Operation Sniper Friendship: activate Plan B
You can’t be mad, he brought you beer, it’s the rule.

For parallelpie! (“sniper trying to fix his van and engineer is trying really hard to get sniper to let him help with his van but sniper wants nothing to do with engineer’s so called upgrades”)
Glad I could pinch hit a request for you yaaay


Bedtime for the bad guy

Dudes, go and buy the LegoNinjagoMovie MakingBook NOW

It says “Designers had fun imagining that, no matter how CUTE and COZY his pajamas were, Garmadon couldn’t bear to part with his scary helmet even when it was time for bed.”

“Garmadon is a villain you can’t help but love”

I can’t agree more

  • Marvel: Captain America is a Nazi now, as is Magneto.
  • Marvel: I think this makes us the most racist and hated comic company at the moment.
  • Dc: ... Hold my beer.
  • Dc: *takes a part Romani character and makes him the instigator in a Holocaust reminiscent plot, makes him kill people who are basically his honorary aunts, uncles, and cousins.*
  • Marvel: We're still more hated.
  • Dc: Ah, but watch this!
  • Dc: *finally draws him with brown skin.*
  • Marvel: ... So do you want this beer or can I just drink it?

“I like it and the good thing about that means you have to drink beer” — Mads Mikkelsen on spicy food in Korea