“Fuck this.” Dean lifted you off the sofa, gently shoving you against the wall; his hand shielding your back breaking the impact. He held your ass firmly, both of your lips eating each other desperately, hungrily. He held you up against your living room wall, both of you eager to get things to the bedroom. Both of you were breathing heavily through your nose, your hands tangled in his hazelnut hair.”You, bedroom, NOW.” He ordered.
There was no stopping Dean when it came to sex. It drove him nuts when he saw and nibbled every inch of your skin. And when things got rough and dirty there wasn’t a damn thing in the world that would stop him. You loved him to death, even though he was the main reason for your frequent visits to the lingerie store. Dean was days away from leaving for 2 weeks, and since you had no vacation days left, he was going to make sure to fuck you so hard you wouldn’t be physically able to go without 2 weeks worth of rest. His erection pressed against your pelvis; he shimmied off of his jeans then helped you out of yours.”Don’t you fucking dare Dean.” You huffed as you stared deep into his eyes, his fingers tracing your lacy panties; your new panties. A devious smirk was visible, and without warning, he tore the lace material from your hips. You open your eyes to see him smirking at you, holding up your ripped panties.
Getting into an altercation with Dean over the the brand split. He storms out, leaving you boiling in rage, alone to deal with yourself. Minutes later, the door opens revealing Dean with your favorite pizza, Hawaiian. Dean hates Hawaiian pizza but makes an exception as he’d do anything for you.