Change the World (Unreleased Track)
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Some rare Mac Demarco shit I found on a deep web search. I found the album artwork on Google Images. I know there are probably some other Mac fans who haven’t heard this so I wanted to share. I’m pretty sure its an Eric Clapton cover but I never heard the original. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend checking out his new Mini LP Another One on iTunes and also stop by his bandcamp page for a free download of Some Other Ones which he used for a bbq soundtrack in NY. He also has some Makeout Videotape albums on there as well. I highly recommend Ying Yang but they are all good. If you are as crazy about Mac as I am you might also be interested in this little documentary entitled ‘Tossed Salad I threw together on YouTube a few months back. #blessit #penisboy #mactags