Kriffing stars, you two!” Bodhi exclaims.

Jyn and Cassian spring apart, so abruptly Jyn makes a sound like a startled animal and Cassian almost falls off the pilot’s seat, as if that would be good enough to erase what Bodhi had seen when he stormed into the cockpit.

“Can you guys save this for later? Like when you have a room?” Bodhi continues, fully aware of the red rising in Jyn’s cheeks, matching the angry looking marks on her neck. He loved teasing new couples. 

“Is everyone okay? I heard a lot of noise for a person delivering a status report to two peo- oh Jyn, your body temperature is rising rapidly,” Kay leans in the the doorway. 

“I’m fine, Kay,” Jyn snarls. 

“You don’t look fine.”

“She’s fine Kay. Bodhi, take Kay back with you.”

“You don’t look fine either, Cassian. Your heart rate is much higher than your normal resting rate, and your face is incredibly pale. Should I administer treatment for shock?” Kay continues. Bodhi couldn’t tell if Kay was doing it on purpose, but couldn’t help but chuckle. 

“Kay. We’re good. Go take Bodhi with you to check the inventory. We’re set for landing soon.” 

“Actually, Cassian, we still have approximately two standard hours bef-” 

Kay.” Cassian looks pained. 

“Let’s go,” Bodhi says, pulling Kay by the arm, failing to hide the smirk on his face. “He knows how to get Jyn back to normal, right Cass?” Jyn looks mortified.

“I don’t think his methods would be better than mine,” Kay replies and Bodhi doubles over with laughter. Cassian glares at Bodhi as he and the droid head back to the hold. 

New couples, man. Wait till Luke heard about this one. 


New behind the scenes featurette of the movie ‘Dark Hearts’ coming to dvd Tuesday April 29, 2014!

dite!Percy and ares!Beth

·      Percy looks pretty and will kick your ass

·      Owns heels and will use them as a weapon (they are celestial bronze capped and tipped)

·      Percy has freckles; they dust the bridge of his nose and cheeks.

·      HE HAS THOSE CHANGEY APHRODITE EYES (but they mainly focus on various greens/blues/slight purples)

·      He has a mean green highlighter that he will use

·      Loves his crop tops, his fav is his ariel purple shell bra top

·      yalll he has charmspeak

·      Unashamed lover of top 100 songs

·      Will sing taylor swift while fighting monsters

·      Annabeth is a 250% badass

·      She is RIPPED

·      like more ripped than percy (he totally thinks is sooo hot)

·      She’s fit in both contexts

·      A+ strategist who also looks like the

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Until Morning (Luke Skywalker x Reader)

Originally posted by teenagegreaser

(A/n: Thank you again for your request. Sorry it took me forever.)

Genre: Angst / Fluff

Length: 2200 words

Pairing: Luke x Reader 

Summary: Luke as been having problems with getting proper sleep. The problem only seems to get worse when Leia leave on her honeymoon with Han. One night he comes asking for help, you as his best friend help him with his predicament.


“Do you have to go?” I asked as Leia pulled me into an embrace. She chuckled patting me on the back.

“I can’t really miss out on my honeymoon.” Leia said leaning in closer to whisper. “And watch over Luke…” I glanced over to see Luke walking over to Han. Dark circles hung under his pale blue eyes. His skin seemed to be drained of light. I adverted my gaze as he turned towards us.

“I’ll make sure to read him and tug him in every night.” I chuckled making her gently hit my shoulder.

“You known what I mean…” She said leaning back.

“I’ll make sure his alright while your gone. He is my second favorite two after all~” I said as Luke walked over.

“Oh so~ I’m your number one twin wait till Luke hears about this.” Leia teased releasing me from her grip.

“I’m hurt you choose her over me~” Luke said placing a hand over his chest. A sly smirk tugged his lips. I chuckled gently shoving his shoulder back. He bit his lower lip muffling his chuckle.

Leia patted him on the shoulder. Luke turned to Leia pulling her into a tight embrace. “Watch over her for me while I’m gone.” Leia whispered loud enough for me to hear. Luke chuckled patting her on the back. “I don’t want to reenacted what happened last time I was gone.” I bite the inside of my cheek.

“That was only one time…” I mumbled crossing my arms. Leia giggled leaning back from Luke. I glanced over at Han to see him getting impatience.

“Leia.” Han sighed leaning against Millennium Falcon exterior.

“You better get to your husband before he leaves without you.” I said patting her on the shoulder. Leia sighed turning towards the Millennium Falcon. “Have fun~” She scoffed turning to glare at me.

“Leia come on before the sun collapse on itself.” Han said a cocky smirk tugged his lips. Leia lips drew into a tight line. She turned around firing back at her husband.

I turned to Luke seeing him rub his forehead. “Hey are you okay…” I said rubbing his arm. Luke gulped nodding his head. He pulled back from my touch.

