Mac DeMarco Feb 4 @ The Hi-Fi, Melbourne. 

One of my favourite gigs ever, I had seen Mac at Brisbane Laneway festival and then travelled to Melbourne to see him twice at The Hi-Fi. Not only did I get to meet him and get his signature but he stopped to talk to the crowd on the second night and talked to me out of the whole crowd for about a minute.

It’s kind of weird having a full venue of people looking in your direction haha

See this corgi? It’s amazing. Not only that, but it’s for sale. Not only that, but it’s up for AUCTION! Which means you pay what you want. Not only that, but it’s a LADDER AUCTION! Which means you can choose if you wan the partial, sleeves, feet, a bodysuit, or the mac-daddy of digitigrade-fullsuits with all the bells and whistles. You decide. Oh, and the auction ends TONIGHT!!! 

Not only all of that awesome stuff, but it’s also a collab suit between Razzy Lee & DandyLions LLC. Yeah, two great suit makers works, for the price of one.