Lux Collection

Worldbuilding with @futuristicallysuperawesome for Kingdom Hearts Unchained X ended up being the sole basis for this doodle. The question popped up in how is it that Keyblade Wielders can tell a fellow member from another, and this is pretty much the end product.

Basically, union jewelry, in which you have a pretty basic circlet for Unicornis, a choker for Anguis, a belt for Ursus, an anklet for Vulpes, and a bracelet for Leopardos.

When you first meet your Foreteller, depending on which Union you are a part of, you’ll get one of these. Now these are just the complete basics (you’re not stuck with it for life unless you want to). You can remove the jewel from the item and place it elsewhere, so long as it matches the location belonging to your union (I’ll get to that in a bit).

The purpose of the jewel on the jewelry is to collect the Lux you get from defeating Heartless. It’s how you “level up” and get stronger which each battle, so having the jewel on you at all times is a must. It also pretty much protects you from hits that would normally kill you and minimizes damage you receive…because magic and stuff, in case anyone wants to know.

For that reason alone, the instant your Foreteller places one of the above items on you…you can’t remove it. You’re stuck with it until you’ve gotten strong enough, unless you go to your Foreteller for help and considering Ursus has a belt…you might want to avoid putting the belt through the loops.

(Aced has to deal with his and his union’s mistakes every once in a while when he gets new members because of this situation. Of course, then you have some of the older and more experienced members feeling a bit mischievous, so newer members beware).

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We’re an English Unicornis party in NAUX looking for a few new members! If you want Gold Crowns and have a passion for LUX collection, we want you! We’ve got a ton of LV99s, we just need more people hittin’ them and absorbing down that sweet LUX. Message or send an ask to unicornorts or chiunion with your ID#, in-game username, and your Discord handle. (We’d prefer messages, as tumblr can eat asks.) Be sure you have a NOVA of LV150+ and are available for at least two bonus times before applying. If you’ve applied before, don’t be afraid to apply again!

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Eren sighed as he let his keyblade disappear from his hand, sitting– near falling –down against the fountain in Daybreak Town. The last mission he’d gone on had been particularly nasty, and it was no surprise that he had a couple wounds, along with a few scratches and bumps. 

“Do I have any potions..?” He mumbled the words as he leafed through his pockets, looking for at least one potion to help speedup the healing process and ease the soreness running through his body. He paused in his search, however, when he heard footsteps coming closer to him, and looked up to see who it was.