Ahh so this is kind of new for me but, a design commission of the same species Liaka is. For lack of a name given more thought i have decided to call them “Lyzans” Lyza’s or Lye’s for short. Crappy name but, could be a place holder for now, till then, it fits.

Really must say i enjoyed doing this design a lot and may promote this type of commission, the character of coarse based off Liaka’s world, which you could say is a dieing planet of sorts that these “people” crashed on 3 generations ago. Since then they do their best to survive and understand the ancient technology left before by those who have long gone - trying to find their own way to leave-

anyway- this is Cheri, ive grown slightly attached - though she is a commission for someone else who i know she will have a good home with :) you may see her pop up in the comic someday if i ever decide to actually…do it,

Cheri is of generation 3, roughly 120 years after the landing

Design was done for whisski of fa


it’s my super athletic friend’s birthday today and she challenged me to take an ice bath because i’d never done it before. 10 minutes in 80 pounds of ice and 0 words of complaint. 

christine: 1 lyzan: 0 

happy birthday doe boo, love you to death. 

Dear Lyzan,

I thought you hated me or something because you (and Ariana) didn’t respond to my Facebook message and you never called me and I didn’t get to hang out with you. But you/Ariana just called me via Skype so I guess all is, uh, good. Plus that Facebook wall post was pretty amusing.

I have a present for you.

When are we going to meet up?

I am very hungry and I need to go eat dinner, so this is all I’ve got to say for now.