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“Look, J. Jonah Jerkhead is besmirching your boyfriend’s name again!” Tony stated, placing a tablet in front of you open to a news article that read “Spider-Menace strikes again!”

You looked up at Tony with an unamused expression. “He’s not my boyfriend,” you stated.

“That’s only because both you and him are two shy to make the first move. So do it already!” Tony stated.

“You only showed this to me to open it up for you to nag me to ask him out,” you realized.

“Oh, did Y/N finally ask the Spider-kid out?” Clint asked, poking his head into the room.

“No!” you replied.

“I wish,” Tony said at the same time you spoke. “Clint, tell her she and Spidey would make a cute couple.”

“The cutest,” Clint agreed.

“Come on, does everyone know about my little crush?” you asked.

“Let’s see,” Tony said, leaving the room and coming back with Steve. “Steve, you’re oblivious as heck when it comes to flirting.”

“Tony,” Steve said in a warning tone.

“Who does Y/N have a crush on?” Tony gestured to you.

“Spider-Man,” Steve replied, confused as to why Tony was asking him.

“See, even Steve knows!”

You let out a frustrated grunt. “Yes, I have a crush on Spider-Man. No, I’m not going to ask him out.”

“You leave me no choice. Time to bring in the big guns.” A few moments later, a confused but cute teenager waked in. “Y/N, Peter Parker. AKA Spider-Man. AKA your new boyfriend. Have fun!”

Tony, Clint, and Steve left the room, leaving just you and Peter.

“So, uh, would you like to go on a date?” Peter asked, seeming rather shy. “I do think you’re pretty cute, and, uh, you apparently like me, so…”

You smiled. “Yeah, let’s go on a date,” you said.

How to say I love you {Jimin}

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Genre: Fluff

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He hated himself.

He hated himself because of you.

Why you ask?

Because he loves you.

There’s nothing bad about this at all but the is, is that you’re his best-friend. Never in his life did he ever think he’d fall for you but look at him now. More shy than ever and feel like he can’t even be near you. The smallest touch from that never bothered him now always made him freeze. Whenever you smiled he blushed and whenever he is just around you it always feels so right.

He’s got it bad if he had to say so himself.

There is never a day that you don’t cross his mind. Sometimes he feels like he’s going crazy.

He knows he loves you but he doesn’t want to admit it. But anyone could see right through him. Anyone but you that is. “Jimin!”

His head perks up from the sound if his name and was met with namjoon towering over him. “H-hyung?” a smirk grew upon namjoon’s face, “you’ve been staring at that wall for so long now, what’s going through that head of yours.” Jimin rolled his eyes already knowing where this was headed. “Nothing you’d care about I promise you that”, ever since the word of him liking you had gotten out, thanks to jungkook, the boys have teased him non-stop. “You sure?” “Yes”, jimin blushed. Namjoon chuckled and ruffled his black hair, “ah, it’s alright to think about the one you love chimchim.” Jimin only blushed more and grumbled a few words as he pushed away his  hyung’s hand away from his hair. “I wasn’t thinking about her.”

“Sure you weren’t and speaking of y/n, isn’t she coming over today?” They both looked over at hoseok, who was leaned onto the door frame of his room, with their brows raised.

“No, why do you ask?” he didn’t remember inviting you over. Well not that he had to anyway. “Tae said something about her coming here later.” Taehyung popped up and smiled as jimin glared at him.“I’m only trying to help you jiminie”, “help me, how?” Taehyung  parted his lips to speak but there was a sudden ring of a bell. “Well she’s here early.” 

Jimin’s eyes had widened already starting to freak out.

He heard your voice as you welcomed taehyung and his heart raced faster and faster as he heard you coming closer. The second your eyes met with his you lunged toward him bringing him into a tight hug. “Hi jimin!” You smiled excitedly as you hugged him. He already had his arms around you as instinct and cracked a shy smile. The others stood behind the two of you smiling and silently teasing him. Hoseok even took a picture. 

