Bones asking M'Benga some strange questions involving Vulcans and courting. The next day, Jim is asking M'Benga some strange questions involving Vulcans and courting. Both explain that “it’s for a friend”. M'Benga later finding himself in a room with Jim, Bones, and Spock and he just

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SpockFact #26

Spock has complete control over his body temperature. He is able to control his temperature in the same way he controls whether or not he feels pain, or when and how he enters a healing trance. He often uses this control to mess with Drs. McCoy and M'Benga, and has instigated many fights between them over whether Vulcans feel hot or cold to the touch. 

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I LOVE LGBT+ headcanons!

In any fandom tbh, but especially Star Trek TOS, since I’m most active here!

You headcanon Chekov as Trans?
You think Uhura identifies as Non Binary?
You see Jim Kirk is Ace?
See McCoy, Jim and Spock in a Poly relationship?
Think Sulu is aromantic?
See Spock as Aromantic+Asexual?
See McCoy as Bi?
Headcanon Scotty as genderfluid?
Think Rand is Pan?
See Chapel as demi?
Think M'Benga identifies as Third Gender?
And many, many more!

Doesn’t matter if your reasoning is deeply detailed and meta, if it’s that you can connect with them more that way, or if you simply have a hunch about it. It’s your headcanon, and you have a right to headcanon a fictional character as whatever you like.

That being said, go and headcanon to your heart’s delight! (And feel free to share any SFW ones with me! I’m always glad to see them!)

SpockFact #56

After years of insisting that Vulcans cannot get drunk, Spock became unexpectedly soused by eating two pieces of chocolate cake at McCoy’s birthday party. It took a while to notice due to his incredible self-control, but by the end of the evening it was very apparent. Even through his Vulcan mannerisms it was clear that he was actively flirting with 90% of the crew, although most of his efforts were focused on the Captain. He filled conversation with constant innuendo and punctuated most sentences with a wink. Without prompting he revealed that he shaves his eyebrows regularly and, after catching sight of himself in a mirror, ruffled his own hair to make it more “enticing.” Everyone was shocked. Bones called it the best birthday ever.

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