Lupe Fiasco


Naruto Hip-Hop Crossover [Group1]

Cole Uzumaki x Kendrick Uchiha x Ross Akimichi x Bino of the Sand x Earl Nara x ASAP Rock Lee x Dre Sarutobi x Parappa Hatake x Hopsin Hyuuga x Lupe Aburame

Purchase prints here: (Characters will be updated periodically. Message me if needed.) 

Artist: dotnova 


Lupe Fiasco, accused of anti-semitism following a lyric about “dirty Jewish execs,” says he’s quitting the music business

After the Monday night release of his song N.E.R.D., which contains the lyrics “artists gettin’ robbed for their publishing by dirty Jewish execs who think that it’s alms from the covenant,” listeners slammed Lupe Fiasco for antisemitism. On Tuesday, he argued in since-deleted tweets that he was talking about particular Jewish executives, not Jews in general.

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