~ Autumn Aeries ~

I barely even know what to say myself, but if I have to say something, this might be my best photo and best photoretouch EVER.

I usually play around with coloring of leaves, color curve adjustments, curves for different light effects and all that stuff, but none of that this time!! Just removed some stray hairs, added some hairs on places I felt necessary and used dodge and burn. I was happily surprised by the light effect in the photo on the left♡

I’m also very proud of the critter, this is absolutely one of my most favorite outfits of her, including the adorable and innocent makeup. Thanks for being my awesome friend♡ Don’t forget to check her out everyone!

Model/outfit/makeup: Christina Critter
Photography: Darkashter (Lilith Vanderstorme)
Horns: Luna Le Fey