MUNICH/MÜNCHEN (22th July 2016)

If you haven’t heard about the current events in Germany already, there has been a shooting in the Olympiapark Einkaufszentrum (shopping mall)! 

Please stay clear from both the area and U-Bahn stations (underground stations) - the shooter is still on the move and allegedly fled to one of the stations. All trains are shut down so please stay safe. If you are a tourist it’d be better to return to your accommodation. 

I can’t believe that this is happening again but let’s not create panic and not jump to any conclusions before receiving any official information. 

Praying that the situation will soon be brought into control, my thoughts are with all affected!

May this world have mercy on us :(

(Die Situation sollte wirklich nicht auf die leichte Schulter genommen werden, wenn ihr es könnt geht bitte nach hause und seid heute bei euren Liebsten. Passt auf euch auf!) 

UPDATE: The police is asking everybody to stay in their homes now as they have yet to confirm the number of attackers as well as their current location. Again please stay safe!

ANOTHER UPDATE: The central train station as well has been closed for now! Do not spread speculations, for precise information it is best to check the official Twitter of the Polizei München.

 As of right now the situation still is rather unclear. There apparently are 3 confirmed deaths (not 100% sure tho) and many injured. 

For all those who can not return home or to their accommodations there is the hashtag #offeneTür on Twitter for those in need for shelter. Even hotels (e.g 4 seasons) are offering their help. 

Steer away from public places and most importantly DO NOT SPREAD INFO, PICTURES, VIDEOS OF WHAT THE POLICE IS DOING RIGHT NOW! This only aids the attackers who have still not been located and this we need to prevent at all cost!!


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