You parted from your best friend still smiling. You were always happy with him and loved him dearly. More than you should actually. “Welp, we’re just gonna…head out, see you two later!” Namjoon waved then grabbed hoseok’s and taehyung’s hands then dragged them out. Shutting the door behind them as the dashed away.

“Where are they going?”

“Beats me.”

Outside of his room taehyung and hoseok stood confused by namjoon wondering why he took them along. “Hyung what was that all about?” “Well you know it’s super obvious that jimin likes y/n”, “loves” taehyung corrected. “Right, anyway I know that she likes him to but there not gonna straight out tell each-other, and knowing jimin, he probably won’t even make the first move.” Hoseok laughed already teasing jimin and mocking  his shy gestures. “So what are we gonna do?”

“What are you guys doing?” They all turned and faced yoongi. “We were-” He cut off hoseok, “wait, does this concern me in anyway?” they shook their heads, “Then I don’t care.” Yoongi went on into the kitchen leaving the others to chat among them selves. 

“Maybe we could lock them in the room from the outside!” taehyung said excitedly. Hoseok furrowed his brows “how do we do that?” “with a chair, I’ve seen people do it in movies.” He shrugged “I guess we could do that.”

“How ‘bout it namjoon?” He looked quite unsure and scratched the top of his head. “Are you two talking about the love birds?” Yoongi asked. 

“I thought you didn’t care.”

“I don’t really but just leave the two alone.”

“But they’re in love yoongi, In love! they need to tell each other already.” Hoseok said

Yoongi shook his head “just let them be, they’ll confess on their own.”

You sat on his bed as he seemed to wonder around hid room and you wondered why he was acting so weird. “Jimin, why don’t you sit next me?” you patted the pace next to you. He paused but proceeded to make his way over and sat a comfortable distance from you. He stared at him, he fidgeted slightly. You sighed, “ok you have been acting weird since they ran out of the room, jiminie, what’s wrong?” And there it is. He knew you were going to ask and he knew he either had to tell you, or just lie completely. But he didn’t know what to do.

So he lied.

“It’s nothing.”

“Nothing my ass, come on tell me please it’s not it’s some terrible secret about me or something?” you joked but he didn’t even crack a smile. “Woe wait, is it?” “no, no, no I swear it’s nothing bad, well at least I hope so.” You’re eyes widened “hope so? what do you mean hope so?” whelp I’m in deep shit,  he sat silently playing the rings on his fingers. “Jimin you’re scaring me.”

“Just tell me please, I’m really worried here.” you playfully hit his arm in hopes he was just messing with you but he didn’t budge.  

You sighed and got up from the bed, “I guess i’m just gonna go-” “no wait!” you weren’t even near the door when he suddenly pulled you back. It was very unexpected and it’s a bit more surprising now that you see how close you are to him. There was no space between your bodies apart from your chests and faces. His arms circled your waist and oh how he wanted to just hold you tighter and pull you closer if possible. “J-jimin?” you could feel your cheeks begin to heat up. He stared at your face admiring every beautiful feature then looked into your beautiful (e/c) eyes. “I like you” he said. Both your eyes widened in shock. He didn’t mean to say it, it just slipped out.

Too late to back out now. “I mean I don’t like you, well I do, but, but what I’m trying to say is-” you cut him off by pressing your lips against his. You pulled away and giggled seeing the red on his cheeks and shocked expression. “I love you to pabo.” He smiled and became the cute and shy jimin you loved and he hid his face in the crook of your neck.

“Wait, what’s going on why did quiet suddenly?”

“Ow, move!”

“I’m trying to listen!”

“You’re to young to listen.”

“I am a grown man now for gods sake!”

