Dota ladies redesigned 1 of 4: Luna moonfang

This is a set of drawings done last week on the train, which started the idea of redesigning several of the characters. Starting with my favorite. So here, have some lore for both my armor concept and her in game costume. Also a bonus Luna and sylla, as they are the only ones for each other in my mind.

The moonlight general: Whenever Luna leads the armies of the silverwood to battle, she arrives in the armor she personally made over her first year of serving Selemene. Being well armored and comfortable, she uses a far larger blade that can be used in melee or thrown, and forsakes the use of a shield.The armor itself has elements of moon ore and mithril, and has proven to withstand strikes even from Morgul Khan.

The moonrider’s outfit (as seen in game): Luna is not the first moonrider, and this ceramonial style of outfit has been past down from each one. Luna only wears this when she has to act independently from the main city or its army. Its not her first choice of outfit, but she has grown conformable enough wearing her namesakes outfit over the years, and it is a lot quieter than her armor. For this set she uses a smaller thrown weapon, so she can use a shield to make up for the lack of armor.

Have a Luna sketch. Posing for Sylla I bet,I was playing with some ideas for tattoos for her. I like the idea she has markings dedicated to Selemene, Nova and Sylla. Her Goddess. Companion and husband respectively. Also huge thighs and arms because she’s a glaive throwing machine. Oh and I will draw the other dota elves like this next


More Dota doodle race sets.

Top row: The elves

Lanaya, Luna Moonfang and Invoker.

Bottom row: Races from under the sea.

Far left and right: Slardar and Slithice the Slithereen, and middle slark, unidentified race.

So after quickly making the top 3 the other day I felt like making some slardar, slark and naga siren ones to go with them

The question is, we have 3 elves and 3 aquatic races, what set of themed hero’s can I do now?