Big sister knows what’s up Prompto.
You can’t keep secrets from the queen. In which our young Incubi Prompto is trying to hide is affections for a certain prince, but Luna knows better! Luna sees all…I wanted an excuse to draw horns last night, it started off with Luna solely, but then I added Prompto shortly after hahaha! Colorful horns are colorful! 


Final Fantasy XVPiano Collections “LUNA” theme Promo Video

Abbiamo l'impressione di poter finalmente afferrare la vita e farla nostra: vogliamo la luna e non ci sentiamo stupidi a desiderarla, quasi fosse un diritto e un dovere.
—  L'arte di essere fragili, Alessandro D'Avenia.

Moon cycle page in my new (and first) Grimoire

I’ve loved the moon for as long as I can remember, and feel very calm when it’s around and it’s the first thing I look for when the sky turns black, so I felt that a page dedicated to its cycles and their names/connoting intentions was meant to be made 🙏🏻💜