You and jimin both gave a contempt look each-other. You opened the door and you jumped back when the boys toppled over one another in the room. “HI Y/N!” Jungkook looked up at you with a large grin. “What are guys doing?” you put your hands on you hips. “Definitely not ease dropping if that’s what you’re thinking…congratulations by the way.” you rolled your eyes but couldn’t help but smile. Yoongi walked by but backed tracked once he noticed the others. What the hell happened here?” “Jimin finally confessed to y/n ”, “well I confessed first”. “Whatever but I’m proud and I finally don’t have to hear jimin talk about you all day anymore” jin smiled. “I do not do that!” “whatever you say.”

“Aw that’s cute” you smirked at him.

“See what did I tell you, they worked it out on their own.”     

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went over to my friend’s house yesterday for some sword fighting, because he’s got a duel with someone, but also because it’s a good way to relax before finals and AP exams and all.
we used some old wooden boards he had, they were pretty short. our fight styles are very different which made things fun - he’s someone who fights smart. once the round starts he doesn’t go right away, just sort of twirls his sword and waits for a lapse in defense. i don’t like when he does this, which is why I always charge him immediately. good luck finding the perfect time to make the first move when I already made the first move ten seconds ago. he makes some good strategic hits but I like to just bash (though he figured out he can tire me out by making some solid blocks under my onslaught of bashing, or at least get me to recoil)
anyway I maybe shouldn’t have done as much bashing because the boards weren’t very flexible and our hands took a lot of the impact of the hits. my left hand is swollen into the imprint of the board lmao
anyway any of my followers know any good one-handed swords that can be used for hackin’ and whackin’ and smackin'


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“I was wondering if you could do an imagine where Jackson is making fun of your stretch marks when you wear shorts to school and Isaac stands up for you because he’s one of your best friends and he loves you?

Warnings: Bullying/swearing

Note: I can relate to this as I have stretch marks, and can I say if you are feeling self conscious about it, don’t be because every second person has them and a tiger has gotta earn their stripes right? :) xx

You knew it was going to be a bad day the minute you woke up with sweat literally dripping down your face. You felt gross with your whole body splayed out with the fan going at maximum speed, your covers left discarded on the floor. As you forced yourself out of bed to avoid the wrath of Coach you grunted in response to your mum yelling out to you that ‘It’s the hottest day so far this year on record, dress for it sweetie!’ from downstairs. 

You were standing in front of the mirror with your jeans on but already you could feel your thighs starting to sweat, you didn’t even know sweat could be produced from your freaking thighs. Thighs. The things you hated most about yourself. You weren’t a big girl by any means, you were healthy and in shape but somehow your body had forgot to tell your skin to keep up as it grew throughout puberty causing stretch marks to form. If you could get rid of anything in the world it would be stretch marks, well after you got rid of world hunger and poverty and all that, duh. 

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Console War: Xbox One- Kyle

Outside the school you came across an odd sight. Now that’s saying something giving you lived in South Park, so you were used to flying cows and alien abductions. But this was different. All of the guys in your grade were split into two groups and were staring down the other side. Curious, you walked over. “Hey dudes,” you said, “What’s up?”
                “Y/n!” Cartman yelled, “Get your bitch ass over here!” You arched an eyebrow an eyebrow. Kyle smacked him.
                “Don’t mind Cartman, Y/n. I know you’ll join us.”
                “Hold on!” Stan said, stepping up, “What makes you so sure she’ll side with you?” He looked at you. “Join us, Y/n.” You put your hands up.
                “Whoa, whoa. Hold on. Want’s this all about?”
                “Black Friday, ho,” Cartman said, pissed off, “Now come join team Xbox!”
                Realization dawned on you. This was the beginning of the Console War, the biggest war in gamer history. This was already a big decision, but to you, there was more to it. You, Y/n, were the only female gamer in junior year. You were a valuable asset to both sides. The decision you made would determine your life. It would make and break relationships. Xbox or PS4? You took a breath and chose…

You turned to Stan. “I’m sorry, dude. PS4 doesn’t have the seamless transition between games, movies, and TV offered by Xbox One.” Your friend looked at you sadly as you turned and walked over to the Xbox army.

