Please REBLOG if you care about gay rights

I am very angry. Michigan is considering passing a law that allows employers to deny homosexuals a job just for being gay.
How is that in any way fair?
Oh, “religious rights”
If they’re allowed to have their beliefs then why can’t other people have there’s?
If “God” hated homosexuals so much then he wouldn’t keep creating them.
Discriminating against someone’s sexuality is literally like going to a restaurant and stopping someone from ordering something because it doesn’t fit into YOUR diet.
Either way I’m pissed. I want to do something about it.

Just think If you never clicked on that video of your now favorite youtuber you probably wouldn’t be the same person and you sure wouldn’t be running a blog dedicated to them.


Dear Straight Women, Love Gay Men

with Davey Wavey, Matthew Lush, Nick Laws and Ryan Minaj