Happy B5 Day everyone :)  

Babylon 5 premiered on television Jan 26 1994. I was not in the game back then, but I’ve been devoted to the show wholeheartedly for the last couple years. I haven’t had time to draw a lot of new B5 art recently, so have some of my favorite past fanarts at wallpaper size. Love you fellow Fivers! 

crazytarawitch asked Lyta/Zack (yaaaaay)

  1. big spoon/little spoon: Zack is probably the big spoon, he likes the idea of being protective and Lyta fits easily against him. However, most nights Zack sleeps on his back with Lyta curled around him. 
  2. favorite non-sexual activity: They have meals together, even just little snacks, and watch movies or people in the Zocalo (the drama is like a movie anyway)
  3. who uses all the hot water: They both do, and eventually decide to mostly shower together because that way no one is cold. 
  4. most trivial thing they fight over: Pizza toppings
  5. who does most of the cleaning: Zack, actually. Lyta picks up her own mess as she goes and Zack will overhaul clean their quarters when he realizes he’s behind.
  6. what has a season pass on their dvr/who controls the netflix queue: They have a whole pile of bad kung fu movies and silly buddy cop dramas lined up. Lyta generally picks things though, Zack is pretty laid back.
  7. who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: Zack, as a member of the command staff, has an easier time mentioning it.
  8. who steals the blankets: Lyta. 
  9. who leaves their stuff around: Zack, being the head of security is a big job. 
  10. who remembers to buy the milk: They live on a space station so it rarely comes up, Lyta handles most of the groceries though when they do need them. 
  11. who remembers anniversaries: Zack, and he almost always celebrates with pizza and flowers.
  12. who cooks normally?: Lyta, and she’s not too bad at it. 
  13. how often do they fight?: Surprisingly often, but usually about things outside the relationship, mostly psi-corps and Zack’s distrust of telepaths as a whole. Lyta’s got a short fuse and things are tough.
  14. what do they do when they’re away from each other?: Work mostly. Zack will sometimes spend time with Michael just shooting the shit and Lyta likes going dancing by herself. 
  15. nicknames for each other?: Zack is known for calling Lyta “Babe” when he’s exasperated and Lyta will sometimes roll her eyes and call him “sweety”
  16. who is more likely to pay for dinner?: Zack usually insists. 
  17. who steals the covers at night?: We already went over this, Lyta.
  18. what would they get each other for gifts? Zack’s a sucker for tradition, dinner, flowers, little pieces of jewelry he thinks she’d like. Lyta tends more towards going places, catching movies or buying dinner or picking up some kind of fancy alien fruit she doesn’t think he’s tried.
  19. who kissed who first?: Zack kissed Lyta first and then tried to stumble out a back-pedaled apology and leave before things got “weird” and Lyta grabbed him by the shirt collar.
  20. who made the first move?: Lyta, technically, after Zack kissed her and tried to bolt. 
  21. who remembers things?: What kind of “things” Lyta remembers little details about lots of things, anecdotes really. Zack remembers dates. 
  22. who started the relationship?: No one really. They started sleeping together, and spending more time together and eventually when someone asked if they were together they both said yes without even really thinking about it. Their anniversary is the day Michael Garibaldi paged Zack to “put his pants on and get to Brown 7." 
  23. who cusses more?: Lyta, by far.
  24. what would they do if the other one was hurt?: Zack would follow due process after breaking the culprit’s teeth. Lyta would make sure the person responsible had solid, terrifying nightmares for a period of time related to how badly Zack was hurt. If it was serious, she might "miss” and pop a blood vessel in the bastard’s head.