I wanted to draw all of them but I only had time for these guys. Leia is department chair, Rey is the young upstart genius, Rey and Finn are universally recognized as the cutest couple on campus, Poe is an extremely snarky assistant prof, all three are obsessed with Star Wars (the scifi series Luke writes under a pen name), meanwhile Luke is just very stuffy and likes elbow patches. For more meta on the TFA college AU, read this post and maybe this post (thx to leupagus for soo much good meta about this). 

UPDATE: I have been kindly informed there is a fic!! READ IT, STALK IT:

Hot Chocolate

Fun fact: in the Legends universe, Luke absolutely loves hot chocolate to the point where, after its availability is greatly diminished (due to an over-complicated story line) he uses his position as Jedi Master to secure a supply. In the meantime, both the Imperials and smugglers look down on hot chocolate for being (a) lower-class and (b) non-alcoholic.

In other news, Luke Skywalker has cemented his place as the original precious cinnamon roll of Star Wars.