hello everyone, it’s skye! recently i reached 8k+ followers which is crazy, so i thought it was deserving of a follow forever post! and ho-ho-holy shit it’s december… so that calls for a somewhat festive header. long winded thank-you’s (i really did try to keep this short) and the actual follow forever under the cut lmao.

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* Hello everyone! Thank you for these kind asks. Frisk, Asriel, and I have been doing fantastic lately! All of us seem to be doing pretty well, especially with the holidays on their way! We’re quite excited to be spending the holidays with the entire family! 

* And that includes EVERYONE!

I really don’t get LGBTQ+ people who are prejudiced with one another, like lesbian/gay who are biphobic or bisexual who are transphobic and don’t even get me started on the ace discourse.
This doesn’t make sense!!!??!?

friend: someone asked me out today!

me: ugh that sucks i’m so sorry :(

friend: ??? it’s a good thing?? i liked it???

me, backing away slowly: ……oh

im both independent and also very very dependent on people

askgwencooper  asked:

(*Slides the ☺ across the table*) Tell me about baby Anna

                                                    @askgwencoopergeneral interpretation of Anna

;; oh you are in for it

so FYI Anna is not my mind child but the beautiful OC of the best person @unendiing !! i have always wanted to use Anna in a verse of mine for the longest time and i’ve just decided to do it!! all credit goes to Jacklynn and just *kisses her entire face*

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