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Deep apologies if this has been asked before: All in all, what is the most nonsensical design for a firearm you've ever seen?

I actually haven’t been asked this!  I’ve been asked about the most unique and the weirdest looking.  The most nonsensical is a tough question though.  Off the top of my head I’d have to say the M3 ‘Krumlauf’

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Designed towards the end of the war it was intended to ‘hose down’ the outside of a tank or engage the enemy from cover.  Having handled one I can say that they are quite heavy and cumbersome not ideal for attaching and using in a tank in a hurry.  The curved barrel, much like the StG-44’s Krumlauf attachment, wore out quite quickly and accuracy was poor.  So practically speaking it’s quite nonsensical. 

Thanks for the question!  What other nonsensical guns can you guys think of?