M.A.C Cosmetics


When it comes to MAC, it’s a common belief that many products from the brand are only popular because of their name and that multiple products are over-hyped and I’ll be the 1st person to admit that there is some truth to that …  MAC Strobe Cream is one of the brands most popular products, yet it wasn’t until a couple of months ago that I tried it. I can’t quite understand why it took me so long to give it a go, but let me tell you this, it wouldn’t matter which brand it was - this stuff is worth the hype. Being someone with dry skin I’m a lover of anything that makes me look dewy, glowy, well rested and well hydrated and MAC Strobe Cream does just that - it’s like sleep in a tube. This sheer, light-reflecting cream not only feels refreshing on the skin but, looks it to. In a way you could almost say it gives a glossy like quality to the skin. With a slight pearlescent tone this “cream” can be used underneath makeup to give the skin a pick-me up and make foundation apply smoother, mixed in with your foundation to make it creamier and dewy or ontop of foundation to highlight the highest points of the face. Super multi-use, this product makes the skin look healthy and alive, MAC’s strobe cream is well and truly worth the hype. Whilst the scent is a little heavy and the packaging dispenses waaaaaay too much product (when using this to highlight I really don’t need enough product to cover for my whole face) I’m wiling to overlook those characteristics for such a great product.

*This post contains a product which was was sent to me for consideration: disclosure policy 

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