the signs + lying
  • Aries:only lies to seem cooler or get out of trouble
  • Taurus:lies so much tbh but no one ever catches them lying
  • Gemini:lies if them or someone close to them is getting something out of it, lies for fun
  • Cancer:never really lies unless someone's trying to get them to admit something
  • Leo:lies to protect someone or save them from being judged
  • Virgo:lies to protect themselves
  • Libra:biggest liar there is tbh like what even is the truth they lie about everything
  • Scorpio:lies to make someone feel better
  • Sagittarius:lies to get information and lies to not come off as an asshole
  • Capricorn:lies to get dirt on people and lies to make themselves look perfect
  • Aquarius:never really lies actually they just don't give the whole truth all the time
  • Pisces:lies to get themselves out of trouble or to make themselves seem interesting

*suddenly realizes that Sam spent 3+ years going to school in California and per 10x18 never went to a beach*

I mean, if we take that at face value and assume that Sam isn’t lying* or forgetting or that the writers didn’t just forget (leap of faith, but why not) then it says a lot about his social isolation at Stanford.

(I have a theory that Sam had friends at Stanford, but not really close friends.  Even Jess barely knew anything about his family.)

California is big and my familiarity with its geography is vague, so I double checked and there are in fact nearby beaches.  The closest one is even accessible by public transit.  (It’d be over an hour and intermodal, but it could be done.  This was probably also true 10 years ago but I haven’t verified this.)

So .. it’s very sad to think of Sam not going to a beach because no one asked him, or because he was too busy studying and working, or because he couldn’t justify buying swimwear, or whatever.

*The only reason I could think of for him to lie would be that he didn’t want to bring up the Stanford era to Dean.  And this seems like a bit of a stretch but I wouldn’t rule it out.  Because Dean holds grudges and Sam sees him as extra touchy because of the Mark, etc.