Big Bad Wolf is a fun physics based puzzler that sees you playing the Big Bad Wolf, blowing the little pigs houses down and stealing their treasure.

In essence it’s like a 3D version of Angry Birds, but you just want to steal the pigs money, not kill them.  You must simply click on strategic points in the structures to blow them up and smash the treasure chests, but you have to avoid hitting the pigs.  If you do accidentally kill a pig, then you’ll fail the level and start again.

Big Bad Wolf was created in just 72 hours for Ludum Dare, so it is missing a little polish (most notably some sound effects), but the core gameplay is excellent.  Strategically smashing the three little pigs houses is great fun as you remove key components and watch them topple like dominoes.  Smashing stuff.

Play Big Bad Wolf, Free (Win, Mac, Linux & Browser)


Roadtrip: The Striders bond over a roadtrip to get more pizza.

(Dave) (Dirk)


Just added Mac Magenta Maddness pigment on the outer corners and Neo Orange Pigment in the center


Karma. Incarnation 1 is a beautiful new puzzle adventure with a great sense of humor, fantastic animation and point and click gameplay reminiscent of Machinarium.

In Karma. Incarnation 1, you play charming little creature called Pip who is trying to save his planet and his true love from a planet devouring darkness.  Pip finds himself incarnated in a dark and surreal world, filled with all types of strange local wildlife.  He’s is naive about this world, so must experiment and interact with the local fauna as he figures out who he is, while learning the laws of karma and the relativity of good and evil.

Throughout the sizeable Alpha Demo, Karma. Incarnation 1 impresses with its fun puzzle design, charming characters, quirky humor and jaw-droppingly beautiful animation.  The whole game feels like you’re playing a surreal interactive cartoon with animation standards as high as you’d see in a Studio Ghibli movie.  A beautifully bizarre puzzle adventure.

Play The Karma. Incarnation 1 Alpha Demo, Free (Win & Mac)

MAC Cosmetics: Eyes On Mac Shadow Set: EYES ON MAC Purple x9

Hi everyone!! Today is the third release of four in our EYES ON MAC palette installment. So far, I think this is the best MAC palette released on Simsphora. Anyway, there are nine shadows in one standalone package, making it easy to use and install, and easy to spot in-game. Happy simming!



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