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Hey so i have started to have feelings again for this guy that ive been with two times already. We never were official and it all happened in like 8th grade so i hadnt had many experiences back then (im in 12th now). Those past times i was the one who broke it off but now i dont know if i should get back together with him or not. Do u have advice?

if you’re certain with your feelings already then make the first move. try first to be friends with him so it won’t be that awkward. give hints and wait for his reactions! also there might be a chance that he’s hitting with someone so better watch out for that scenario x

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Free! matchup please? I'm an INFP Taurus, 5'7 w/ shoulder-length dark hair. I'm not athletic but I enjoy watching. I'm definitely more on the art/music side and I love traveling too. I have a really hard time making the first move but once I'm comfortable around someone I'm not at all shy. I'm all about having fun and playing video games but more so I like spending down time with people even if there's not much going on, I like just being with them. I'm also a very sexual person w/ my s/o. >//>

Your Free! matchup is Kisumi Shigino! You and Kisumi would click from the start. Your shy demeanor would attract him like a moth to a flame, and he’d love to see you open up to him. He’d act coy at first, teasing you for not asking him out on a date already, but soon enough, he’d make the first move. He’d love every moment he spent with you, just relaxing on the couch or playing video gams together. He’d love to travel with you, and your excitement would make him want to take you everywhere someday! He’d go to art shows and concerts with you, too, always eager to see what interests you. Finally, Kisumi is a very sensual person in almost all aspects of life, so needless to say you two would copulate like bunnies connect in the bedroom well and often.

Other possible matchups: Rin Matsuoka, Nagisa Hazuki

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honestly its so obvious that you two like each other why can't one of you just make the first move already

“Oh yeah…? Well I don’t see any of you guys making the first move. And besides I’m actually pretty damn happy to know he doesn’t hate me–that’s totally enough for me! Plus I can’t just randomly say I like you, that’s just so tacky!”

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five times kissed

send me five times kissed for a drabble about five times our muses have kissed.

The 1st Time

It’s in a bar. A secluded one in Soho, red lighting eminates from the outside and inside, black silhouettes hide between the smoke. She sees him from across the room, mildly interested at first. But it’s the blue eyed stranger who makes the first move. Buys her a drink, already knows what she wants — all the while not moving from his spot in the back right corner. His finger hooks and beckons her over. So she saunters over slowly. The conversation is fast, moves from one topic to the other but always comes back to the same point. Who is she leaving with? Practically in his lap, well it has to be him. She’s tipsy, his lips taste like alcohol. It’s easily taken kiss. Forceful, just what she needs.

The 2nd Time

As soon as they’re in the door. Same night, different venue. Her place — it was closer. Clothing is grabbed, torn at, dropped, thrown. She’s being steered to her bedroom. Heavy breaths fill the air, bodies collide with each step back and before she’s thrown onto the bed, her body is turned and hair pulled back, one small, sloppy kiss pressed against the back of her neck.

The 3rd Time

There’s tension in the air. A storm brewing. Anger inside both of them. This is the start, but Lilli swallows her anger, waiting for him to release his. Her tension is eased, the whites of her knuckles slowly returning to their usual colour. She walks over slowly, as if she’s about ready to be pounced on. The prey. When she’s stood in front of him finally, she lets her hands rest on his chest and steps onto her tip toes, only pressing a gentle kiss to his nose, before walking away, breathing slow and deep.

The 4th Time

Don’t do that ever again. A soft warning whispered in her ear as a soft kiss is pressed to her check. It’s sinister, not something to keep her safe but rather to keep her in line. His grip on her wrist is tight as his lips retract from her cheek. The kiss won’t keep her from doing it again, but the red mark around her wrist and the sick smile on James’ lips might do the trick.

The 5th Time

She walks over. He’s been drinking. The smell of cheap perfume is new to her. Lilli tries to ignore it, as she bends over to do as she’s told — kiss him. Her eyes remain wide open and she wonders if he knows how much it hurts. How hard it is not to break down and cry. He’s been with another, maybe her kisses were not enough. Maybe she isn’t.

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I've had a crush on my best friend for a while now and I think she likes me back too (we're both bi). I feel like we're both too scared to make a move, should I do anything?? (sorry this isn't much of a confession)

you should make the first move, bc you already stated that she might like you back!! (& if she’s too scared to make a move she’d probably be very thankful to you for making the first move!!) good luck pal 

go on anon and confess something to me

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I will tell you about my crush! I'm not from this country, and I'm crushing on a girl who is also from my country. We are both in America for work, and are from two very close cities back home. We have spoken a little and I find her very beautiful, but I am not sure she likes girls like me :/ she is so happy to see me and talk to me, but maybe it is because she is homesick? It's confusing. I just hope if she feels the same that she makes the first move, bc she knows I like girls already

so cute! seeing as she knows you like girls, hopefully she does make the first move! and i’m sure it’s more than just homesickness, she obviously enjoys your company!

Tell me about your crush on anon

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and the respect of having sex. Who would make the first move the girl or you

Hm if we were already in a position to be having sex I think I’d be comfortable to make the first move there

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What do you look for in a s/o?

Sense of humor,willing to do dumb shit with me,being a female usually helps but I wont discriminate, idk just talk to me don’t make me make the first move but if I already have then just keep it going