I’ve been meaning to do this forever, and kept forgetting stalling lol! I really wanted to do it before the end of May tho, because…

 H E L L O this blog turns one year old in May

I can’t exactly remember the date, but I know it was around May that I finally threw the towel, gave up, and created this mostly OUAT/CS sideblog! SO HERE WE ARE! ONE YEAR LATER! And while I can still qualify to ‘professional lurkers of Tumblr(dot)com’ I wanted to take a moment to give a shoutout to some of my favorite peeps that I follow around here! Y’all make the Tumblr experience for me, with your writing (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), your art, your gifs, and everything in between, meta, FANGIRLING, etc etc etc.

I do not know many of you, but I definitely know of a bunch of you through my dash and every time a new fic is posted or an awesome piece of art or words about JUST HOW CAPTAINSWAN IS THE BEST OTP ON THE PLANET (lol), it totally makes my day!

So without further ado (aka, my endless rambling lol) here’s this….whatever this is, but I think it’s my APPRECIATION POST to you beautiful beans!

(I like this pic all right?! lol))

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changeling-droneco  asked:

I keep wondering this, do any of the ais know about atems friends and if they do what they think of them?

SIRI!ATEM is actually friends with them on Duel Links, where he uses Kaiba’s account, much to their collective confusion.

NICE AI!ATEM is the stalker/lurker who keeps tabs on all their social media profile, for social listening. He thinks it’s the best way to learn more about the real ATEM. 

And SKYNET!Atem has all their Social Security, passwords, bank accounts…for the evulz.

anonymous asked:

Loooong time lurker both here and over at GF. FWIW, as someone who is intimately familiar with NPD- it's not SH who is one. It's an interesting dynamic, watching Gator go into so much detail about NPD, and then seeing her do all the things Narcissists do. My only hope is that Ben and his family aren't hurt by her or her group. Honestly in the world of extremism we live in right now, you'd think someone who claims to be smart would be more careful.

I agree with you, Nonny. Gator totally is the “narc” in this whole debacle. Honest to god, she really does remind me of Trump, who is a textbook malignant narcissist. Many times on the campaign trail, Trump said he was “the only one” who could fix things. Gator proclaims herself to be the only one who knows the truth. Trump says that everyone who contradicts him is lying. Gator says that everyone who contradicts her is lying. And that’s just skimming the surface. It makes it extra ironic that Gator has reblogged anti-Trump posts when she’s almost exactly like him.

The one good thing is that as time has gone on, Gator has lost influence. Basically no one except her tiny cadre of acolytes pays attention to her anymore. And even so, hearing that she got cranky anons from people after Wanda’s comments at Sherlocked USA makes me think that even her itty bitty little army may be fracturing even more. Pretty soon it’s just going to be her and Aeltri, and maybe Annashipper, just nattering away like the 3 witches in Macbeth, just with zero power and zero influence.

Let’s hear it for lurkers

So apparently round umpty-zillion of “people are killing fandom by not commenting” is going around, and I’ve seen a few posts trashing people for lurking/viewing/reading instead of actively participating.

My journal and my fic has always been a lurker-friendly zone. I think lurkers are great and people can fight me on this. Here’s why:

We all started out as lurkers. Or at least most of us did. Come on. I’m sure some people out there must’ve jumped into fandom with both feet and started writing and commenting right away, and good for you if you did! But I sure didn’t. I lurked for YEARS. And even now, though I’ve been in fandom since before Y2K, whenever I get into a new fandom or a new social media platform, I still lurk. I hang out around the fringes for awhile to get a feeling for the place before starting to participate. Back in the mailing list/bulletin board days, it was usually recommended that people do that on purpose, watch and listen and learn the local lingo and social rules before diving in. So you know what? You are not doing anything wrong and you are not doing anything that most of the people you see out there commenting and creating and reccing things haven’t done themselves.

We all have lurker days, weeks, months …. Nobody is 100% “on” all the time. Participating in fandom (commenting, reccing, creating content, and so forth) is WORK. It may be fun work, but it still takes effort! Even if you’re sometimes very active in fandom, then you’ll have life fall on your head or the brain weasels flare up, and you won’t have the time and energy to give. Don’t feel guilty about not being able to give fandom your extra spoons. No one in fandom has a right to demand a single spoon from you that you don’t want to give.

Some of today’s lurkers may be your friends tomorrow. How do I know this? Because I’ve made friends with some of them myself! I’ve had people delurk in my comments to say hi after YEARS of reading my fanfic without saying a word. Which I am totally okay with, by the way. And some of these people are good friends today.

So, in conclusion:

  • It is okay to feel too shy to come out of lurkerhood in fandom until you feel more comfortable there. It is fine, in fact, if you never do.
  • It is okay to be too busy and have too few spoons to comment or create stuff. You still have a perfect right to be in fandom and read and reblog whatever you want.
  • It is okay if you meant to comment on that fic or go back and press the kudos button but never got around to it.
  • It is okay if you have too many accounts already and don’t want to create a new one just to comment/participate on a social media platform. 
  • It is okay if your personal situation (a stalker ex, controlling parents) makes it unsafe for you to create an account or comment on things.
  • It is okay if you can’t or don’t want to comment or do any of the other things that constitute non-lurkerhood, and you don’t owe anyone an explanation for why.

Overwatch Classes - will be one of the series on this channel dedicated to identifying a certain combat style of a specific hero, that will allow us to perform better and to understand our goals during the match. Why call them classes? Because this way you have a clear understanding of what your priorities in your match should be if you decide to play your hero in a particular way.

Why call it Lurker? I will explain in the video itself. Enjoy! Watch and learn.

Music in the video:
Caravan Palace - Black Betty
Peggy Suave - Nobody Knows


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