Toru Takemitsu, Eclipse for Biwa and Shakuhachi, 1966


o silêncio ciciado

“(…)In its complexity and its integrity a single sound can stand alone.  To the sensitive Japanese listener who appreciates this refined sound, the unique idea of ma–the unsounded part of this experience–has at the same time a deep, powerful, and rich resonance that can stand up to the sound.  In short, this ma, this powerful silence, is that which gives life to the sound and removes it from its position of primacy.(…)” Toru Takemitsu, “Confronting Silence - Selected Writings”, Scarecrow Press, 1995

waiting near, waiting here…

When choosing primary dissertation texts I was worried that I would be sick of these books by the end, but even after nearly four months of intense reading and re-reading, I am still finding new things in them.