning your head on his shoulder finding comfort in his presence before dozing off. The next thing you know is Marty shaking you awake. 

“ Huh? What?” you sat up blinking. 

“ We’re here” he says already standing up waiting for you. 

“ I slept through the whole plane ride?” He nodded getting his carrier bag from above before giving your backpack to you. You followed him off the plane to get your suitcase. You just wanted a bed and more sleep. 

“ My friends are picking us up” he informed you once you got your suitcases with you. You looked up at him giving him a small nod as you followed him out. The Japan fans screamed both your names seeing you together. You can only speak a little bit, signing autographs and taking pictures. 

“ Marty!” you hear three voices yell all at once. Marty smiled greeting the three while you turned to the side. Once the three greet one another, Marty stepped to the side.

“ Boys, this Scarlett, she is the one you all heard about” your eyes got wide seeing who was standing in front of you. It felt like the air out of you got sucked out as you stared at your ex best friend and your other supposedly friends. Kenny still looked the same as he was before, he had a small smile on his face while the Bucks were waving to you. They all looked the same, you found yourself feeling sick.

Running to the stall in the bathroom, you emptied your stomach from whatever you had holding your hair back. 

Kenny was here. He was friends with Marty. Why didn’t Marty tell you? After you flushed the toilet and washing your hands. Looking into the mirror, you fixed your hair closing your eyes for a moment. 

You can do this Y/N, you thought. Kenny doesn’t know who you are neither does the Bucks. It was going to be okay or was it? Opening the door, you walked out making your way to the guys standing in front of them. You could just smell his scent. 

“ You look more badass in person” Nick says. Matt laughed rolling his eyes, “ He has a small crush on you. Don’t mind him. I’m Matt and that’s Nick and this Kenny. Nice to meet you Scarlett. We heard so much about you from this guy” he pats Marty on the shoulder as Marty chuckles. You looked at four, taking a deep breath through your nose. How were you going to maintain yourself?

perfection thy name is Breaking News

I’ve been hording the last two updates of Breaking News – my brilliant wifey’s A-Team inspired AU (if you haven’t read yet, FOR SHAME) – because she’s been on bit of hiatus with the fic, but I finally caved as @thatmasquedgirl​ next posting is this Friday, June 2. Getting to read two chapters back-to-back was an absolute beautiful joy. My heart is so happy that I cannot wipe the grin off my face, even if Roy is at a two (but I totally agree with Felicity’s no take-backsies).

If you haven’t read BN (what the heck is wrong with you?) you may be surprised that a lot of it is told from Laurel’s POV – with this tale Masque has reminded me of the Laurel I liked in mid-season one after she stop snarling at Oliver for every little thing and was making heart eyes at Tommy and being a pretty kick ass lawyer. Why couldn’t we have kept that Laurel? If you haven’t read (I might un-follow you) don’t let that stop you because the focus of this story is very much Team Arrow [OTA with Roy style] and seeing how they interact and experiencing Laurel trying to figure them out is truly delightful, especially in chapters 15 and 16.

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I was wondering if you thought Rhaenys, Rhaenyra, and Daena should have been allowed to ascend the throne? Would they have made good queens in their own rights?

“Should have” is a tricky question. By normal Andal laws of succession, where a man’s daughter succeeds before his younger brother, then yes, Rhaenys (only child of the deceased crown prince Aemon) should have been made Jaehaerys I’s heir and not his second son Baelon, and Daena (daughter of Aegon III) should have gained the throne ahead of her uncle Viserys II. (Daena’s sisters Rhaena and Elaena should also have come before Viserys). Rhaenyra is an even more tricky question per those laws, as she had younger brothers, but in her case her father Viserys I had named her as his heir and not revoked that decree (which the lords of Westeros had sworn to honor) after her brothers were born.

However, because Jaehaerys I selected Baelon ahead of Rhaenys (and also because Jaehaerys I was made king and not one of the daughters of his older brother), and because of the Great Council where Rhaenys was passed over again as well as her son, and also because of the fact that Andal and First Men ruling queens just don’t seem to exist (see King Joffrey Lannister né Lydden, married to the daughter of the Lannister King of the Rock), or not for long (see Argella Durrandon and Marla Sunderland), there was an understood precedent that a woman could not succeed to the throne as a ruling queen. One precedent and custom vs another precedent and custom, and as GRRM says,

There are no clear cut answers, either in Westeros or in real medieval history. Things were often decided on a case by case basis. A case might set a precedent for later cases… but as often as not, the precedents conflicted as much as the claims. […] The medieval world was governed by men, not by laws. You could even make a case that the lords preferred the laws to be vague and contradictory, since that gave them more power. In a tangle like the Hornwood case, ultimately the lord would decide… and if some of the more powerful claimants did not like the decision, it might come down to force of arms. The bottom line, I suppose, is that inheritance was decided as much by politics as by laws. In Westeros and in medieval Europe both.

So, even if I think these women “should have” been “allowed” to ascend the throne, it’s not up to me and it’s not even up to what one particular law code says. It’s up to politics – that is, who’s got the most support behind them – and force of arms – that is, who’s got the bigger and better army. Politics are specifically why Daena and her sisters were passed over (after a decade in the Maidenvault, they had few supporters, and then there was Daena’s “defiant” reputation, and also Rhaenyra led to bad memories of ruling queens). And as for force of arms… well, that’s the whole Dance of the Dragons right there.

