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Games We Liked:

-Lumines: Electronic Symphony

Lumines was a stand-out title for the PlayStation Portable, and Ubisoft has managed to do the same thing again for the Vita. Here’s what the developers had to say about their latest project. “When we first began work on Lumines Electronic Symphony, we envisioned a game that would take Lumines players through a diverse but unified sampling of electronic music. This would allow us to entertain players and expose them to some amazing music. With that in mind, we gathered together a diverse array of artists who would collectively compose our ‘electronic symphony.’”

-Rayman Origins

As its title suggests, Rayman Origins will take place way back when in the Glade of Dreams. It will focus on how Rayman and his sidekick Globox become the heroes of the future titles. Havoc ensues in the Glade of Dreams, when the world’s creator, Bubble Dreamer, becomes cursed by endless nightmares. By having these nightmares, Bubble…..

Lumines Electronic Symphony (PS Vita) Soundtrack
  • “4 AM” – Kaskade
  • “Aganju” – Bebel Gilberto
  • “Always Loved A Film” – Underworld
  • “Apollo Throwdown” – The Go! Team
  • “Automatons” – Anything Box
  • “Autumn Love” – SCSI-9
  • “Bang Bang Bang” – Mark Ronson & The Business
  • “Celebrate Our Love” – Howard Jones
  • “Close (To The Edit)” – Art of Noise
  • “Disco Infiltrator” – LCD Soundsystem
  • “Dissolve” – The Chemical Brothers
  • “Embracing The Future” – B.T.
  • “Flyin’ Hi” – Faithless
  • “Good Girl” – Benny Benassi
  • “Gouryella” – Gouryella
  • “Hey Boy Hey Girl” – The Chemical Brothers
  • “Higher State of Consciousness” – Wink
  • “In My Arms” – Mylo
  • “Kelly Watch The Stars” – Air
  • “Moistly” – LFO
  • “Out Of The Blue” – System F
  • “Pacific 707” – 808 State
  • “Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song)” – Safri Duo
  • “Rocket (Tiesto Remix)” – Goldfrapp
  • “Sunriser (Publicmind Remix)” – Ken Ishii
  • “Superstar” – Aeroplane
  • “The Future of the Future (Stay Gold)” – Deep Dish
  • “The Sun Rising” – The Beloved
  • “What’s Your Number” – Ian Pooley
  • “Windowlicker” – Aphex Twin
  • “Wolfgang’s 5th Symphony” – Wolfgang Gartner
  • “Wooden Toy” – Amon Tobin
  • “Yesterday When I Was Mad (Jam & Spoon Mix)” – Pet Shop Boys
[Portfolio] Lumines: Electronic Symphony Review (SPOnG)

March 30, 2012:

You’ll come back to it though, just like I have, for one simple reason - the game is a joy to play in short intervals. It’s the perfect puzzle companion for anyone who has a PlayStation Vita, and every play of that Voyage mode will immerse you with its stunning presentation and inviting gameplay. It’ll make you forget about the fact you’re sitting on a crappy bus as well.