• Marvel: Captain America is a Nazi now, as is Magneto.
  • Marvel: I think this makes us the most racist and hated comic company at the moment.
  • Dc: ... Hold my beer.
  • Dc: *takes a part Romani character and makes him the instigator in a Holocaust reminiscent plot, makes him kill people who are basically his honorary aunts, uncles, and cousins.*
  • Marvel: We're still more hated.
  • Dc: Ah, but watch this!
  • Dc: *finally draws him with brown skin.*
  • Marvel: ... So do you want this beer or can I just drink it?

Many say that we Danes are the happiest nation in the world – but what’s our secret? Living life the Danish way, of course. That means enjoying a work-life balance, nature and craft, spending time together and of course enjoying a cold Carlsberg. That’s the Danish way, and it’s how we’ve been living since 1847…

~ For Mads, I’d become a beer drinker. This is so hygge, so deliciously Danish.