                “Ha!” Cartman laughed, “Take that, Kenny!” With that, army Xbox left to HQ.

                A week later, you were training alone, needing to be at your physical peak for the Black Friday Battle. As you practiced your kicks, you felt as though you were being watched. Playing it cool, you continued to practice. Glancing around out of the corner of your eyes, you caught a flash of green. Suddenly, in a surprise attack, you spun around, grabbed, and pinned the possible spy. Shocked emerald green eyes stared up at you.

                “Kyle?” you asked, confused.

                “Hey, Y/n,” he said sheepishly. You sighed and stood up, holding your hand out. He took it and stood up.

                “What the fuck were you doing?” you asked.

                “Just, uh, watching you?” You arched an eyebrow.

                “Yeah… Because that doesn’t sound creepy at all,” you drawled. Kyle looked down, his face bright pink. “You okay, man?”

                “Yeah, just, uh… a bit tired, you know?” You nodded.

                “Yeah, I can understand that.” You sat down in the grass and patted the spot next to you. Kyle slowly sat down next to you. Sighing, you laid down on your back and watched the sky. “It’s nice to just take a break from it all, you know? Forget about the war.”

                “Yeah…” Kyle said quietly. He watched you in admiration. Even though you were a girl, you were pretty kickass. Always chill and never flipping the fuck out over shoes or gossip like the other girls. You hung out with the guys because you could relate to the guys. You had openly admitted that girls were fucking psycho and even you didn’t always understand your gender. Also unlike the others, you actually thought. You probably had more common sense than all the adults in South Park.

                Thought like him, loved the same video games and movies he did, pretty. You were his dream girl. Unfortunately, you were also very blunt and straight forward, giving off an intimidating vibe. Needless to say, Kyle found quite hard to tell you how he feels.

                “Hey, Kyle?” you asked suddenly, “Do you like anyone?” Kyle startled at your question. Had you figured it out?

                “Y-yeah, why?” he said nervously.

                “Cause I think I like someone,” you said matter-of-fact-rely, still staring at the sky. Kyle felt his chest tighten and he tried to swallow the lump in his throat.

                “R-really?” he choked out. You nodded casually.

                “Yeah. But it’s weird because he’s my friend, you know? I mean, I don’t want to complicate things if he doesn’t feel the same.” Kyle felt like crying. Of course you liked someone! Why did he even humor the idea of you liking him?          

                “You should tell him,” he said quietly. You turned your head to look at him.

                “Really?” you asked. Kyle nodded.

                “Yeah. He probably likes you back. And if he doesn’t, he doesn’t, well, then he’s a dumbass and doesn’t know what perfect is.” You sat up.

                 “Thanks, Kyle,” you smiled. Moving to kneel on your knees you said, “I’ll tell him now.” Kyle nodded mutely, waiting for you to get up and leave so he could cry. But was completely taken aback when you leaned forward and kissed him. Letting out a surprised squeak, and froze. You started to pull back but Kyle quickly grabbed your shoulders and pulled you to him, kissing you furiously. Grinning against his lips, you wrapped your arms around his waist and leaned back, pulling him on top of you. Kyle put a hand on either side of your head and hovered above you breathlessly. You smirked up at him.

                “I figured I’d have to make the first move.” Kyle’s already flushed face grew pinker.

                “Shut up…” he mumbled, looking away. You laughed and slid a hand to the back of his neck, pulling him down for another kiss.

(A/N: Next is Stan)

Taking A Turn

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Request: Can I request a song imagine where the reader is dancing to the song Body On Me by Rita Ora ft Chris Brown in the bunker and Dean overhears and he sees her dancing provocatively and then smut ensues?