“I-I’m fine…” Luke mumbled.

“Goodbye Kiddos’.” Han said assuring his wife into the space ship. I smiled waving him goodbye. Luke cleared his throat waving off his male friend.

As the Millennium Falcon started to set off I turned to Luke. He looked even more restless up close.

“Luke.” Luke turned to meet my gaze. “Is everything okay you’ve been a little off lately.” A small grin curled his lips.

“I’m fine…” I cocked my head to the side. “I’m just a little tried is all.” Luke yawned kicking his shoe against the metal floor below us.

“Okay than… Please for my sake get more rest.” I said.


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The Institute was quiet when you came back and you made it to your room without anybody seeing you. But in your bedroom somebody was already waiting for you.
Alec. And he didn’t looked happy at all.

“Did you have fun with your werewolf boyfriend?”, he declared angry. “Not that it is totally stupid to go without telling anybody.”
“Did you observe me?” It was all that came to your mind, when you heard his words. Yes, you really didn’t told anybody but he still knew what you had done.
“What? No! Luke observed your boyfriend! Seemed like he isn’t following the rules, so they saw you. Dating a werewolf, fine but one who doesn’t care for the accords? Really (y/n)?”

Okay, that was enough.
“For your record, I knew that he wasn’t following the accords but Luke couldn’t proof anything! Till now. He showed me tonight and now we can get him and his friends.”
“You… what?”, Alec gave back confused but you weren’t finished. That is why you threw a pillow at him.
“If you wouldn’t just attack me, I could have told you but no, you just came to the conclussion I had something with a werewolf. Are you jealous, Lightwood?”

He opened his mouth to reply to you but nothing came out of it. Instead he stared at you for a moment and then moved closer.
His kiss was aggressive and possessively but better than everything you ever have had.
And you also never would have expected that.

You two were always fighting over everything.
You were like fire and ice.
Who knew that those two things could melt together this well.

requested by @tvshow4life
Hope you like it

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Don’t Come Back || luke hemmings || calum hood

Here’s an angsty one shot that basically wrote itself . It just sat in my head until it was written, so here ya go.

You stared at Luke’s back, you saw a lot of it these days.

You memorized that way it looked when he slipped on a tshirt versus a button down, his black skinnies versus the black athletic shorts.

You knew the way it looked when he pulled the door shut behind him as well.

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oh my god…… wedgeluke 10 things I hate about you au

where Leia isn’t allowed to date till Luke does and she REALLY wants to date Han so she convinces Luke to fake a relationship and Luke is like WEDGE I NEED YOUR HELP

OR closer to the movie

Leia really wants to date Han, can’t date him till Luke dates somebody. And so Han pays Wedge to date Luke, breaking Luke’s heart when he realizes Wedge was only dating him because Han paid him to (not quite true, he likes Luke but how do you tell someone “hey I started liking you” when you’re already dating??)

Luke- First Relationship


Request: Hi love. Could you pretty please write an imagine where Luke is your first boyfriend and you’re really nervous when it comes to the simplest things in a relationship like kissing and cuddling him and he is really sweet, supportive and fluffy about it all? Thanks lovely xxxxxx 

Hey! thanks for this really sweet request and ofc ill make it! I hope this makes you smile! :)

You and Luke were a new couple and have only have been dating for about 2 months. You were nervous because this was your  first relationship and didn’t know how to act or what to do. You  both were sitting on the sofa watching one of your favorite TV shows. There was a bowl of Doritos in between you which you two would get chips  from and stuff your faces.  There was this one moment where his hand touched yours and your hand started sweating up really bad  that you had  to excuse yourself and go to the bathroom hurriedly  to wash them just for a reason for them to be wet. The effect  he had on you sometimes got really tiring.  You headed back to the living room and tried to compose yourself. You nestled back  into your favorite spot beside him and, he put his arm around you. and your shoulders tensed a bit from his touch.  He lifted his arm  up feeling the tension and looked at you.  You looked up at him and he  gave you a  questioning look asking if it was alright and you gave him a small nod.  He completely put his arm around you and you nuzzled into his soft, lean form. Finally, something you did right you think as you both get comfortable in each other’s arms.  He starts stroking your hair  during the end credits of the episode and you lie on his lap and  lean closer to him so he can do it properly.  You  talk avidly about the episode and your opinions about it and he just listens and looks at you  and smiles down at you.

“Why aren’t you saying anything?” you said as you finished explaining your theory.

He just smiled and leaned in, but then you panicked and lifted your body of his lap.

You heard him groan  beside you as you turned to  face him.

“Did I do something wrong?” he says his eyes full of concern.

“No, Luke, everything’s fine.” you say and try to cuddle him again but he stands up and looks at you.

“So why won’t you kiss me?”

