At last, I finally did it. I finished all three jackets!!!
I’ve never done anything like this before and the amount of work that went into designing these and painting them by hand was enough to make me wanna smash my head into a wall several times.
I wanted to to take the old 5SOS eras and mix it with 5SOS3, i.e. red, black and white colour scheme from their first album meets youngblood and SGFG x 2016 silhouettes meets youngblood lyrics.
I hope you guys like them as much as I do!

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ghost of you in the middle of a thunderstorm but luke's your neighbour and they're practicing in his garage next door
5 Seconds Of Summer

Ghost of You but Luke’s your neighbour and they’re practicing in his garage next door while you’re sitting in your bedroom with the windows wide open in the middle of a thunderstorm????????

// use both headphones //

during soundcheck someone asked who or what inspired Best Friend. cashton laughed then ashton said the song was about calum [we been knew] but he said he got inspired during an episode of criminal minds cuz he realized he would do anything for calum including help him hide a body and i think that’s beautiful