Give it up for Kent and Root Beer Guy

After years of working in a dank cave for beans, our pal Kent Osborne—board artist and writer of scads of your favorite Adventure Time episodes—hits the big time with today’s launch of the six-issue Banana Guard Academy mini-series from BOOM! Studios. Kent’s the writer with Dylan Haggerty on these, and Sakana’s Mad Rupert is the artist. Here’s what BOOM! has to say:

Turns out that there is a lot to being a Banana Guard—but being a Banana is not mandatory. This crazy adventure follows Root Beer Guy as he starts his search for new recruits among Ooo’s citizens. Only the best will do in his quest to protect the Candy Kingdom!

So order yours today, or swing by your local comics shop, if only to give your resounding support of Mr Osborne.

Cover B by Michele Petrucci

Can we talk about Mads Mikkelsen for a minute? 

This man is ruining my life.

With his sharp cheek bones and chiseled jawline. 

I mean look at him! Something about men in black t-shirts…

Or no shirt at all…

Seriously, this fucker has taken over all of my life. Can’t help but watch Danish movies cause of him.

Take a good look and tell me you don’t find him attractive a teensy bit? 

I mean this goof ball is just amazing.

Suit and all.

Or casual.

Regardless, he’s a hottie in whatever attire he’s in.

Extra points for the apron. (I’m training to be a pâtissière chef so it’s kind of a turn on to see him cook.)

And double those points for getting down and dirty.

Those teeth man! Sharp muthafuckas! But another reason to think he’s badass! Come on! This guy deserves more respect and love. He’s one of the best actors I’ve ever seen!

GQ UK: How do you make your favourite drink?
Mads Mikkelsen: Very, very easily. I take the cap off the beer bottle and that’s it. I drink any beer; preferably lager. I’m not a fan of that dark beer you call Guinness though. You try and persuade me that it’s healthy and that it’s a meal, but to me it’s just a dead beer that somebody forgot yesterday from the party and you found it. [x]


today madison is 17 and i can’t even believe. i’m very proud of her for everything she has done and what she has achived. she is so beautiful and she’s such a good person anyone should hate on her, and also her voice is amazing!! i hope one day i can meet her in person, hug her and tell her how much i admire her. even when everyone hates on her she still had that bright smile to show that is beautiful. i hope she is aware of how amazing she is. i just wish you have everything good in your life as you deserve. love you madison.


*heavy breathing*

MAD Beer Sur, 750 ml., 5% ABV. Very tart and dry; low carbonation. MAD is a collaboration brand between a chef and a brewer—Jakob Mielcke Hansen of the restaurant Mielcke & Hurtigkarl and Mikkel Borg Bjergsø of Mikkeller. Denmark, man. I stumbled upon the bottle a couple months ago and randomly picked it up. The internet did the rest—besides the drinking.