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Hello Nevillle, are you quite alright? You look like you've encountered a band of Nargles. They make your head go fuzzy, you know? The best thing to do to keep them away is having protective charms. Here, take mine. Sorry to leave so early, but I've an appointment with the Thestrals. ~Luna


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I just love that Newt and Tina are canon.

I like knowing that these two precious characters pull through together. We know that he must come back for her. That even if drama arises they’ll make it through. That they’ll survive the series. They have children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. That their love endure well into old age (they both make it well past 100 years). I guess I just love that we know they’re each others’ true love and that NOTHING can separate them.

when you sleep // a luna/ginny mix—
                              she keeps it simple and i / am thankful for her kind of lovin’ / ‘cause it’s simple

i. january wedding; the avett brothers || ii. summertime; my chemical romance || iii. this heart; mary lambert || iv. christmas tv; slow club || v. millions; gerard way || vi. when you sleep; mary lambert || vii. come on youth; slow club || viii. smother me; the used || ix. she keeps me warm; mary lambert


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It was over. Finally. After so many years, Voldemort was finally dead. All Harry Potter, the Defeater of the Dark Lord, wanted to do was eat a sandwich and go to sleep. Much to everyone’s dismay, he did.

Or how life goes on after the war.

hey so ive started a fic for harry potter !!
chapter one is up so go read it here

Luna Lovegood looks in the mirror of erised and sees many people. Her mother and father are both there, so are the Weasley family. Except Fred’s still alive and Bill isn’t scarred. Hermione is there too, both her parents hugging their daughter tight. Neville is there, his mum and dad stood beside him; their faces shining with pride. Harry is beside his mum and dad too, except there is no scar on his forehead and no guilt in his eyes. Sirius and Remus and Tonks - people who Luna has barely met - are also there, holding little Teddy. Mad-eye Moody and Dumbledore and Dobby and Hedwig and even Severus Snape are all there, looking content and proud and happy. Luna Lovegood looks into the mirror of erised and see’s her friends and family, and their friends and family safe and alive and unscarred.


After a while, exhausted and drained, Harry found himself sitting on a bench beside Luna.
I’d want some peace and quiet, if it were me,” she said.
I’d love some,” he replied.
I’ll distract them all,” she said. “Use your cloak.”
And before he could say a word, she had cried, “Oooh, look, a Blibbering Humdinger!” and pointed out the window. Everyone who heard looked around, and Harry slid the Cloak up over himself, and got to his feet.


Today, @lilabeanz dared to ask the question, “What would life be like if our favorite Harry Potter characters had YouTube channels?” As these illos prove, the answer is, “HOW CAN WE MAKE THIS HAPPEN IMMEDIATELY, WHO CAN SET UP WIFI AT HOGWARTS, AND WHY DIDN’T WE EVER THINK OF THE WORD ‘GRYFFINDORKS’ BEFORE.”

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