Regarding your second question… first of all, if Rhaenys had been selected as Jaehaerys’s heir and not her uncle, then pretty much all of Westeros history would be different. Though it would set a precedent more amenable to ruling queens, Rhaenyra wouldn’t have been in line for the throne (the heir would be her first husband, Rhaenys’s son Laenor, and after him their sons who weren’t actually Laenor’s sons). Plus with all the different factors in play, it’s possible that Rhaenyra would never have married Daemon (as he was married to Rhaenys’s daughter before her, so there’s his stake) and so Aegon III and Viserys II wouldn’t exist, nor Aegon’s three daughters. And if Rhaenyra had been able to keep her throne, god knows what the history would be like there; Aegon might not have been her eldest surviving son, nor married who and when he did, so Daena and her sisters wouldn’t necessarily exist there either. So since Rhaenys becoming queen wouldn’t lead to Rhaenyra or Daena becoming queen, and Rhaenyra staying queen wouldn’t necessarily lead to Daena becoming queen, I have to take each question separately, without an established precedent.

Anyway. I do think Rhaenys would have made a good queen. As we see her in the Dance, at age 55, she was fierce, fearless, decisive, an excellent dragonrider… the only thing close to a fault we know she had was her “fiery temper” (which kept her husband from acknowledging his bastards Addam and Alyn while she lived). When Jaehaerys I died, Rhaenys would have been 29, with her hero-adventurer husband Corlys Velaryon by her side, and her 10-year-old daughter Laena and 9-year-old son Laenor, both dragonriders as well… perfectly suitable in all ways. The eventual trouble of the succession (because of Laenor’s homosexuality and his sons that very obviously weren’t his) … well, that might not even happen (Laenor might not marry Rhaenyra, Rhaenyra might never encounter Harwin Strong), but either way it shouldn’t be a slight on Rhaenys’s rule. If there is a Dance (possibly led by Daemon championing Laena and their daughters over Laenor’s not-sons), it would come after her death. The only real question I have there is if Rhaenys’s children would change their surname to Targaryen, or if the royal family would be called Velaryon during (and after) her rule.

Rhaenyra… alas, we did see what she was like as a ruler, and she was petty, vengeful, paranoid, cruelly unjust, and wildly spendthrift. (Even allowing for unreliable narrators and biased accounts of the history, some of it must be true.) Also, her not-very-secret-bastard heirs would lead to even more trouble down the road. Maybe if there weren’t a Dance of the Dragons, maybe if she hadn’t had younger brothers challenging her authority (and her sons), maybe if she’d had better marriages (and better heirs), she’d be a better person and a better ruler… but if the only way to make Rhaenyra a good queen is to change history to give her a personality transplant… then, no, I can’t say she’d’ve been a good queen if she’d been able to keep her throne.

Daena is another one where her history makes it difficult to judge her potential. As she was when Baelor died – angry, rebellious, mother of a bastard (whose father she refused to name), with few to no allies or political nous because of 10 years locked away from society – no, she very probably would not have been a good queen. If you change history so that Daeron I marries her (instead of staying unwed and making her marry Baelor), well, Daena probably wouldn’t ever be a ruling queen, but as a queen consort and probable queen regent for her son, she probably wouldn’t have been bad. If you change history so that Baelor never locks Daena and her sisters in the Maidenvault, so that she can keep active in the King’s Landing political scene, there’s much more potential there, a much greater chance of Daena making a case against Viserys. (Lord knows what her personality would be like, though.) Though of the three Maidens in the Tower, Daena’s youngest sister Elaena really would have been the best ruling queen, I think.

Hope that answers your question! Any follow up needed, just let me know. :)

The Bourgeois Twins 👑🐝

In which Chloé and her sister Amber meet after Amber returns from studying abroad. @ferisae @conugonzalez

To be continued, just a small start.

“Daddy!” The screeching scream of the high pitched banshee echoed through the Hotel’s main lobby. “I’m home!” Amber walked in swinging her hips from side to side as if though she owned the place. Chloé, simply rolled her eyes and turned around to face her sister.

Amber had been studying abroad in London, staying with their mom to get a better hang of the english language. Chloé would only be able to describe her sister as being identical to her, yet with a slightly pointier nose, eyes lacking as much color as hers, Chloé had always had bluer eyes than Amber, and a slightly less shiny blond her. Overall, a less pretty Chloé, at least in her point of view.

“Hello, Amber. Welcome.” The butler bowed directing towards the young blond girl, she barely acknowledge and walked forth, giving him her prada hand bag. “I’ll go into my room then. Chloé, could you help me arrange my stuff?” “There are thousands of workers in the hotel sis, why don’t you go ask any of them?” “Oh come on Chlo, is that the way to greet your older sister?” “You are older by A MINUTE Amber, plus my nails haven’t dried, you can carry your bags yourself.”

Amber made a small pout, “okay then”, she said, “I’ll do that, don’t worry.” She clicked the elevator’s up arrow and left with a ding. “Ugh, how am I gonna survive summer with her here.” Chloé checked her nails again, and placed a 3 minute timer on her cellphone to make sure her nails dried off.

Amber opened the doors to her room. The vantage point of her father having a hotel was that she had a room to herself, no roomies like her school in London, so escaping would be significantly easier. Specially with her father busy, and her sister hanging out with Sabrina. “Bee, you can come out now!” the yellow kwamii flew out twirling.

“Finally, some fresh air. Your bag is so stuffy!” “Sorry Bee, that was only during the flight home. What do you say we go and fly around the city?” “Of course Amber. Lets go.” The little kwamii smiled and with a transformé moi, Amber disappeared and in her place was Queen Bee.

“Well lets go, I’m dying to see my city from the sky.” She extended her wings, opened her window, and leapt into the sky. Making her way to the Eiffel tower.