So I’m home alone, watching Star Trek (volume turned up way loud), and let me tell you, it is so nice to be able to shout ‘I love star trek’ everytime I pause it to get a cookie.

But anyway, I thought of thing. The main colors of the crew are yellow, blue, and red. The 3 primary colors. When you mix and combine these colors correctly you can get so many more and beautiful things can come out of it.

The crew (usually) all work with each other so well, and when they mix and work together, lovely things come out of it.

I think the symbolism here is so beautiful, and it’s given me another reason to love this show, its so pure, and lovely, and GOSH I just LOVE this beautiful family in space.

SpockFact #107

The 23rd century contains highly sophisticated and accessible medical facilities and treatments. Most known diseases and viruses have been eliminated through either herd immunity brought on by vaccines or through retroactive treatments and cures. However, in spite of the rigorous preparation Starfleet officers must undergo, any travel presents itself with new environments, new people, and new illnesses. Being the lone Vulcan onboard the Enterprise, Spock’s immune system reacts differently to new illnesses in comparison to his human companions. Due to this it is difficult to tell when he is shrugging off a deadly virus or when he is overdramatizing a simple cold. At the first sign of sniffles, McCoy and M’Benga draw straws.

A Night in Your Arms [Prologue]

Reader wants to learn how to dance. The bridge crew shows them some dances that they know. A group of drabbles with your favorite characters that is very sweet and fluffy and all the right kinds of intimate. 

Rating: Teen

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SpockFact #26

Spock has complete control over his body temperature. He is able to control his temperature in the same way he controls whether or not he feels pain, or when and how he enters a healing trance. He often uses this control to mess with Drs. McCoy and M'Benga, and has instigated many fights between them over whether Vulcans feel hot or cold to the touch. 

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