You hesitated. Should you tell him you were nervous about having your first kiss with him or just say you were tired or ill or..? No. You decided. Luke deserved the truth.  He looked so sad and betrayed with his eyes that you felt like crying. He noticed  how your eyes glazed up a bit and  he hugged you quickly  afraid that you would cry.

“Don’t cry princess. Shhh.” he says and rubs circles on your back.

You let go  from the hug and look into your lap and start explaining:

“I’m sorry Luke. I just  get really nervous. I’m not experienced with these kinds of things. I don’t know how to kiss, I don’t know how to cuddle, I  can’t even touch you without getting butterflies all over and my hands sweating. I guess I’m not really good at this couple thing.”

He listens intently and there’s a small pause before he smiles at you and gives  you a big toothy grin.

“ I know you’re not that experienced, but there’s noone I’d rather do this with. Do you want me to teach you how to kiss?”

You nod slowly not really sure what he was up to.

“Okay first you make sure your breath smells right. I think we should both take this gum after having sour cream doritos.” he says and takes out two sticks of gum from his pocket and hands one to you. You take it, pop it in your mouth and you listen intently.

“Next, lean in and look at the other person’s lips so they know you want a kiss.” he says and does it to you. You can admit that when he did it your tummy started doing cartwheels and the butterflies grew stronger  but you tried to stay calm.  

“Then you close your eyes and kiss them.” he says and leans in, and you panic but close your eyes as well. He cups your face and lightly brushes his lips against yours.

You look up confused and he winks at you.

“ Sorry that was the demo, got to pay for the full version.” he says cockily and gives your hair a  ruffle.

“ You tease!” You picked up a chip from the bowl next to you and throw it at his face, but he manages to catch it in his mouth.

You loved this boy you decided as you  chased him around the house. He quickly goes to the bedroom and collapses on the bed. You collapse beside him and properly kiss him  like he taught you.  You melt into the kiss and so does he, kissing you back and putting his hand on your waist until you both have to stop to catch your breath.

You both scooch closer and lay your heads against the pillows. You lie down on  his chest and  he strokes your hair. You entangled your legs together and got comfortable.  You thought about the kiss and how you loved the way he tasted and the way he kissed you back  and the way he made you feel special.  You and Luke  layed there till both of your breathing evened out, and you fell  asleep in each other’s  arms.

A/N: Ahh. So this is the first imagine I have done and I have had so much fun writing it.  Tell  me what you guys think!  Thank you for the request @im-a-queen-of-the-broken-scene !  SEND ME  REQUESTS/ COMMENTS/SUGGESTIONS (X)         

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Tales of the Abyss - Luke fon Fabre

“Up till now, all I ever paid attention to was myself… And I’m not even sure I saw myself clearly. I want to change. I have to change.”

A Little Bit Longer

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got the news today, doctors said i had to stay. a little bit longer and i’ll be fine. when i thought it’d all be done, when i thought it’d all be said, a little bit longer and i’ll be fine.


all this time goes by, stilll no reason why. a little bit longer and i’ll be fine. waitin’ on a cure, but none of them are sure, a little bit longer and i’ll be fine.


and you don’t know what you’ve got ‘till its gone. don’t know what it’s like to feel so low. and everytime you smile, you laugh, you glow. you don’t even know.


so i’ll wait 'till kingdom come. all the highs and lows are gone. a little bit longer and i’ll be fine. i’ll be… fine.

Tattoo artist!Luke

Out of all the strange things that walk in to Luke’s tattoo shop downtown, he never in a million years expected it to be himself walking through the double doors pushing a pink stroller. Luke lowered his eyes, ignoring Calum snickering at his piercing station. “Don’t say a word.” He warned, showcasing the tattoo on his neck as his vein bulged. “Y/N got the schedules confused and scheduled a meeting at work for today when I scheduled a client which left no one to take Phoenix.” Luke curled one hand around the stroller, the darkness of the letters on his knuckles contrasting against the soft lace on the stroller. “Don’t look so pleased with yourself just because you get to spend the entire day at your daddy’s work.” He sighed, not being able to help the quirk of his lips that twitched when he looked down at the most beautiful piece of artwork in the entire shop; his baby girl. A artwork the two of you collaborated on and created together, down to the shading where her little nose became pink at the tip, the line work that made up ten little toes and chubby fingers that had manage to wrap Luke around them from the moment she was born. She was his favorite piece of work so far. He wore his heart on his sleeve for her, literally, a tiny pink heart near his wrist mixed in with the dull pictures surrounding it that made up Luke’s arm sleeve. “Can you take her for one second? Come on, help a dude out. I’m in the middle of a chest piece and all she wants to do is cuddle and cry about her teething coming in and you don’t have any appointments till noon.” Luke breathed out hurriedly, desperately placing his fussy little human into the inked hands of Michael, a fellow artist at the shop. “No, no, bro. I don’t know how to look after a baby.” Michael said, but Phoenix was already in his arms and tugging up at his green hair with spit dribbling on his tank. “Y/N will be here any second and we’re going to take her home, I just have to finish up this tat.” Luke promised, walking back to his booth while hearing Michael moan about how a tiny princess wasn’t his best accessory. Luke heard the excited babbles of mama as soon as the buzzing of the tattoo gun had roared to a stop. He smiled, rubbing a hand over his tired eyes and walked to the lobby where he saw you standing holding a finally happy baby. “Hey pet, hi mama.” Luke smiled, striding over to you two and giving you both a kiss on the forehead. “How did you make out with her today? She doesn’t have any tattoos or anything does she?” You half joked, pretending to examine your baby’s precious skin. Luke laughed, finally feeling the tension of the crazy day slip away and the buzzing of the tattoo gun leave his head. “Not yet, we don’t tattoo minors.” He smirked, placing a hand on your hip. “Come on, mama, let me get my girls home.” He smiled, leading you out of the shop and flicking the light off at tattoo shop Rise of the Phoenix, a name Luke chose himself.