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,100ish

Warnings: language, smut

A/N: Went from an imagine to whole one shot on this one. Whoops…

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The Signs At A Sleepover

Aries: Having a pillow fight with Cancer; realizes they are losing, so they start tickling Cancer’s stomach
Taurus: Eating popcorn and watching the movie
Gemini: Gossiping with Leo and Libra; badmouthing Capricorn when they think they are in the bathroom
Cancer: Laughing and begging Aries to stop; wondering if they should just make the first move and kiss them already
Leo: Listening to Gemini rant about Capricorn; sees Capricorn walk back into the room and starts disagreeing with Gemini out loud
Virgo: Spazzes out on Libra for talking shit about Capricorn and them
Libra: Doesn’t see bffs Capricorn and Virgo standing behind them; starts complaining with Gemini and throws Virgo into the mix
Scorpio: Flirting with Taurus, who is oblivious to their sexual advances
Sagittarius: Watching the drama unfold and not sure whether to break it up or continue to be entertained by it
Capricorn: Hears Gemini talking about them, walks up to them, and proceeds to beat the crap out of them
Aquarius: Reading a book in the corner
Pisces: Crying and begging everyone to stop the drama
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Harvard (part 8)

In case there are sensitive eyes about, this part gets a bit smutty towards the end…

Part 1 ~ Part 2 ~ Part 3 ~ Part 4 ~ Part 5 ~ Part 6 ~ Part 7

“Just tell me the truth, is it because Lara was there?” Arizona looks me straight in the eye, knowing they’re the portals to my hidden secrets.

Last night I left the party at Mark’s house early. Mark, handsome Mark, had invited members of DWB (and any friends) around for a merry drinking session before the training week and the Easter break. I had been listening to Alex and Arizona bicker about a painting on the wall when I saw Owen from across the room, arriving fashionably late. I smiled to myself and blushed, immediately trying to think of an excuse to leave the conversation… until I saw the person entering the door behind him that was. Her painfully skinny arms were revealed from her sleeves and her thin blond hair fell limply across her shoulders as he took her coat off and she meekly made her presence known. Lara. I felt a twinge in my stomach and a jolt in my heart.

It was my grand idea to have him bring his girlfriend along so she could hang out with us and realise that we’re just friends. It was my stupid idea. I thought I’d be fine. I thought I’d be able to casually get on with the evening, but I had clearly underestimated my heart’s desire for Owen’s hand to be on the small of my back instead of hers. Jealousy is a deadly sin my friends.

Despite my assurances over the past week that all would be fine if he brought Lara along, I spent the entire party avoiding him. The one interaction we did have was incredibly awkward- Owen and I talking in our unique shorthand whilst Lara intently watched me from the sidelines. Everytime there was an opportunity to talk to them I walked away and everytime the group was together I made sure I was the opposite side of the circle to them. My brain was handling it fine, but my heart was silently cursing the innocent party in this fucked up situation- Lara. The girl had done nothing wrong and yet I hated her. I didn’t hate the man who had his arm around his girlfriend’s waist whilst obviously giving me suggestive looks, no, I hated her. That made me as bad as him. I had to get away so I pulled Arizona to the side and told her I was leaving.

She asked the same question as she is asking right now, and the same lie I told her last night comes out.

“No, I was just tired.” Lie. “Besides, I took your advice and actually went to see Thing,” I tell her, shrugging.

“Ooooh,” she squeals. “Tell me more.”

“No,” I roll my eyes, “nothing exciting happened.”

“That’s because you’re too hung up on Owen,” Arizona whines, swatting my arm. “You have to forget about him. Thing is around campus over training week for that research project he has going on, right?”

“Yeah…” I say slowly, suspecting what she’s about to suggest.

“You have got to get Thing into bed! You have one week- make the first move already!”

So, I guess I made the the first move… what a difference one week makes, hey?

I wake up in my bed with an arm draping over my waist, a soft tickle against the back of my neck courtesy of his breath, and a kaleidoscope of butterflies fluttering in my stomach. He’s being the big spoon to my curled up body and his muscular arm is acting as my pillow. I smile as I look down the length of it to where my fingers are gently tracing the grooves in his palm with my nails. I bite my lip as I think back to last night…

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