• Clarke: *Is a teenage girl who has to make life or death choices with thousands of lives at stake every damn day and sometimes makes bad choices because she's human and has had a good .5 second reprieve just like everyone else*
  • Monty: "You can't just choose who lives and who dies."
  • Jasper: "Clarke, you're not god."
  • Raven: "Choosing who lives and who dies is your specialty."
  • Octavia: "You let a bomb drop on Ton DC and didn't care about who would die"
  • Clarke: "Okay, so does anyone else want to step up and make perfect decisions every time so that everyone is happy and we all get to live even when we're constantly at war with someone or something."
  • Monty: ...
  • Jasper: ...
  • Raven: ...
  • Octavia: ...
Hunk knows what's up
  • Hunk: Look man you're my best friend okay?? I know you have a crush on Keith so cut the crap
  • Lance, blushing like mad: wtf no I absolutely do not what are you talking ab-
  • Hunk: *stares at him with /that/ look*
  • Lance: okay yeah fine maybe I do whatever
  • Keith, bursting out the nearest vent: I FUCKING KNEW IT

“It is so embarrassing when people say “free louis” like Y I K E S”

Yeah it’s so embarrassing to be a fan of a talented young man who has shown time and time again how passionate he is about writing and performing songs that have meaning to him.  It’s so embarrassing to be a fan of someone who has proved so many people wrong and that he does deserve all the success he has.  It’s so embarrassing to be a fan of someone who has a team behind him who is constantly dragging his name through the mud in the tabloids knowing he’s not the kind of person they’re portraying him as.  It’s so embarrassing to be a fan of someone whose same team is doing nothing to promote his debut solo single when we know how much that song means to him.  Like do you even hear yourselves?  Oh wait, you think we mean free Louis from babygate? Cause take babygate out of the entire equation and guess what?  He still deserves better so fuck you and Free Louis