the quarter-inch press: my hero, luly yang

Whenever I have a chance to go downtown, I go dress-spotting on the corner of 4th and University, to my fashion mecca: Luly Yang. She just put out some new displays this week, and I snapped some pictures of her new summer-y creations. They’re all so wonderful! I think I’ve mentioned her monarch butterfly dress before. While I was snapping pictures of it, a woman walked by smiling at me, and said, “I walk past here every day, and every single day someone is taking a picture of it.”

Oh, Luly, how do I love thee?
Let me count the ways! 

1. Here are some clips from her Ocean show: 

2. And her 20/20 show:

3. And her Dreams Take Flight show:

Her clothes are just so gorgeous! I love it all. Someday, I will own a Luly Yang dress. Oh yes.