Anakin, Luke, Rey, Kylo Ren & Balancing the Force: Why Love is the Answer, Not Hate

It astounds me that there are people who still believe that in order to bring balance to the force it means killing all Sith/dark side force users. 

Time and time again throughout canon Star Wars depictions this is seen as a misunderstanding to balancing the force. However, as it is never explicitly stated exactly how one brings balance to the force in the films (just the Jedi assumptions), I can also understand why people don’t know that in order to bring balance to the force, both the dark side and the light side must exist in unison with each other (as told by cosmic entities). I also find it confusing when people brush off the importance of balancing the force in the new trilogy, when one of the very first lines of dialogue we hear in TFA introduces us to the concept and need of balance in the Force. The Force is integral to the Star Wars films, as integral as it is to Star Wars’ own universe, and the concept of balancing the Force has been prevalent throughout the instalments of the franchise. They are not going to just drop the concept in the new trilogy, especially not when they’re trying to tie all the films together by the end of it.

This meta will attempt to explain what I believe, according to what canon evidence we’ve been given, it means to “bring balance to the force”. I will also discuss Anakin’s involvement and prophecy, and then what this could all mean for Rey and Kylo Ren going forward as “dual protagonists”. Disclaimer: this isn’t to say the other lead characters aren’t protagonists, but merely that we are being told that Rey and Kylo Ren are “two halves” of a protagonist’s story, together, in conjunction with the other protagonists. It is my belief that the new trilogy will most definitely touch on this ‘balancing of the force’ based on J. J. Abram’s claims that they are meant to bring the entire saga full circle, and that Anakin’s story (as the Chosen One who will bring balance to force) will play a crucial part in this circle that Episode IX will tie into - but that will be discussed in more detail later on. I would also like to say that I believe the importance of this ideal explains Luke’s withdrawal and belief that “the Jedi must end” in Episodes VII & VIII.

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Irreversible consequences

I’ve noticed an interesting detail in the Russian version of the trailer. Instead of saying “This is not going to go the way you think”, Luke says: “Пойми, последствия будут необратимы” (“You have to understand that the consequences will be irreversible.”) I tried hard to figure out how, HOW could one translate Luke’s phrase the way it was translated (and I couldn’t), and then it occured to me that it might not be a translation, but a totally different phrase provided to the Russian film distributor for translation by Disney.

What if it is the next line Luke delivers? What if it complements what we heard in the English language trailer?

“This is not going to go the way you think. You have to understand that the consequences will be irreversible.”

Now I’m dying to know, what will go the wrong way? What will be irreversible?

Rogue One/Star Wars AU | Glee

There was a choir group in Alliance High School, named Rebel Alliance. But it was abandoned because no one joins the group. Until the Latin teacher, Bail Organa, revives the group again. He recruits his goddaughter, Leia, to become the first member of Rebel Alliance. They spread the news and forms around the school.

The first members of the Alliance are having different backgrounds. Jyn moved from London but she can’t adapt in America. Cassian is a good musician and singer but he quits because of the death of his older sister. Han doesn’t want to join the Alliance but he joins it in order to get a good grades for extracurricular.

When the Alliance is in trouble, Bail encourages them to sing their best for the sake of the club. And their club becomes popular because their successful performance in the school talent show and some of students enroll themselves to become the members of The Rebel Alliance. From the nervous Bodhi Rook to the cheerful Luke Skywalker.

The Rebel Alliance enrolls for choir competition for the first time since 5 years but they must face their old rival, the Empire Voice from Empire Academy.