Loved wearing this outfit, really wanted to go out in it too! I’m going to continue posting the rest of the outfits/photos from my last shoot from back in March! (hopefully daily) starting now. This outfit is absolutely gorgeous, I love it <3

Hope you like, and I look forward to dressing again soon :)


Here’s a few random selfies of me in my favorite dress and new favorite lip stick.  I don’t wear the dress very often as it, well, is pretty formal and frankly, isn’t very practical, haha.  One day I’ll wear it to a special event of perhaps when I start dating - who knows?  I’ve seen that many women own a little black dress, and this is mine.

 Yeah yeah, I am still feeling very self conscious about my weight, but I’m finally feeling a bit better with the weight loss, and I’m going to continue to shed the pounds in preparation for my eventual surgery in a couple years as most doctors who do GRS have a limit on how much one can weigh based on height and BMI.

 I’m sure the selfies will increase as both my weight drops and I eventually start laser hair removal and HRT and of course the brows will have to be tamed as well!  But until then, I’m just posting the occasional ones.

 Hope you’re all having a fabulous week so far, and may the rest of the work week pass by quickly for you!

 - Lana

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