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“I met Jonathan Ikemura a few years ago when we were shooting a video for MOSLEY TRIBES with the social trust and Jon was the videographer back in 2009. Since then Jon has been flexing his creative skills in Illustration, Photography and video.  Just caught this photo on the web this morning via his FB account and had to post it, love that MOSLEY TRIBES is a designers brand and that creative individuals recognize how timeless the Lyndel is, MOSLEY TRIBES Eyewear truly fuses style and function.  Glad to see Jon flexing the Lyndels as an optical style.

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Take a minute and peep his work @ TheKidCanCreate


Woke up to Patrick doing a little write up about me haha. Awesome guy, awesome brand.

[Kitty didn’t know what to do. She was pretty sure she knew who sent her that text, but she didn’t want it to be true. If Kevin left Lyn in bad shape, lord knows what he meant. What was ‘bad shape to him? She shoved her phone in her bra, and ran out the door. Despite the heels, she kept at a full sprint. Checking spots she knew Kevin liked, closets, hidden hallways, abandoned rooms. Nothing. She looked outside, in the fading daylight, she could see a form out in the field.] Fuck! [She ran outside, ignoring the dull burn of the sun’s last rays. As she got closer, her pace quickened. She knelt down next to him, and heard the rattled breathing. There was blood everywhere and the scent filled her nose. Good god it smelled so good. She shook her head and refocused on him. He wasn’t dean, but he could be soon. She gently moved the hair off his forehead and spoke softly.] Please don’t die on me, baby. 

“Ooooh, well then. This is going to be much fun indeed.” Lyn sang, feeling excitement rise in his stomach. “We should, ah watch some like Disney movies or something!” He winked, biting his lip. You’ll never be able to see Alice in Wonderland the same way again. Taking a step closer to Hallen he brushed his knee against his leg. “Well Hal, shall we return to ihr haus?”

[[google translate for “your house” because I’m so fucking cool]]


Hallen smirked as he winked, “Sounds perfect little baby Lyny poo.”  He giggled as he gave Lyn a quick kiss on the cheek.  He started leading them to his house quickly.  He wanted to do this as fast as possible.  Man he wanted to get under Lyn’s skin so badly.  He loved how he used German.  Hallen for some strange reason thought German was kinda hot.

Back in Black | Krissy&Kevin&Kitty&Lyndel

Krissy had planted herself on Kitty and Lyn’s sofa, she had a blanket to cover her and the remote in her hand as she flicked through the channels endlessly – even though it was all in German and she couldn’t understand a single a word. It wasn’t like she was listening properly anyway, – her mind was always stuck on what just happened, playing it over and over while the words of the journal burned themselves in her memory like a tattoo.

She resisted the urge several times to text or call him – Krissy had stabbed him, he might have been seriously hurt even though she knew in her head she had barely scratched him with the blade at all. Luckily, neither of her hosts bothered her apart from offering her a drink or something to eat in which she refused – they had some idea, she told them about the journal almost straight away. Krissy knew she had to book a flight back soon, and she was eager to get back and forget this had ever happened – forget about Beastia completely, and do what normal people do and not be rooming with two immortals and be getting in fights with a Homicidal demon. She pulled the blanket up over her arm once more, trying to get some sleep in which her head had deprived her from.