The joint creation by me and Eco because basically like even tho we knew the chances of Vendra being a lombax were slim, we thought it be fun to imagine what should would look if she WAS a lombax… I suppose our interpretations were a wee bit far fetched from the initial blurry depiction shown in the demo, still have yet to see an official good rendering of her, but it was definitely enough to tell she is 100% NOT lombax ;w;

So, from our reject designs, this is our gayby, Calypso c:

(lol her personality is a little up in the air, haven’t developed much out of her yet owo )

The AU consists of a semi-steam punk setting with the 1800s theme… Oh and there’s magic stuff too.

Ratchet here (his name here is Thaddeus cause i like it and yes i’m not going to use any other name for him) is studying in medicine and he works at a pharmacy that offers medicine and magic potions.

I have more ideas and stuff for this AU and am dying to draw more to it.