It’s been awhile

A/N:Just a short Shane Smut XD Expect My Character Roxy to be in ALL My WWE Fics. Also a little background on them two. They’ve been together for well I’ll just say quite awhile (I’ve been in love with Shane for 17 years) and were Married at one point.Now she’s Married to Triple H,but her and Shane got back together when he came back to WWE. Roxy’s Polyamoures. 

Warnings:Smut,slight Daddy kink.

After Smackdown: I was backstage doing my stretches (Not in my wrestling gear),in a low cut top and shorts,my hair in a high ponytail,when I hear the door open I think I know who it so I don’t turn around just smirk and do the splits. I hear Shane Mcmahon take off his jacket as he slides up behind me and with two deft hands,picks me up from my splits,still not facing me he kissed my neck.

“Mmmm…Roxy I’ve been stressed out tonight and we haven’t had time alone in forever.” Shane says in a low tone. “How about we fix that?” 

I shiver as his breath hits my ear and turning around,wrap my arms around his neck kissing him passionately. When we break apart,he looks down at me with those half lidded lustful eyes and smirks,a dimple appearing in one cheek. I almost swoon right there,already feeling my body respond to him.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” Shane reply’s. Shane turns me around facing away from him again,my hands in fists at my chest,he holds my wrists and nuzzles my neck. “Now since you’ve had a stressful day too how about I take over those thoughts for awhile,hm?” He whispers in my ear. Raising his eyebrows and smiling.

I intake sharply and nod. Shane lets go of my wrists and palms my thighs,then slowly dances his fingers up them,grazing my butt,he lets go and takes a step back. “Turn around.” I shakily turn towards him. 

“Take of your boots.” Shane demands,causally. I do so slowly as he stands there hands clasped in front him ,he looks up slowly,eyeing me with those puppy dog eyes and licking his lips. 

“Next.” He gestures to my top and shorts. I smirk knowing he want’s a show as I slowly pull down my shorts,nothing underneath. Shane’s eyebrows raise  and he cocks his head as he starts to unbutton his shirt still keeping a safe distance. After his dress shirt is off and I’m completely naked,he snaps his fingers and points down. 

I walk towards him,heat behind my eyes,I kneel down and start undoing his pants,his head rolls back as I take his already hard penis out and start to roll my tongue over the head,i take all of him in my mouth and start sucking,hard. 

Shane grabs the base of my ponytail and forces my head back,forcing my mouth to let go of him. He tsks and shakes a finger. “Nah Baby girl Daddy doesn’t want to cum yet. It’s been too long.” He stops mid sentence and grabs me up,standing on the leather couch and pressing me up against the wall,eyes burning into me,he whispers. “I’m not letting you off that easy.” 

Shane kisses me deeply,one hand fisting my hair,the other locked around my wrist,pinning me to the wall. I wrap my legs around his now naked body,using my free hand to snake around his neck,I’m so aroused sliding up and down his  hard cock but never having him inside. 

I feel like I’m gonna die,tears spring to my eyes and I moan around his lips,practically whimpering. “Please Shane.” He pulls back a little,his face serious. 

“What did you call me?” I backtrack real quick. “Daddy,I meant Daddy. Please fuck me I need you.” My fingers his short silver hair. My silver fox smirks and catches both wrists,pinning them above my head.  “Of course Princess,but were not going to fuck tonight,I want to last,so were going all night long.”

 I close my eyes and bite my lip. Shane grips my chin, “Understand?” All I can do is nod as he pushes himself into me slowly.

 Pumping slowly with a growl,Shane releases my hands and,picking me up by my ass cheeks,he leads me down to the couch,still thrusting inside me,he uses one hand to play with my clit and bites my neck,then goes down to lick and stuck on my nipples.  

My eyes roll back and I moan out. “No I’m gonna cum.” He looks up at me and says in a stern voice. “Who’s the boss here?” 

“You are Sir.” I look down at him,breathing heavy. Shane raises his eyebrows and winks. “That’s right.So when The Boss wants you to cum,you cum.” His other hand grips my ass,hard as he draws his words out. “Like.Right.Now.” With one last flick of his finger,I come fast and hard. My pussy pulsing around his dick.I cry out. 

Shane lets out a slow smile. “Oh I’m not done yet.” He says,I close my eyes and let his thick hard cock fuck me into oblivion. Shane promised all night long and he delivered just that. 

A/N:Yes that gif is from Gossip Girl XD hoped everyone liked it ;) A longer one is coming up soon!  

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Amis and co. as things customers at my (fast food) job have done

Bahorel: tipped me 10$ on a 9$ meal because I made “the best fucking fries in history”

Joly: ordered our largest size (which is enough food for two-three people) with extra gravy but then added peas on top because “I’m trying to eat healthy”

Feuilly: ordered, paid, and then just. Fell asleep. Right there at the till.

Enjolras: got legitimately angry when our card machine didn’t have a tip option and got even angrier when I said I was working through New Year’s eve until 5 am. Offered to call head office and complain about it.

Cosette: also on New Year’s eve, gave all of the staff chocolate bars and thanked us for working so hard and so late

Montparnasse: came in to the shop twice a week in the summer while we had a limited time meal called the Mac Daddy and only ever ordered that. Never came in again after we got rid of it.

Combeferre: lives in the flat above the shop, comes in every week with a ceramic bowl and asks me to make his meal in it (instead of our paper boxes) to reduce waste

Jehan: reads, considers, and takes a picture of every single quote I write on the blackboard. Always asks for extra pickles.

Gavroche: had an actual laughing fit when I squeezed the cheese sauce bottle and it made farting noises 

Courfeyrac: came in around 3 am on the weekend before Halloween dressed as David Bowie. Picked up a feather boa a customer had left behind, put it on and kept it

Éponine: started yelling at some idiot who was catcalling another customer. It got so heated they had to take it outside 

Musichetta: nice regular who just comes in to write Instagram handles on the board, chats with us for a few minutes and leaves

Marius: apologized like five times even though I was the one who messed up the order. Tried to pay with Euros (in Canada)??

Bossuet: came in slightly drunk at 2 am on a snowy day so the shop floor was wet, fell down literally more than ten times even after I mopped

Grantaire: stared at the menu of poutines for 10 minutes, gave up and asked me “which one’s the most dank”