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Luke Hemmings Imagine – You surprise him on tour

// you’ve been dating Luke for a long time now but he has been on tour for the last 2 months and it’s been the longest time you’ve been away from him, so you decide to surprise visit him whilst he is on tour//.

“Doors open in 10 minutes” the security guard outside the concert hall yelled down the queue. You were lining up with a jacket over head to hide who you were.

You and Luke’s relationship had not really be published as you never really felt the need to announce it but you knew certain fans new of your face from pictures taken by paparazzi. You planned on surprising Luke after the show and decided you might as well go and see the show as well.

By the time the doors open all the screaming fan girls crawled in and you were lucky enough to two rows behind at the front, which was close enough for Luke just to make out your face. You stood alone on your phone waiting for what seemed like forever for the boys to come on stand. It didn’t help that the excitement of just being able to see Luke after two whole months of being apart was all that was on your mind. The lights slowly went down and the familiar sound of ‘she looks so perfect’ began and one by one the boys ran on stand making the crowd go insane.
And last of all. Luke ran on.

He looked amazing. It always made you so happy when you saw him perform because you knew it was what he loved most in the world and no matter how far he has to travel and how long he has to be away it never bothered you as you never ever wanted to stop him following his dreams. You sang along with the crowd as the boys played song after song of their tracks, you hid your face as much as possible as you didn’t want Luke to see you till after but as much as you tried it was unstoppable.

“Thank you guys so much for coming out tonight” Michael screamed down the Mike making the crowd go crazy.

“Now let’s put a light on those pretty damn gorgeous faces” Michael shouted, instantly you tried to find a way of hiding you face, as you were only two rows from the front but as you looked up Luke was now looking down on you, mouth wide open and and smile slow emerging onto his face.

“n/a” Luke instantly mumbled down the Mike, as though he had forgotten there was crowd of people.

“Luke what did you just say you fool?” Cal laughed confused. Luke instantly realized he was on stage, snapping out of his phrase but not taking his eyes off me.

“Um this next song is dedicated to some one in this room. Someone well, you know who you are” Luke giggled before begin to play 'what I like about you’.

You spent the rest of the concert singing along and dancing to the music and also having very strong eye contact with Luke, making him giggle every once in awhile with stupid faces. Once the concert ended you headed back stage to find Luke and actually talk to him but he had other plans.

Slowly wandering around looking for him, out of nowhere he appeared grabbing your waist and pulling you into a empty room with a sofa. “Luke what you-” but before you had a chance to speak Luke’s lips pressed hard against yours. “Don’t speak, I’ve missed you so much. God dammit you looked so hot tonight” Luke moaned as he picked you and pressed you against the wall.

“Oh I see how it is” you giggled, finding it hard to resist him. “2 months being apart and all you want is sex” You laughed as he all at once stopped, pulling his head from you neck to look directly into your eyes.

“Well do you want to sit down and have a little tea party then princess” Luke smugly said, smirking as you found no response to his stupid remark. Instantly you grabbed at his collar pulling him deep into a kiss, holding his collar so he was unable to pull away. The kiss instantly began to get intense and before you even realized Luke had carried you onto the sofa, now pressed up over you.

As you slowly felt Luke’s hand being to creep up your shirt towards your breast the door beside you both flung open to reveal a happily shocked Michael and Cal smirking down at you and Luke.

“Didn’t take them long now, did it” Cal laughed as you pulled away from Luke automatically.

“Get your asses up, you’ve got a meet and greet remember?” Michael laughed before holding the door open for Luke to exit.

Luke quickly grabbed his jacket from the sofas edge and whispered 3 extremely attractive words into your ear before winking and exiting the room. You knew, through those 3 simple words that the night to come would be something to remember.

and those words were.

“to be continued”