Harry and Louis as Winter Neighbors.

Louis makes this snowman with his siblings:

A few days later he sees that Harry, his new next door neighbor, has created this:

“That looks like a fucking drawing of a snowman, not an actual snowman!” - Louis, rightfully offended, just before he retaliates with this:

Oblivious to their snowman feud, Harry comes over with a delicious plate of Christmas cookies and further annoys Louis by looking incredibly adorable in a scarf and also being an excellent baker.  

Harry doesn’t find out Louis hated his snowman until their seventh date.  

Can we talk about Mads Mikkelsen for a minute? 

This man is ruining my life.

With his sharp cheek bones and chiseled jawline. 

I mean look at him! Something about men in black t-shirts…

Or no shirt at all…

Seriously, this fucker has taken over all of my life. Can’t help but watch Danish movies cause of him.

Take a good look and tell me you don’t find him attractive a teensy bit? 

I mean this goof ball is just amazing.

Suit and all.

Or casual.

Regardless, he’s a hottie in whatever attire he’s in.

Extra points for the apron. (I’m training to be a pâtissière chef so it’s kind of a turn on to see him cook.)

And double those points for getting down and dirty.

Those teeth man! Sharp muthafuckas! But another reason to think he’s badass! Come on! This guy deserves more respect and love. He’s one of the best actors I’ve ever seen!


*heavy breathing*


today madison is 17 and i can’t even believe. i’m very proud of her for everything she has done and what she has achived. she is so beautiful and she’s such a good person anyone should hate on her, and also her voice is amazing!! i hope one day i can meet her in person, hug her and tell her how much i admire her. even when everyone hates on her she still had that bright smile to show that is beautiful. i hope she is aware of how amazing she is. i just wish you have everything good in your life as you deserve. love you madison.

My Fellow Americans

You were invited to a party. You were told there would be games. So you showed up really wanting to play Beer Pong, but then you learned that only two games were available and you had to choose between an admittedly less than thrilling game of Go Fish or fucking Russian Roulette. You were too mad over not getting Beer Pong so you refused to voice your opinion – and the crazy people chose Russian Roulette for you. Good luck.

This is what happened on Election Day. I always knew there were racist, sexists and homophobes in this country. But what I wasn’t prepared for was that the good, decent people would do nothing to stop them. So for everyone who refused to vote or threw their vote away on a write-in candidate or went 3rd party in this of all elections – You were warned. You were reasoned with. You were freaking BEGGED to not do it. Not this time, not under these circumstances, not with that candidate. So, thanks, now we all get to play Russian Roulette with a mad man loading the gun. Oh, and fuck you, too.