Let’s do a little math here:

As of right now (Thursday, September 29, 2016), there are 108,458 hp works on ao3.

(this is without any filters)

Now, let’s take away all the fics tagged with dr@rry:

(I didn’t add any other filters. See for yourself if you think I’m lying, but obviously there will be more works the later you check it.)

Rather than just clicking the relationship tag, we’re going to subtract those two numbers.

102,043 works were filtered out. But how many is that compared to 108,458?

about 94%. 94% of harry potter works were filtered out. 

Let’s check our work and find what percent of works were not filtered out. If we’re right, it should be around 6% (0.06).


94% of the harry potter fanbase shipped a person with their bully so much that they decided to write about it. Ninety four. (And that may not even be accurate! People can still ship it and write fics about something else.)

We’re constantly surrounded by a ship that reminds us of our own bullying experiences. A quick tumblr search shows that aside from my main we’re the only blog about anti dr@rry that comes up. It’s just us in a sea of dr@rry blogs. 

Let us shitpost about a ship that we hate. We’re not going to bottle up our feelings because you can’t handle a single blog against your ship. We aren’t even really a hate blog! This is just a place for us to laugh and let our hair down about hating this ship.

Let us exist. Let people call gross things gross.

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anonymous asked:

Im sorry this whole 'blacklist' thing for that blog has been so rough on you! There's a lot of folks i follow and love on there. Just know that no matter who says what I know you do more than your best to provide a safe and positive environment, to the best of your abilities while staying true to your likes. You're so thoughtful in the way you interact with others and how you run this blog and we love you!! I hope you get nothing but positive asks and followers from this!

oh thank you so much!! i’m so glad that my efforts for making a safe and positive discourse free place (to the best of my abilities) and keeping to my likes haven’t gone unnoticed. I really do enjoy running this blog (despite the level of drama) and i love interacting with people here. 
thank you for your positivity!!! 

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You’re the best and I love you all so much!  Please never stop being so amazing! (also pls go follow! They are freaking amazing and deserve all the love in this world!)


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